poor poor elle

To anyone who thinks the 20 million gald thing in Xillia 2 is a joke

It’s not.

This man has to live in debt for absolutely no reason.

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His only loyal sidekicks are an 8 year old girl and his cat.

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And what does he get after he pays it all back?

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Awkward bathing.

They don’t call this game “Tales of Crippling Debt” for no reason.

so my dad is a massive fuckup bastard and he won’t actually talk to any of us about what’s going on but i’m fairly certain that he got a letter today telling him he owes some fucked up large amount of money or we’re gonna be kicked out and frankly, i need desperately to NOT live with him anymore, for my mental health, for my ability to exist as a person, so haha does anyone want to take in an elle and her bf haha haha haha haha

Starter- Elite Monster

Everything is cold. Elle shivered and pulled her pink jacket closer about her shoulders. She was huddled in a small cave deep in the Kakhar Ice Caverns. She buried her face in her knees. Don’t cry. You’re a big girl. You can’t cry. She could hear monsters moving around the main corridor of the cave, and she tried to push herself deeper inside her small cave.

It was a year since Ludger… since Ludger… Well, it had been a year. It was hard for Gaius and Rowen to leave Rieze Maxia, so everyone decided to meet at Kanbalar. As they were awaiting Gaius, Rowen, and the spirits to arrive, word came of unusual monster activity outside the Xalien Woods. There wasn’t any question, of course they would help! The reports seemed to indicate some increase number of monsters, but not anything they hadn’t handled before.

They were wrong.

Elle brought her knees to her chest as she remember the monster that awaited them. It was huge… with giant wings and a terrifying roar sent shivers down Elle’s spine. It was more than any of them expected. It attacked with such ferocity that it took everyone off guard. Elle could do nothing as Alvin and Leia were slammed into a large tree, where they slumped to the ground, not moving. Elize rushed to assist them, but was tossed across the battlefield like a rag doll. Jude had rushed in front of Elle and, taking a defensive stance, yelled at her to run.

Elle hesitated, but Jude pushed her and yelled at her to get away. I need to get help, Elle thought as she ran in what she hoped was the direction of Kanbalar. Gaius would be there. Gaius could help.

Before she could make much distance, the monster landed in front of her, and growled at her menacingly. Elle turned quickly, and ran blindly into the woods, making her way into the Ice Caverns. She ducked into the first cave she found.

I need to get help! Everyone… no one knows where they are! Elle shook at the thought of encountering that creature again alone.

Footsteps outside her cave shook Elle from her thoughts. They sounded almost… human.