poor pokemon

kanto mom: completely dismisses her son until he becomes a hermit on a mountain top for 3 years, then she misses him

johto mom: ready to help at all times, will always mom her child, spoils child but doesn’t even know her own kid’s interests

hoenn mom: tired, done with Norman’s garbage, trusts that her child can take care of their self, wants child to deal with Norman

sinnoh mom: young at  heart, does contests and enjoys travel, loves her child and doesn’t want them to worry

unova mom: super supportive, outgoing ex-trainer, absolutely heartbroken over their missing child but tries to hide it

unova mom the sequel: gentle, always there for their kid, will always listen, great friendship with her child

kalos mom: famous, flirts with any attractive man, ran over her own husband with a rhyhorn and laughs about it 


TBH if someone was making me live in some strange isolated place for an indefinite period of time…gotta take the essentials.

okay y’all lemme tell ya about the best goddamn sidequest in this game it involves these two pyukumuku separated by an errant part time pyukumuku chucker only the sidequest only shows up after you do the job once which means you’re the one who chucked mukiet into the sea and the camera zooms up on your obscured face like “yeah you lil shit you did it was 20K poke worth all this” and no. no it wasn’t. because this sad lil’ sea cucumber bunny stares sadly out at the sea crying for his lost love so you go and find her washed up further up on the beach and bring her over and they’re happy and reunited and it’s the best love story ever look at them bein all happy 

happy ending