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Valentines Event (From Voltage)

All that is happening here are mere imagination of the creator herself (me) so the script is not officially made by Voltage. In case you can’t take the joke in the heart, then don’t follow/read this. Everything’s at your own risk so I warn you all. :p

DAY 7 : Voltage also didn’t consider some characters that are slightly popular to be added on the list. Seeing their reaction that they are not included can really break their hearts into pieces. :(


Gokuto Newspaper Translation Part 7


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It’s been awhile since I’ve last translated a Gokuto Shinbun scenario, but WORRY NOT! I’LL STILL BE DOING TRANSLATIONS! As with the manga some things came up, but now I’ll be resuming my translations!  All I can say about this part is POOR SAEKI www everyone is precious as usual. Please enjoy! 

(WARNING : My Japanese is by no means perfect, and certain nuances may be lost in translation. If you’re okay with this, then by all means, continue! )

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