poor quality caps so i had to make them so tiny

Stop the press!

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about the tale of how the propane bombs were planted at Columbine High. We all know how slick and cool REB and VoDkA  came across in the famous scene of Zero Hour. They strolled into the Commons with fierce purpose shrouded in their uber school shooter dark aesthetic: black trench coats, combat boots and shades carrying their pièce de résistance bombs in their “bags of terrorism” (yes, they referred to them as that).  Casually kneeling down and setting their instruments of terror with ease right in front of their peers. 

But in reality?  

Well, reality paints a very different picture demonstrating how banal the entire thing looked. Amazingly ordinary and casual..yet as we’ll later learn, they almost look a little too slow pokey considering their very tight schedule.

I lightened these images up and sharpened them as well.

‘Eric’ approaching the column from the left
wobbling a bit with his orange gym bag held in his right hand

A wild ‘Dylan’ lopes forth approaching the column from the left
carrying his navy blue gym bag in his left hand

slowed down…

Here be some ordinary looking dudes hauling their heavy but lethal gym bags near the columns in the cafeteria. ‘Eric’s’ small frame is struggling a slight bit barely managing to prevent the bag from coming into contact with objects or people walking by. The two are having no trouble being themselves, looking effortlessly awkward yet casual af while ironically implementing something deadly.. 

Of course, we didn’t really expect that level of dramatic professionalism from Eric and Dylan now did we?  Nah.. Not really.  

This is going to be long. so read on under the cut. :)   

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Finished restoring the bodies of the last western planes on my to do list :D

They are still useless as I didn’t take care of the blades yet (the chip breakers are done though :) (^-^;)
So maybe I can take the first shavings tomorrow :D

The No. 135 hid a lot of cracks in its body behind the metal frame and to be honest this was what put it into my on hold bin (that is empty now :) and in case of the Sargent No.3408 I just had no wish to work on it for some time because
It had a lot of rust on the frame and I thought it was cracked but it just turned out to be a poor casting :D <=very common in Stanley planes as well…
The sole was kind of mushed (the sole was flat but kind of soft because of what I assume to be the result of using 40 or 20 grit sandpaper on it…) and flattening it meant resharpening the blade of my rough Kanna (HSS blade :) 4 times before I finally got to a non blunting and usable piece of wood (°_°;)
It just ate blades…
That was also the reason for tightening up the mouth of the plane because taking away so much material obviously ended up widening it a bit too much (^-^;)

The Stanley No.135 was well used and I suspect its previous owner/user didn’t notice most cracks in the body but I like to take things apart and clean them so I noticed these very quickly and felt the need to mend those (^-^;)
I don’t know how practical it is since it doesn’t have a lateral adjustment mechanism but it looks nice and I’m pleasantly surprised about the quality of the castings :o
The cutting depth adjustment mechanism cannot advance or retract the blade as much as the later mechanisms do but it feels nice and to be honest it doesn’t need to do that as you either let the blade protrude from the bottom for 0,5 mm or retract it to prevent damage to the blade or workpiece so for all practical applications I do not see this as a disadvantage to the plane as a whole :)

The only thing that bothered me a lot was that the manufacturer didn’t deburr the screws holding the cap iron and the curling piece for the adjustment mechanism :|

I like how detailed the casting of the bell on the cap is :3
I like details on things and this one is a really nice one :3

This was a good practice for making tiny bowtie splines and sliding dovetails :D
I enjoyed doing this work and I’m looking forward to using them because to be honest while I do think that the Stanley No.4 and No.3 are the most versatile planes out there and that they do a very good job at things I am tired of cast soles….
I dislike needing to put oil on the sole to keep the friction down, the black marks they leave on some woods and rust. I’m happy that I got a No.4 because it is the best plane for setting up any wooden plane I can think of.
So for this reason alone I’ll keep it and appreciate it :)

Anyway I like them and am looking forward to using them :)
Although I feel like I just worked on them because I could and not because I needed them (^-^;)
If I could I’d get a 42 or 50 mm Kanna and use it instead but those are currently not an option for me and the blades I do have are 65 and 68 mm blades :)
So having a wooden soled western plane might prove to be a good compromise for the time being :)

I’ll make some Kanna soon :D

Today I helped a friend who is learning German and she taught me some Japanese :)
It was fun but I didn’t do much else besides fixing those planes, taking an 8 km walk and eating :D

I was surprised my last article got any likes at all (^o^)
I figured it would be boring to most people on the face of the earth :D

This weekend won’t be too busy and I’m looking forward to preparing for my job interview, meeting some friends and to practice speaking English at a meet up :) 

I wish everyone a great weekend with sweet dreams, and crack free plane bodies (^-^)/

TABA Clues and Spoilers

So some days ago, I re-watched some of the Hobbit vlogs, and I noticed a few things that I’m pretty sure we’re going to see in TABA. Therefore I decided to take a few caps as it could be interesting in terms of the plot since we know surprisingly little.

But before I continue, there are a few things I need to say. Most of the caps you’ll find below the cut are behind the scenes stuff from TABA. There were other pieces as well that I found interesting, but I have not included them because I am unsure whether it’s from DoS or TABA. Moreover, I have not included the things that we know belong to the extended version of DoS (like the Dwarves carrying Bombur). We have also seen a lot of the Dwarves’ TABA armor, but I have not included any of that, except the things related to Thorin, Fili and Kili. 

Below the cut, you will therefore find caps from behind the scenes as well as some confirmed information, as well as quite a bit of my own theories. There’s also references to official pictures, so that’s yet another thing to keep in mind. I should also mention that some spoilers are quite small, while some of them are pretty big depending on what you already know.  

Also, please be aware that this is one the few things I noticed when I watched a few of the blogs again. There is more out there, so what you find below the cut is only a portion of it.

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