poor poor harmonia

I can imagine a sitcom of N and Gladion being roomates and bonding over parent issues and protecting innocent pokemon, but also fighting a lot because N is a cinnamon roll while gladion is an edgelord it’d be hilarious guys

So I remembered today that Eros is part of a set of triplets, the other two being Himeros (Sexual Desire) and Anteros (Reciprocal Love), if I include his brothers, the twins Phobos and Deimos, and his sister, Harmonia, This means that three times, Aphrodite got pregnant by Ares, and two of those times she had multiple kids.

Also poor Harmonia, the poor child is the Goddess of Harmony but meanwhile wreaking havoc are her five brothers, three of which are Gods of Love and two of which are Gods of Fear.

That or the only time anyone in this dysfunctional mess of children ever shuts up is when the only girl is sitting in the room.