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CHASING SUNS: Chapter 15 Lead by Example

2,564 words

I’m gonna have to quit it with the word vomit chapters if I have any hope of finishing this soon lol.

WARNING: Graphic violence

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The following night after her shift, Cam pulled into Lestallum to pick up Iris for her first hunt. 

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5 Happy Things

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“Of course, this isn’t as thorough an explanation as one you might receive from a professor or someone who’s studied all the scientific and mathematical aspects of Illumination.”

“Just…get to Vitalia already…”

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Ch 3: Pitcher/Catcher Dynamics

Talking in Your Sleep Chapter 3  [Saigenos fic]

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3.  Pitcher/Catcher Dynamics

In all honesty, Saitama hadn’t even known B-City had a baseball team.  

Or, for that matter, that Genos used to play the sport in middle school.

“You did?  Ah, that’s so cute!” Saitama gushed , mind filling with images of a pipsqueak Genos signaling to his catcher with that super serious face of his - all while the real deal began stuttering in front of him.  

“I- I’m not too sure about that, Sensei.  As I recall, I wasn’t very skilled at the game.”

“That just makes it more cute!  I could totally see you striking out and formally apologizing to all your teammates.”  Saitama cracked a smile.  

“That’s- I never- Some players took the sport quite seriously and-”

Saitama’s smile grew even wider.  “Wait, you mean you actually did?!”

The resulting cloud of steam may as well have spelled out a ‘Yes’.

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