poor rian

I didn’t necessarily injure myself while on stage, but directly after. We were on the House Party Tour with A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil and The Wonder Years, and had just finished playing in South Carolina. I walked off stage down some metal stairs and saw that it was raining and there was no light on the staircase. I turned around to find a light so the band wouldn’t slip and fall on the stairs. While turning around, my left foot found a gap in between the metal stairs and the stage level, and I slipped through until I was caught by a piece of steel driving into my leg, just to the right of my knee. I went to the hospital and got 22 stitches and am left with a gnarly scar. I have a picture of the injury if you really wanted it, but I doubt you, or anyone, wants to see that. By the way, I didn’t miss a show!
—  Rian Dawson of All Time Low, Worst Drummer Injuries, Alternative Press, 11/11/2015

I FOUND IT! The Rian video I was just talking about awww