poor ranger

An absolutely lovely commission by @jel-art who really went above and beyond in depicting a scene from my Trimberly fic a pretty good bad idea.

(JEL’s commission info can be found here.)

  • Jason: Why do you have handcuffs?
  • Kim: ... Jason, do you just... Willfully pretend that me and Trini don't have sex? Is this a 'I'm hoping for you to lie to me' situation?
  • Jason: I'm 100% sure you two are virgins, my brain won't accept anything else.
  • Kim: Okay, it's because I'm secretly a cop in my spare time.
  • Jason: Thank you.

anonymous asked:

Kim falls asleep on Trini. Trini is a useless gay and afraid to move lest she wake up Kim. Ensue the teasing from the boys.

Combining this with:

One of them fell asleep in the pit so they get a rude (or sweet) wake up call (via anonymous)

“There’s no way that you’re comfortable right now.” 

“I’m comfortable.”

“You sure?” 


“Because you don’t really look all that comfortable.”

“I’m comfortable.”

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The Doctor and the Master + favourite moments [10/?]

Pryce!Master and Atkinson!Doctor — Mock me while you may, Doctor. My revenge will be all the sweeter. And it will be a deadly vengeance. It will be the deadly vengeance of deadly… revenge!”

Trini and Kim patch up their room together after accidentally damaging it in a make out session. (via @rufflesstuff )

“Seriously, you guys? Again?”

Both women turn at the sound of his (slightly exasperated) voice, but of the two, only Trini has the decency to look even the slightest bit contrite (or, to blush — at least — which, when combined with the small smile that also forms, probably means something else entirely); Kim just smirks, looking far too smug for someone standing in front of a half-repaired hole in the wall.

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smallandsundry  asked:

trimberly harry potter au, kim takes trini home for spring break and tells her parents they're dating. this is news to trini.

“I might as well have placed a full body-bind you.”

Trini jerks out of thought, rubbing her hands on her slacks and looking up at Kim, who’s wearing a look that might be called ‘concerned’ if not for the slight quirk of the right corner of her lips.


“You don’t need to be nervous. My parents are pricks, but they’re not going to say anything uncivilized. To your face,” she adds after a moment’s pause. 

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