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He answered "depends"and i think he meant he cannot have time for any "riding".Notice the author asked"been riding MUCH lately?" and he answered depends,so he could mean not much(if he meant sex)

….A best selling brand of adult diapers. Such a popular brand that the name is synonymous with adult incontinence products. It would be difficult, and uncomfortable, to ride a horse with such a garment in use, anon, And as to engaging in the other sort of “riding” whilst wearing such a garment, well,….no, we won’t even go there, anon.
Poor Sam! But we can sure see why he’s not getting any “riding” lately, poor guy!
And finally we have explanation for why Sam was spotted loitering in the kale aisle of the local super. Those depends things are really puffy, anon, and would take up loads of room in a suitcase- and Sam was staying for multiple days. He was just making a run to the Stop and Shop for more supplies when those women spotted him. And no way was he going to complete his mission with that sort of attention, oh, no, anon, he’d stay and take pictures with them all in front of all the healthy vegetables, until they all got tired and had to go home and make dinner. Then he could make a dash back to the adult products section unobserved…
So that whole grocery meet and greet thing all just depended on Depends, anon….😂😂😂

There, now that’s sorted. It’s always nice when things wrap up so nice and tidy, don’t you agree, anon? And you anons seem so concerned about this matter….😂