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I Remember You... (Midoriya Izuku x Male!Noumu Reader x Bakugou Katsuki)

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Prompt: The reader was a childhood friend of Midoriya’s and Bakugo’s before being abducted and turned into a noumu.

In this AU…

•There’s small skirmishes between small bands of noumu, villains and noumu under villain control. Reader is the leader of the noumu resistance.

•All Might isn’t wounded by Toxic Chainsaw and is still up and not dying, still chose Izuku as successor.

Sidenote: Bakugou isn’t as big an ass as he was in canon and has an okay relationship with Izuku. Still a dick, but that’s his character.

Relationship status: Friends. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The place they put you in is small, not as small as the cell in the laboratory, but still roomy enough to stretch your limbs. You’re not sure where you are exactly, but that doesn’t matter; you had a promise to complete. You made a promise to make the rip the strings and stop those like you, even if it meant you had to kill them. These people were finally able to catch after you freed several like you from their own minds.

Nobody deserved to be trapped in a body like yours and be stripped of their humanity, turned into heartless monstrosities that attack so ruthlessly.

Nobody deserves to be a Noumu.

You spared a fairly decent number of your brethren from this madness during the time you escaped from the lab. Two dozen to be exact on your own and three with the help of some small children who claimed to be ‘heroes’.

You found them pinned in a suprise attack and you knew that they weren’t going to last against the three noumu that cornered them. At best, they were going to last a minute, 2 if you were gonna push their luck. Of the three Noumu before you, the one in the center was evidently stronger than the other two, who looked easy enough to let them fight. You were an ambush predator and infiltrater by design, with your painful chimerafication made you far taller (All Might levels of tall) and bone-thin looking, giving you an appearance that seemed fragile.

You are anything but fragile. With the quirks and upgardes at your disposal, you were incredibly difficult to keep up with in speed, power, and technique.

Unfortunately, you did most of the fighting and was heavily injured. Too much so to regenerate fast enough and collapsed. Finding yourself here in this predicament in the first place. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Something is odd about your would-be ‘captors’. More specifically, the giant blond-haired one and the one with the green hair. Something about the giant one made your heart sore and thump uncontrollably.

If this wasn’t fear you were feeling, then just what was this bizarre anxious feeling inside you was…excitement? Why?

“I’m telling you right now Bakugo, there is something different about this noumu. It’s saved us!” this ‘Kirishima’ said in a pleading voice “don’t try and hurt it!”

“Dont worry I wont, and also…Are you out of your fucking mind!?” A blond kid quipped while pointing towards you in a hostile manner. “That thing is THE Albino Noumu that was on the loose for years! It coulda tore your throat out and–”

“But it didn’t. We probably would have been killed if it didn’t jump in and helped.” A green haired girl said, albeit saying it rather bluntly. Even though she spoke as plainly as possible, the frog-like girl looked in distress. Her legs were starting to shake as she finished her sentence.

Poor thing did get showered in blood when you tore one of the nomou in two.

“She’s right, even with it being one of them, it saved us from any form of severe harm. It still would be safe to keep a distance as a precaution–lashing out could occur and, as we’ve heard of the albino, weve never seen an albino variant of these creatures before.” A person with…engine legs(?) said while observing you, trying to predict your next movement.

“Oh come come on Iida!” The red head pouted “Look, it even has a cape on and everything! Not to mention this thing was also seen fighting villains too! Maybe it wants to be hero too. Do you guys think–”

“Hell no! No fucking way. Don’t wanna hear it! We’re not gonna try and make that…thing a hero.” Ouch, his words stung a bit, but the words were familiar somehow. You don’t know why.

“Maybe the Noumu isn’t all noumu–maybe it’s still somebody somewhere inside.” Tsyu spoke again.

“Maybe it’s defective?” Iida added in.

“Revenge? I’d fuck over the others too if I became that and still had a brain to think for myself.” Bakugou quietly muttered, now pondering the idea. He sure as hell would go for blood if anyone did that to him.

No long after, theories were erupting in the room and people were debating hardcore as to why you acted so differently than the other Noumu seen before. While everyone was starting to calm down, you were still staring at the same person who was staring back; the green haired boy. There was something about this kid that drew your attention to him like a moth to flame. Something was on the top of your tongue, but you couldn’t lay your claw on it.

“You…got…in…this…place? Proud.” huffing at the final word.

At that moment it looked as though Izuku’s eyes were about to pop out of his sockets as he bolted out the door to tell everyone what he heard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“I swear you guys, the Noumu spoke to me!” Izuku yelled out to his friends, making the whole room go silent.

“Really!? What did it say?” Uraraka spoke in an exited tone. True, most noumu would attack on sight, but you were a special case to them and the Heroes–you hunted others like you and attacked villains.

“It said…how did I get in this place and that it was proud of me.”

“What did it mean by that?” Kirishima asked, clearly just as confused as his green-haired friend. “Like, ‘how did you get in the room’ or ‘getting into yuuei’ kinda get in?” Izuku only looked at him with a stupifid look like he’d been found out.

“Hey, no need to get all worked up Izuku, I’m only brainstorming here.” He said with his hands held up.

It caused Izuku to jump at that very thought. Did it somehow know that he was quirkles? the very thought of it caused him to go into overdrive and mumble up a storm.

“Hey, Deku, you’re mumbling again. Get a hold of yourself, idiot.” Bakugou grumbled, his thoughts to preoccupied with the pale monster in the cell.

It was at that moment a memory was recalled. One of you giving him confidence after he was told he was quirkless.

(“Dont cry Izu-chan! I know we can still be heroes!“

[NAME], what are we going to do? We don’t have quirks. We can’t be–“

“Zuzu-chan…we can do it.”


“I know we can! Just you wait and see! We’ll get big and strong with any stupid quirks. I bet that when we make it into yuuei when we’re older they’ll be like ‘how did we’”–)

“Get in this place.” He repeated to himself with horror now plastered on his face. You were only a child back then, small and vulnerable, like him. Now you were…you were something different–too different. The claws, teeth, and elongated body was too much to bear. What you must’ve went through…

He fell to his knees crying and wailed.

“Izuku!? What’s wrong!? Why are you–” All Might asked, baffled how fast the young man’s emotions had flipped so quickly. He cut himself off as he noticed you walking to the window and sticking your hand out as if to offer comfort.

“He was a friend of mine!” The sobbing boy screamed as he held onto Uraraka’s shoulder, who was taken back by his bold statement. Everyone seemed to be at a loss for words as silence took over the room. He only looked up to you and said with a whimper, “[N-name]…what did t-they do to you?”

“What!?” All Might couldn’t help but feel the blood drain from his body at those words. He only looked at you as you placed your hands against the glass. “My god…”

Without so much as a warning, Bakugou pushed Uraraka away, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and began to shake him violently.

“What the hell did you just day!? That’s not him, fucking stupid ass Deku! The Noumu in there isn’t–”

“I-I’m not lying Kacchan! I think he’s…he’s…” was all he could finish before he started crying even harder.

Iida and Kirishima had to pry him off of Midoriya before he could do anything he’ll regret.

“Bakugo, unhand him!”

“Jesus, dude calm down! Stop, before you so something stupid!”

Before he could land a swing, a scarf ensnared him, dragging him away. Aizawa has just stepped in and seen enough unfold to do something before shit got worst.

After the incident, Iida went to check on Uraraka while their teacher kept him restrained, wanting to know what the hell that was all about. For him to snap like that and attack so blindly wasn’t like him, even by the ‘normal’ Bakugo standards.

“Let me go! Let me go! That shit stain is lying! It’s not him, fuckwit! Hear me!? NOT HIM!” He screamed at the top of lungs while trashing about, trying to get at Deku.

Aizawa decided it would be safe to put him elsewhere and away from Midorya so he could talk to him alone. As he released him, however, Bakugo’s legs gave way and was on his knees with his head hanging low. As if he had been defeated.

“Bakugou.” The closest thing to one was a small sob and trembling, as if Midorya was telling the truth. What sealed the deal was the mantra of ‘I’m sorry’s’. “Bakugou” he repeated, this time more softer than before. The young firebrand did give him some sort of response, one that took him by surprise– he brought him into a tight embrace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A few minutes seemed to go by until he finally calmed down, but it was ruined when screams for a specific boy were heard that he got worked up again.

“Izuku, get out of there! It’s not safe!” Iida frantically yelled out in disbelief. Upon entering the room Bakugou and Aizawa were greeted to a horrifying sight. Izuku was in the cell and making his way to you, completely unafraid. As he was standing in front you, you loomed over him to get a better look at him.

That’s everything started coming back to you.

The teary face and that mop of hair, it’s exactly the same as all those years ago. Those eyes belong to the familiar crybaby who was also one your bestfriends growing up several years ago. As you gently cup his face into your hands, you find yourself smiling in the first time in what feels like in forever.

“Zuzu…chan?” That’s all it took for him to breakdown and jump into your embrace, knocking you over by the force of the impact. You simply held each other like your lives depended on it, like this was a dream and you would vanish if he woke from it.

As Izuku was still clinging to you, you looked over to find Bakugou, who was completely stiff with eyes as large as saucers, simply staring at the scene before him. Offering an extended hand to him, you told him to come over. He was hesitant at first, but he ultimately gave in, pushing past the others and running into your free arm and letting himself cry into your shoulder. Anybody who had a problem with would get chewed out from him.

Everyone else couldn’t help but be taken aback by the scene playing out before them.

“Ah, I remember the case.” Eraserhead whispered next to All Might.

“[NAME] [L. NAME]: kidnapped at park near place of living. Witnesses say that they saw a 2 hooded figures make a grab for both kids [L. NAME] and Midorya, who were both tested and declared quirkless a few days ago before said incident took place. They only got the one child when he struck the figure with a Gran Torino action figure in the eye; giving Midorya a chance to run on his que. Not long after, he was teleported away from the scene of the crime. He is still declared missing to this day.”

All Might can feel himself becoming both simultaneously enraged and distressed at the memory. After you were declared the first abduction, dozens of reports followed one after another of missing children to the police stations and photos of missing children were going up on bulletins, ads, and wherever anyone can see them. Most of which were quirkless children, who had outnumbered the ones who had one 5:1.

During that time, most heros looked high and low for the whereabouts of the children, from human trafficking to organized crime watches. Some, however, didn’t see the point in looking anymore, those people had the mentality of ‘who cares? They’re just quirkless’ attitude.

He remembers blowing a fuse and yelling at a hero who dared to speak so ill of the poor souls who were spirited away from their lives. He also remembers watching said hero rank take a freefall not long afterwords.

“Hey, All Might, What kind of sick bastard would do this to someone?” Kirishima said in a choked sob “how could somebody so heartless do this to a kid!?“

All Might was too hesitant to try and give the young man an answer to a question he honestly doesn’t have answer to. Luckily he didn’t have to, since you decided to speak once again.

“An edge against the Pro-level heroes.” your voice pierced the silence again, gaining the attention of all the people in the room.

“Please, tell us what you know.” All Might said while bowing to you in an almost begging sort of tone “I know you’ve been through so much [Name], but we have to know and–” you unfortunately make a sound of a disgruntled cat.

“T-there’s no need to come off as begging All Might.” you shyly squeak with a clear blush growing on your very pale cheeks. Damn that Izuku and getting you super hyped about this man as kids.

“I shall tell you what I know.”