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Do you remember the episode where Ruby flys into a bird and yells. "Birdy no!" The funniest thought occurred to me....what if that bird was Qrow?

As much as I’d love to believe it was Raven…

Come on. It was Qrow. Misfortunate boy can’t catch a break. He wasn’t upset, though. Actually, Ruby’s landing strategy impressed him considering she’s two years behind her peers.

Makes her Dad proud.

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So, Ell. Are you the smartest of the group? ~Anny

Ell: Smartest? Hmm… 

Ell: I mean, I believe everyone is smart in their own way… I may do good with my studies but I wouldn’t say that makes me the smartest out of us four. 

Ell: But I think I’d be the smartest when it comes to thinking up strategies… I don’t know, really. Good question. 

Anon Asks: Yeah question about Honey, whats with the bell choker?

o u o) …because…

To anyone who thinks the 20 million gald thing in Xillia 2 is a joke

It’s not.

This man has to live in debt for absolutely no reason.

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His only loyal sidekicks are an 8 year old girl and his cat.

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And what does he get after he pays it all back?

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Awkward bathing.

They don’t call this game “Tales of Crippling Debt” for no reason.

sooo i just got accepted to the paralegal program at the college i applied to, which is cool, except that i just decided yesterday i’d rather go to law school :| which means:

+ i need to study extensively to ace the LSATs to make up for my shitty undergraduate grades,
+ i need to find some volunteer work to do to buff up my application,
+ i need references (ughgkhjgkh),
+ i need a shitton of money to pay for a) the university application, b) the LSATs, c) the tuition, d) the books, e) the bar exam???, etc. im nervous

BLC comes out and I see that one line that possibly alludes to Ruby being his daughter

You know which line I’m talking about.

I’m SO going to make all the Hummingbird and Ruby Qrose art when I get back everyone.

If you all have any daddy-daughter ideas or suggestions, please feel free to send me messages! I’ll be glad to do them (along with all the rest sitting in my fan mail box omg :’D )

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Quidnunc ❤️

One who always has to know what is going on.

[i’m just running under the assumption that this is for MegaRox, I think that’s fair, yes? :P I hope you like it!!!]

“So, that dial adjusts the frequency, then?”

Megamind banged his head on the access panel door coming up. He swung himself around to face Roxanne, who was staring at him with curiosity and an edge of amusement despite being tied to her usual chair with his newest Device of Evil aimed at (a spot just to the left of) her. He rubbed the imminent bruise on his head and griped, “What in Tesla’s name are you doing awake?”

“Am I right? I know it’s the frequency. And the wavelength’s gotta be that slider on the left,” she said, craning her neck to see the guts of the machine behind him. “Sound beam.” She grinned. “That’s a new one. I never get to see the insides of your things before they get destroyed.”

“How did you fig-” he paused, as the look on her face finally sank in. He was used to her fearlessness, but she actually looked enthusiastic. He fidgeted with the edge of his cape, watching her warily. “I’m making some…. last minute adjustments,” he said after a long moment. “Do you- I mean. You seem to have some idea what- how it- anyway. Would you, that is to- would you like a closer look?”

Her expression opened in shock at the offer, then bloomed into a smile, and Megamind’s stomach did a neat little flip.

It only took a moment to get her out of her bindings. Wrist deep in gadgetry and wiring, Megamind explained the function of each piece of the machine, mouth moving automatically as he tried not to hyperventilate thinking about her proximity, the way her shoulder was bumping against his and she didn’t seem to care, the light scent of vanilla and clary sage from her hair, how intently she was following along, not missing a beat, asking questions and, after a pause, suggesting possible improvements to his amplifiers. Workable, brilliant possible improvements.

“I’m no expert, I just worked sound in theater club,” she said, laughing at his stunned response, “plus I was in a band in college. So what does that glowy coil do?”

Twenty minutes had passed unnoticed by the time Minion came in, already scowling even before he saw that Miss Ritchi was out of her chair. He narrowed his eyes at the pair of borrowed gloves on Roxanne’s hands, at the streak of grease along her cheek, at Megamind’s bewildered expression. He sighed. “We aren’t calling Metro Man today, are we, Sir?”

Roxanne blinked and looked up, only just now noticing their audience, and Megamind gave a sheepish smile.

Minion stared for another long moment, then turned back for the door. “I’ll just… go get some drinks, then.”