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Jon Jones

Part-Time Job Jones was a college wrestler and criminal justice student at Iowa Central when his girlfriend Jessie’s surprise pregnancy left him in need of quick cash. He visited an MMA gym and took his first fight within months – then five more in the next 3 months, winning them all. Jones and that girlfriend are now engaged with three daughters.

Quick Rise Jones entered the UFC in August 2008 on a few weeks’ notice, won, and was rewarded with bouts against future Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar and a UFC 100 spot against Jake O’Brien. Near effortless wins over veterans Brandon Vera and Vladimir Matyushenko followed before he dominated previously-unbeaten Ryan Bader at UFC 126. Jones’ only loss came at when a poor referee call resulted in a disqualification loss to Matt Hamill, in a fight he was by all accounts winning soundly.

Title Shot After his UFC 126 win, while still inside the Octagon, Jones was offered the chance to step in for injured teammate Rashad Evans to face light heavyweight champ “Shogun” Rua on six weeks’ notice. Jones accepted and went on to dominate Rua as well as his subsequent opponents: “Rampage” Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort.

King Among Kings Just 23 years old when he defeated Shogun, Jones became the UFC’s youngest-ever world champion. Jones has successfully defended his light heavyweight title in a division-record six consecutive fights. He’s also finished nine opponents by either knockout or submission, tying Chuck Liddell for most finishes in light heavyweight history.

Family Way Jones’ older brother Arthur plays for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts while younger sibling Chandler plays for the New England Patriots. It was those same brothers who dubbed him “Bones” growing up, since he was too skinny to find his footing on the gridiron.

Stand-Up Guy Jones is one of two fighters in UFC history to earn two submissions while standing, choking out both Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 and Jake O’Brien at UFC 100 with standing guillotine chokes (the other is Patrick Smith).


have some colombia and brazil! designs based on the personifications created by the latin hetalia community. except i wanted Brazil to have longer and curlier hair :P

well i just wanted to draw something nice because hey the Latin Americans need more love and i think they’re both really interesting teams to watch and honestly what could have been a great match unfortunately degenerated and resulted in serious injuries because of poor refereeing :/ they’re both teams with talented players.  

For all the people going on the offside goal, yes, real fans know its offside. And can the fans do anything? No. It was the referee's poor decision. But the next goal was scored fair and square. And if there is so much of a problem for such goals, why not bring up the barca psg match as well?

Last post, promise. I’m very emotional today. So.
I’m sorry, because Brasil was physically more aggressive than usual. It’s not that I can’t accept that fact because that’s what it is, fact. Nonetheless, Colombia was very aggressive as well throughout the whole match.
But THIS, this is bullshit. You can’t say that this is how fútbol is played. This is called a plank, and this type of shit is usually sanctioned because of the damage it can cause. And it FUCKED. NEYMAR. UP.
Here’s the thing that breaks my heart, because of one thoughtless mistake a player took away a young man’s dream. Neymar wanted to try to win the cup in Brasil soil. THAT was his dream, not any cup, but on. Brasil. Soil. And now that’s gone and his team loses him and Thiago Silva for the next game.
Don’t try to justify this, or even blame it on Brasil, because this has no justification.

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Does the poor quality of referees ruin the game for you as well?

When bad calls happen I turn on an NBA game and all of a sudden I fall in love with NHL referees.

Our official Grey’s Anatomy drinking game: 🏥❤️

Meredith: Mentions Christina’s name before Derek’s

Alex: Lets Jo down because he’s worried about Meredith

Bailey: Immediately anticipates the worst in a situation and is proven wrong

Weber: Has a screaming match with Catherine over Bailey becoming Chief

Callie: Runs into Arizona while out on a date

Owen: Tells Amelia hat he wants more than a hook up

Arizona: Has a scene with Sofia, her daughter, remember?

Jackson: Continues to shut April out

April: Tells someone how much being a war doc helped her, even though Jackson won’t talk to her

Amelia: Uses her addiction issues as an excuse to push Owen away once again

Jo: Still fixing up that fixer-upper loft

Stephanie: Has a storyline of her own. (Poor Stephanie!)

Maggie: Plays referee between Meredith and Amelia at home

Bonus: Finish you drink every time someone dances it out


If you guys actually caught up on the World Cup you have to agree this event has only seen poor referee performances. From a neglected penalty on the opening match with Croatia vs Brazil to 2 bad calls which annulated two clear goals by Mexico against Cameroon, what about a shameless two full hand ball against Croatia? yet Mexico won. While Marquez had minimal contact against Robbe he embellished it for an oscar worthy dive. I have to admit Herrera made a bad move by taking Dos Santos out while we were on our prime attacking system making Netherlands offensive grow. A beautiful equalizer goal by Netherlands can’t be denied yet that fault in the box in the final moments seems like strolling in the park when we compare it to Suarez sharp teeth. I guess that’s why many people criticize soccer: often times players act more than perform