supernatural out of context

Friendly reminder that even though Cas is dead currently in canon, the current date in canon is May 18th. Therefore Cas will most probably be alive and well by their anniversary/his birthday. 

So keep writing those beautiful fluffy anniversary fics guys! Its entirely plausible that come September 18th in canon, Cas will be back safe and sound in the bunker and that he and Dean will be ravaging each other for the entire day whilst poor Sam rubs his temples and awkwardly tries to explain to Jack why his guardian is making Dean scream in the other room…


Since Shiro and Matt were taken by the Galra and subsequently escaped, they have, as the fandom put it, become really fuckin’ hot.

So here I am, already wondering when Sam Holt is gonna show up and Iroh his way out of a galra prison camp.

Dean enters the room to find Sam plugging away at the laptop.  The table is covered with ancient texts and tombs and Sam appears to be too focused on his work to notice his brother entering the room.

Dean watches him for a moment before clearing his throat.  “We’ve gotta talk, Sammy.”

Sam pauses a beat before closing the laptop and giving Dean his attention.

“Now, I’m sorry about the other night-”

“No, no.” Sam holds up a hand.  “Nothing to be sorry about.”

“It’s just, you seem to be avoiding me,” Dean said gesturing to the table.  “Burying yourself in your work.  And, ah…” Dean suddenly looks uncomfortable but plows on, “I know you got an eyeful of Cas and I and, um, you know, if we need to talk about what you saw-”

“Oh, God.  No,” Sam says. 

“Thank God,” Dean says.  “Still, you know, next time before you come in my bedroom.  Knock.”

“Definitely knocking,” Sam says turning back.  “And seriously, I’ve just been busy the last two days with research.  I’m good.  Nothing’s wrong.”

“Good,” Dean nods.  “Good.”

There’s a length pause.  Dean picks up a book and looks it over.  “So, what are you researching?”

“Memory loss spells.”