poor saul

So it’s been a while... it’s taken a while...

As I begin to write this, I wonder if there’s anyone there to hear it.

Those who watched and loved Homeland as I did will know that there are a substantial number of people who have a) left the fandom b) chosen to bask in the glory of Season Four or c) are still in mourning over the loss of Peter Quinn and don’t quite know where that leaves them when it comes to Homeland.

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Better Call Saul (“Pimento”)  //  Breaking Bad (“Buyout”)

Callous whistling & painful realisations


“I think there’s a lot of things that go through her head when she realizes she’s going to lose Mesa Verde.” – Rhea Seehorn

“It’s a major blow, and I think that really shakes Kim’s confidence and I think that makes her doubt her choice, and what their future can be together, and separately within their practices.” – Melissa Bernstein, Executive Producer

“Some part of him has to believe that Chuck going after Mesa Verde, taking it away from Kim… is Chuck trying to hurt Jimmy.” – Bob Odenkirk