poor ranger


FACT: Riley has NO chill when it comes to dogs


With his perpetual shadow of facial hair and rugged physique, Bishop is rather handsome even if his demeanor is thoroughly unwelcoming. Late into his twenties, this veteran of the wilderness has scars and burns across his skin. Constantly on the look out, sniffing the air and checking what’s behind him, Bishop’s hands are always on his weapons. Every time you look over to Bishop, he’s looking right back at you.

“(…) I was with Yasu a lot when we recorded the first episode (of Kanjam), and I gotta say, it looks like Shota Yasuda’s guitar can take Subaru Shibutani anywhere.
There’s nothing to do about that. Because there’s no logic.
Also, I’ve felt like this since way back, but Shota Yasuda is an excellent vocalist, in my opinion.
It’s probably because playing his guitar and doing vocals are firmly rooted in Yasu’s world.
Once again, I’m a lucky person to be surrounded by such amazing friends. (…)”

[Shibutani Subaru - 2015.04.23 Kanjani Sentai ∞ranger]


jeanmarco western brothel AU:
so marco’s mother owns the towns brothel, so marco has grown up with the other girls all his life. one night, they decide to play a prank on a poor drunk ranger from up state by dressing marco up and getting him to hit on jean. jean figures out marco’s a guy but states he makes a ‘darlin’ whore’ which marco teases him about the next day when jean decided he likes marco in his normal cloths just as much.

some sketches i made up from this au (the hat and mask is ref to lone ranger cos why not)