poor policemen


this is how we troll

@interdimensional-kickerofbutt continued from [x]:

“Are ya really gon’ make this harder, or are ya gonna pick me up? ‘Mean, I coulda jus’ let mah self outta here, but I don’t think mister grumpy pants here’d like it…”

“Whoa, hey, no!” Tony says, waking up a bit more, standing up and looking around the dark room for clothes.  Reflexively, he tries to patch into the lights and turn them on before he remembers that he’s not in New York [Which he really should have realized sooner given the comfort level of the bed he’d been sleeping in.] he’s not home.  He feels around the wall for the light switch and flinches as it turns on, “no letting yourself out, Amy.  That would be… illegal.  And rude to the poor policemen.”

Drunk.  She’s drunk.  She must be.  Shit.

“I’ll be there in five minutes, alright?  Stay put.