poor pokemon

Funny childhood story bout the mun

So I got Ruby when I was really little.. I don’t remember how little exactly but I’d say somewhere around like 5+ around when Ruby and Sapphire first came out, and back then I would nickname all my pokemon. I caught my first ever tailow and guess what I named them. Redneck. Cause I was a kid ya know and ofc I didn’t know what it meant, I just thought it was cute cause it had that red spot near its chest area. So my brother sees it and laughs for days, and I was so so confused. Then years later… I remember my old Swellow “redneck” and curl up into a ball of shame- never forget.

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kanto mom: completely dismisses her son until he becomes a hermit on a mountain top for 3 years, then she misses him

johto mom: ready to help at all times, will always mom her child, spoils child but doesn’t even know her own kid’s interests

hoenn mom: tired, done with Norman’s garbage, trusts that her child can take care of their self, wants child to deal with Norman

sinnoh mom: young at  heart, does contests and enjoys travel, loves her child and doesn’t want them to worry

unova mom: super supportive, outgoing ex-trainer, absolutely heartbroken over their missing child but tries to hide it

unova mom the sequel: gentle, always there for their kid, will always listen, great friendship with her child

kalos mom: famous, flirts with any attractive man, ran over her own husband with a rhyhorn and laughs about it