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Now that I think about it, what is your favourite Persona character from a Persona game before Persona 5?

From Persona 3 it’s Ryoji. i love death In Persona 4 it’s between Yosuke, protag, and Kanji. But isn’t it weird how the franchise starts at 3..?

*puts flowers on the graves of Persona 1 and 2*

Replace VI Ch 3 旅立ちの時 (Time of Departure) English Translation Part 2 of 3 (Yosen’s graduation)

Yeah yeah yeah I know I said I’d finish this in two parts, but since I won’t have any free time to translate at my seminars this week on top of being sick, I decided to post what I have finished, otherwise it’d feel like a long time between updates. Also since many of you were overjoyed about hearing Himuro being the new captain I felt why not keep up the Yosen hype? XD 

This part features Yosen’s graduation!

Next part will be the last for this chapter and will feature Rakuzan and Shuutoku’s graduation. Sorry guys you’ll have to wait a bit longer for them! D: (I think these two schools are the ones that everyone is waiting for the most)

Now onto “prepare for the feels part 2″

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Hanamiya, Himuro, Takao, Kagami and Hayama helping their s/o watch their younger sibling who really likes basketball. please and thank you. <3

I’m going to go with little brother-I hope that’s okay!!!

Hanamiya looked down at the starry-eyed kid staring up at him. This was all just because he’d said, “Sorry, practice ran late, I didn’t get a chance to shower,” When you asked why he was so sweaty.

“What kind of practice?” He asked, looking hopeful “Do you play basketball?!”

Hanamiya was about to roll his eyes and tell the kid if he wanted to play with him he had a big storm coming, when you gripped his arm and grinned, “Not only does he play, he’s captain and coach of his team!”

He heard a gasp and the small boy clung to his arm, “You’re the coach? But you’re only a second year right? What position do you play? Are you good? Have you and _______ made ou-?”

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Inspired by YouTube pranks: Aomine, Kagami, Midorima, Kasamatsu, and Himuro's s/o doing the "Girlfriend Caught Cheating Prank" with one of their guy friends!

HAHAHA wait. not with a dummy but another guy?  How do you even clean that mess up?! Here’s the link for any of you guys who don’t know this prank already: CLICK ME

Aomine Daiki: “What the fuck?!” He would roar and yank out the blanket from the bed roughly, revealing both you and Kagami fully dressed. Not yet understanding, he jumps on top of Kagami furiously and jerks him up by the collar, his clenched fist ready in the air. However, both of you burst out laughing and he loosens only a little bit, still grabbing at his shirt. Even after you explain through your laughing tears, Aomine stays there puffing, unable to cool down. 

Kagami Taiga: As soon as he sees another man’s head next to yours in bed, he chucks the Maji burger at the unfamiliar head. With the burger smashed against his face, Aomine comes up, shirtless, and Kagami’s eyes widen even more. You are not even in his line of vision as his fist connects cleanly with Aomine’s cheeks. And only when Aomine pushes him off and you hold him back is he able to listen to your explanation. He gives out a stupefied chuckle and pulls you protectively into his arm, shooting Aomine an angry glance. 

Midorima Shintarou: His lucky item, Mr. Frog, shatter on the floor and you look up from your bed as Midorima staggers towards you. He lifts the sheet beside you in horror, finding Takao in his pretend sleep. Confusion and anger would merge into an incomprehensible expression, and he’d back away slowly in disbelief. You stay silent, feigning surprise, but when he tries to leave without saying anything, you grab his arm and grin. Takao springs out to blow the cover, and Midorima audibly sighs, running his thumb over your smooth skin to make sure again and again that you were still his. 

Kasamatsu Yukio: You would only be half surprised when Kasamatsu throws himself on the veiled figure, and snatches the blanket off. Kise lays underneath with a nervous laugh as he eyes both you and your boyfriend interchangeably. You only give him a shrug which Kasamatsu takes as permission to beat him up. Poor Kise, but Kasamatsu already seems to have picked up on the joke, so you leave them be; Kise yelling in protest while his senpai lands blowing kicks. 

Himuro Tatsuya: His eyes were always the scariest. Hot heart and cool head, as was his motto, he stalks over to the bedside to confirm the giant figure, Mura-chin, laying next to you in bed. “Atsushi.” He coldly mutters with a burning glaze in his eyes, and you actually shiver at how scary the man can be. Murasakibara only lazily glazes over him, complying to neither your prank nor his anger. You hurriedly blow your own cover and confess your prank, and Himuro relaxes just a little before roughly grabbing you by arm and leading you out of the room. 

Rewatching Seirin VS Yosen as a Murasakibara fangirl

To summarize, it went like this.

Murasakibara in his titan form

boyfriends making a scene

ponytail + zone = dead me

And then finally…

And to think that when I first watched this match, I was fucking happy that he lost cuz I didn’t like him. LOL 

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Scenario when Himuro find out that his new girlfriend (whom is a 150 cm third year student and captain of the girl's basketball team) is Murasakibara older sister (whom he is protective since she's her favorite sibling) since peoples usually shortened her family name into Murasaki since they think it's too long. Love your blog.

[lmaaaoooooo poor tatsuya]

”_____!” Turning at the sound of your name, your face brightens up with a smile when you see that it was Himuro who had called it. 

“Hey, Tatsuya,” You greet your boyfriend, reaching out to take his hand, entwining your fingers in his. “Did basketball practise just finish?”

“Yeah.” He squeezes your hand gently, thumb stroking lightly over yours. “It went for longer than I expected - Coach lost track of time. Sorry to keep you waiting..”

“Mh. You don’t have to apologise.” You shake your head. “It happens all the time. Besides, actually, I was waiting for someone else, besides you. He’s also on your basketball team.”


“My younger brother. I had no idea that the two of you were on the same team until today.” You chuckle. “I need to grab the house keys off him, since I left mine at home today.”

His brows furrow thoughtfully. “I didn’t know you had any brothers - let alone one that played basketball. Is he a regular?”

“Sure is. You’ve probably played with him before. He’s kind of hard to miss. A two metre tall giant with purple hair. That ring any bells for you?”

Himuro’s hand suddenly ceases its movements, and you return his startled expression with one of puzzlement. “What’s the matter, Tatsuya?” 

A pause.

“Your brother…” Himuro begins slowly, “His name wouldn’t be -”

”- Murasakibara Atsushi.” You cock your head to the side. “What’s wrong? You’re acting weird all of a sudden.”

“B-But…your last name is Murasaki…”

“It’s short for Murasakibara. My friends are lazy, and I don’t particularly mind the shortened version.” This time, it’s your turn to frown. “Tatsuya, what’s going on? Why are you so interested in my last name all of a sudden? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”