poor sam.

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"Yeah, well, not every hookup is perfect." Has someone talked about this yet!? It's 9.09. And he gives Castiel a slap on the back along with a smirk. Unreal.

Oh god yeah, I mean… heaps and tons and multi tons! I’m just trying to think how to find it all ummm….

I usually just stalk @elizabethrobertajones blog and type in the relevant episode tag in her browser :p 9x09.

I mean… Cas seductively rubbing a beer bottle like a penis whilst winking at Dean

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Dean telling Cas not all hookups are perfect (subtext: but boy could I make it perfect for you buddy) whilst basically doing the smirk equivalent of a wink

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Sam. Poor Sammy. Right in front of my beer Sammy.

Right after the glory of 9x06 I mean PLEASE. What’s not to love.

A few examples of posts from lizzie’s blog: x x


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Since Shiro and Matt were taken by the Galra and subsequently escaped, they have, as the fandom put it, become really fuckin’ hot.

So here I am, already wondering when Sam Holt is gonna show up and Iroh his way out of a galra prison camp.

OMG A PAINTING I’M ACTUALLY PROUD OF?! I said that i was worried about people not being able to tell it was a painting and someone mentioned, ‘sign it.’ duh. Jesus, I can be dumb sometimes.

ALSO: Thanks you guys for the comments and the reposts I love them all!