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Dead Man

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Part I: Secrets

Dead Man:

You took a deep breath before heading into the clubhouse, you weren’t ready or expecting anything and that’s what made you feel ten times more nervous but you couldn’t explain why, you knew Happy wasn’t going to make a scene or a big deal about what was said but you never truly know with Happy because he was a different kind of guy. You made your way behind the bar to see Chucky serving some beers to club members in other charters but you didn’t see any of the Charming guys, and you thought maybe it was for the better that you didn’t see them because you were sure how to handle whatever was going to be or not be thrown at you.

“Hey (Y/N) you left early last night, you okay?” Chucky said his voice laced with nothing but concern “Yeah, wasn’t feeling too hot that’s all.” you said nodding in his direction as you worked on fixing up the bar that was still trashed from last night. “Hey guys. Beers?” Chucky asked as you back was turned forwards the door, you were on the floor picking up broken glass and empty cans as you heard the ‘yes’ and grunts in approval, you continued working on fixing the floor behind the bar “Happy man, two croweaters in one shot. How the hell did you convince them to share?” you heard Tig said causing you to freeze in your position.

“I didn’t give them much to say no, they both knew I was worth the sharing.” you heard Happy grunt in response “What got you so angry last night?” Jax said chiming into the conversation as you held back the sting in your chest. You knew your confession was the reason behind his actions but it still stung, Happy wasn’t yours and you knew in your mind he would never be yours but your heart had a mind of it’s own. “Bullshit, man.” Happy scoffed. “Did you see (Y/N) last night? She is one fine piece of-” “Tig!” Chucky yelled causing you to burst out laughing as you jumped up from behind the bar.

“I’m a fine piece of what Tig?” you teased as you leaned forward with a smirk on your face as he cursed under his breath “Didn’t know you were there.” he said as if it was a good excuse. “Oh my poor Tiggy, don’t be shy.” you said flicking on of his curls smiling at him before grabbing a beer and sliding it down the bar to another member. “How can you flirt with guys and not expect them to try and get in your pants.” Happy said coldly as he slammed his drink on the bar before leaving his seat at the bar making his way to the crowd of croweaters sitting down as he watched them with lustful eyes.

You scoffed loudly nearly choking as you noticed all the guys watching you “Fuck you Happy!” you yelled flipping him off as he smirked grabbing one of the croweaters pulling her down on his lap as he gently took her face bringing their lips together. Another sharp pain stabbed in your chest but you kept your cool for the remainder of the night, Tig stood at the bar watching you closely, examining your every move making you feel slightly uncomfortable. You looked past him once again looking at Happy’s door swing open once more to reveal a half naked croweater and a shirtless Happy as he noticed you watching him he winked in your direction causing you to turn away in pure disgust. 

 “Honey? Are you okay?” Gemma asked placing her hand on your shoulder causing you to jump “Nah, Gem it seems our girl here is feeling under the weather.” Tig said finally speaking up his hand still clutching his empty beer. “Just tired is all, I’m fine guys.” you reassured them both as they nodded and walked away allowing you to clean up the bar before you had to close it down, just as you had put away the bottles you couldn’t help but overhear a conversation that was being passed between two croweaters that Happy had gladly screwed tonight.

“Ugh, he’s so good. I don’t know how he does all that and still has energy for the next one. I think I might be in love.” The blonde said “I know, he truly is packing a lot of happiness downstairs, I want to go back in and go some more.” the brunette groaned causing you to shake your head not wanting to hear anymore. “Little Girl give me a beer.” you heard Happy say lowly, you grabbed the beer from the cooler and popped off the top. “You listen to me and you listen well Happy Lowman, you’re fucking dead to me. Got it?” you sneered as you set the bottle in front of his face walking away from him and out of the clubhouse in a fiery heat, not wanting to be followed by anyone. You wouldn’t be able to hold together for long anymore.

Say Yes To The Son ~Tig x Reader

Request:  Tig and number 11 from the drabble list please?

11.  “Will you marry me?” - “Yes!”

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“Y/N!” You heard Jax yelling from parking lot. You stepped out of the club and saw him, walking in your way, follewed by few other Sons.

“What is it Jax?” You stood in front of him.

“You saw Tig today?”

“He left before I woke up. Something happened?”

“No…I don’t know. He haven’t show up today. He don’t answer his phone. He never act like that before.”

“Do you…you saying that something could happened to him?” You bit your lip.

“I don’t know, Y/N. We gonna find him okay? We gonna go now to look for him. Maybe he had stucked somewhere without a phone or something. You don’t have to worry.”

“I don’t have to? You kidding me? You’re a fucking Samcro. And you’re telling me that my man just had stucked somewhere? Bullshit.”

“We gonna find him. Just go back home and relax, okay? Juice will go with you Everything will be okay. He will be back before sunset in one piece.”

“Find him Jackson.” You sighed. You took your steps to your car. You were heartbroken. Your poor Tiggy was in trouble and you had no way to help him. 

“Hey, Y/N. Everything is alright?” Tara stood next to you. She just arrived to Samcro.

You looked at her.

“No…Tig is missing. Boys went to looking for him.”

“Oh…I’m so sorry. You must be in hell. But keep calm. He will be back unharmed.”

“I hope so, but…If it was the Chinese? Or Mayans? I don’t know…”

“It’s Tig. You can’t get rid off him easily.”

“I know…”You murmured sadly.

“Can I tell you something? But it’s a top secret and I shouldn’t told you that.”

“What is it?”

“Tig wants to propose to you.” Tara smiled gently. 

You were shocked. You knew Tig for like five years now but you were dating for four months. He haven’t yet called you his Old Lady. You even hadn’t his crow yet. And it was so not in Tig’s style to propose. To have a wedding. It was just too weird.

“But…Tig? Propose? How did you know?”

“I helped him with a ring.”

“Oh my God…” You bit your lip again. So it was for real. Tig wanted to propose to you. It was surrealistic but real. There was only one little obstacle. Tig was missing.

Your phone rang again. This time you made yourself to stand up from bed and take it. For last few hours you were laying on bed in your house just thinking. You weren’t really into crying so you just were thinking about your poor Tig. 

“What?” You answerd phone angrily.

“We found your man. We are heading club house.”

“Oh…thank you Jax. Where he was?” You took your steps to doors. You needed to see him. to hug him.

“He gonna tell you everything. Take good care of him, Y/N.”

You left your house in hurry. Your body were  acting automaticly. You had jumped at least two red lights but you wouldn’t care. All you cared about was Tig. Acually you even forgot about poor Juice sitting on you couch. But fortunetly he make it and followed you on his bike.

When you parked on club parking lot, next to Tara’s car, you immediately rushed towards the doors. It was so quiet. To quiet. You opened the doors and what you saw there made all you movments froze.

There was lots of candles standing all around the place along with tons of your favouirite flowers. All chairs and boards were moved aside.  And also there he was, Tig. He was kneeling in the middle of the bar, with a little box on his hand and a beautiful buqet in other.

“You fucking dumbass…” You said walking towards him with a tears in your eyes.”How dare you…”

“I needed some time.” He said simply with a small smile on his face.

“You could tell Tara to take me for shopping, not pretending to be missing.”

“I know, it’s propably first thing against all that. BUT. Before you said something else all I wanted to told is that I really do love you. I never thought I could feel something like but since I lied my eyes on you I felt different. And don’t ask me way, but I have this weird feeling in me that I need to spend the rest of my life with you, Y/N. So…Will you marry me?

“Yes!” You said without thinking. The answer couldn’t been different. All you wanted for the rest of your life was Tig.

Before you even noticed you had a diamond ring on your finger, Tig were hugging you tightly and all of your friends were around you cheering. It was just amazing. You couldn’t imagine this moment better.

Request:“Don’t Say You Love Me”, by Gabrielle Aplin - Tig imagine

Request: Song imagine based on the song please don’t say you love me for Tig? 

Poor Tiggy… You can hear the song HERE

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You opened your eyes and noticed the room where you were. It was not yours, but it was familiar. You had crashed in Tig’s bedroom, you were at the clubhouse. Gradually, you reminded the night before. It had been a great party and you had enjoyed more than the usual, since you had a day off from work. The other side of the bed was empty but there was a note on the nightstand.

I had to work. You look gorgeous sleeping. Join me at the garage when you wake up.

Love you,


You smiled and stretched, thinking about Tig. A year had passed and nothing had changed. You were still in love, dating, living in separate houses and that worked pretty well for you two. You only wanted him, but you didn’t want to rush things, not yet.

Your friends didn’t quite understand, since you two had such a great relationship. It would be natural for them if you had got his crow, even though you weren’t together for a long time.

          Summer comes, winter fades

          Here we are just the same

          Don’t need pressure

          Don’t need change

          Let’s not give the game away

He was broken when you met him and soon you learnt that was not a thing of the moment. Tig had his soul and heart broken many and many times in his life. You had been lonely too, broken, but not in such a deep way as he was.

He was intense, funny, romantic in his own way and filled every empty space in your life, making you feel loved. You never had that and it was a thing you always had dreamed about. Your previous relationships had been just heartbreaks and deceptions and you finally had found the place where you belong, Tig’s arms.

          There used to be an empty space

          A photograph without a face

          But with your presence and your grace

          Everything falls into place

You were still thinking about him when you left the bathroom, after a relaxing warm shower. You grabbed your clothes from the floor and decided that your shirt smelled awful. Tig would probably want to have breakfast together, so you had to look decent and, for now, one of his shirts would do.

His drawers were always organized, as strange as it might look and you opened the first one. You chose a blue shirt and was about to close the drawer when something caught your attention.

It was a small box, covered in black velvet. Holding your breath, you held it in your hands. It was obvious what was inside, but you had to look. Biting your lip hard enough to hurt, you opened it.

It was shining, delicate, feminine, but with a different design that showed personality. It also perfectly fit in your finger.

“Jesus”, you whispered and put the ring back on its box, hiding it the best you could inside the drawer again. You mind was rushing to many different places, making you confused.

You wanted him, but it was too soon. You weren’t his official old lady yet. It was a big step to be taken like this.

It was getting hard to breathe. You gathered your things and left his room. Luckily, you didn’t meet anyone in your way out, but, of course, your escapade wouldn’t be perfect. You bumped into Tig, from all people, outside the clubhouse.

“Morning gorgeous”, he smirked, “Don’t need to run, I’m here”

“I have to go”, you said, not looking at him. You knew your behavior would trigger all the red alerts inside his head, so you ran to your car.

“Doll?”, obviously, he was following you, Tig wouldn’t let you go that easily and his voice showed his worry.

“I need to do something, I’ll call you baby”, you yelled, closing the car’s door. You saw him frowning through the mirror, but you left the TM anyway, that pressure still over your chest.

          Heavy words are hard to take

          Under pressure precious things can break

          And how we feel is hard to fake

          So let’s not give the game away

You spent the rest of the day in your house, walking around, trying to keep your mind busy by cleaning the kitchen and then your closet. You knew he would go to your house at some point and you were still lost among clothes when Tig opened the front door. He didn’t called, he heard the song playing and followed the sound until your bedroom.

Tig leaned against the doorstep and looked at you, hands in his pockets as he waited. You glanced at him and tried to keep doing your task, but you could feel his piercing eyes over you.

“I found the ring”, you blurted. His mouth opened and he stood straight, his blue eyes shining to you.

“It was supposed to be a surprise”, his voice was low and full with emotion.

“Tig…”, you started. He groaned and threw himself on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

“Shit! Here it comes…”, he said, “I knew something was wrong this morning and your “I found the ring” says it all”

Tig made a perfect imitation of you and it truly sounded not good at all, but it was not like that. You got up and sat in the bed, one leg under your body as you looked at him.

“I love you Tig”, he turned his face to look at you, “But I don’t wanna rush the things between us. We are doing great and it has been wonderful. I don’t wanna ruin things like I did in the past, I wanna take it slow”

“So…”, he got up, “You are saying you don’t wanna marry me”

        And fools rush in

        And I’ve been a fool before

        This time I’m gonna slow it down

        ‘Cause I think this could be more

        The thing I’m looking for

“No”, you said, seeing the hope in his eyes, “But it’s not a decision you can make in the blink of an eye, Tig”

“But I love you”, he took your hands in his, kissing the knuckles, “And you just said you love me”

“I do love you”, you smiled, “The fact that I don’t wanna marry doesn’t change that. I still love you and you are the best thing that ever happened to me, Tiggy. We know what we feel about each other, there is no need to rush”

“I got it baby, but that doesn’t mean I like this”, he held your chin, being serious.

“I know”, you nodded and leaned to peck his lips.

“I’m gonna keep that ring and I’ll propose one of these days”, he held your neck, not letting you pull back.

“I know”, you whispered.

“And you WILL marry me”, he groaned, pulling you to a kiss.

“I know”, you smiled against his lips.

        Just please don’t say you love me

        'Cause I might not say it back

         Doesn’t mean my heart stopped skipping

         When you looked at me like that

        There’s no need to worry

        When you see just where we’re at