poor pokemon

kanto mom: completely dismisses her son until he becomes a hermit on a mountain top for 3 years, then she misses him

johto mom: ready to help at all times, will always mom her child, spoils child but doesn’t even know her own kid’s interests

hoenn mom: tired, done with Norman’s garbage, trusts that her child can take care of their self, wants child to deal with Norman

sinnoh mom: young at  heart, does contests and enjoys travel, loves her child and doesn’t want them to worry

unova mom: super supportive, outgoing ex-trainer, absolutely heartbroken over their missing child but tries to hide it

unova mom the sequel: gentle, always there for their kid, will always listen, great friendship with her child

kalos mom: famous, flirts with any attractive man, ran over her own husband with a rhyhorn and laughs about it 

Of Boredom

A little r76 indulgent fluff for @qwerty224561 bc they were sick and being too much of a dear <3

“I hate this.” Jack whined, tugging at the bed sheet in his frustration. Heedless of his lover’s ire (or simply was amused by it) Gabriel propped his feet up next to Jack’s, boots and all, grinning.

“Shouldn’t have gotten yourself into this mess, then.”

As expected, a punch flew out in retaliation, but it couldn’t quite reach, so Jack settled with a death glare (or his best attempt to) instead. Quite frankly, it made him looking more like a ruffled-up duckling, especially with all the unkempt golden hair.

Gabriel snickered.

“Wasn’t my fucking fault they forewent all health and safety measures and didn’t even bother to put up a warning sign!”

Gabriel rolled his eyes, answering with the same line for the, at least, tenth time, “Didn’t make it any less funny that after all the shit we went through, you decided to break your leg by taking a tumble down a waste hole.”

Cocking his head to the side, he dodged the flying paper cup easily. Jack fumed, crossing his arms and glaring at his hanging, cast-encased leg. In all honesty, Gabriel would have felt a little bit bad for him if the situation wasn’t so ridiculous. Angela almost tore out a chunk of her own hair when Jack was wheeled in, followed by a worried but trying-so-hard-to-stifle-his-laughter Gabriel. As if she hadn’t had enough to do around here…

“Seriously, Gabe, I’m gonna die of boredom here.”

Gabriel didn’t look too empathetic. In fact, he was grinning ear-to-ear, waving a paper bag at Jack’s face, “I brought conchas?”

The glare he received was wilting, but Jack reached out to snatch the bag regardless, “With the amount of junk food you and Ana sneak in here every day, it’s a wonder I haven’t got diabetes yet.”

“You don’t reject any of them, though.” Gabriel pointedly stared at how Jack was stuffing himself. Golden Boy snorted, flicking a crumb at Gabriel’s nose. “Relax, sunshine. Weren’t you the one complaining about how they overwork us? There is no pleasing you, is there?”

Paused. A sly smirk slowly crept up Gabriel’s lips as he darted his eyes around the empty ward, before leering at his lover, “Then again, greedy as you are, there could only be certain ways to please you…”

The effect was instantaneous. Jack’s skin flustered to the very roots of his golden crown, eyes wide in embarrassment. 

Oh my God, Gabe!

Winking (and feeling rather smug because Jack didn’t even bother to deny it), Gabriel slung himself onto the narrow cot, making himself as comfortable as possible, even when one of his leg was still on the floor. Pulling Jack against him, Gabriel whipped out his handheld console.

“Two out of three?”

Jack, though still red around his ears, rolled his eyes, “Make it ten, you always lose.”

Lost, he might be, but at least Jack was laughing and wasn’t complaining anymore. 

I can imagine a sitcom of N and Gladion being roomates and bonding over parent issues and protecting innocent pokemon, but also fighting a lot because N is a cinnamon roll while gladion is an edgelord it’d be hilarious guys


Don’t send Hinata for wood alone. Don’t leave him alone in general. Who let those kids travel alone in the first place.

(Litten’s peaceful days are over.)


This idea has been haunting me for gods know how long i’m glad i finally got it out.

Solaire’s Sunlight covenant has found some real dedicated members

Bonus Comic: Sun bro finds a fellow sun gazer