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Can’t Help Falling

Characters – Sam x Reader, Dean

Summary – Sam and the reader have movie night while Dean is out.

Word Count – 1,462

Warnings – None

A/N – A little fluffy Sam was requested by @captain-princess-rose; hope you like it, sweetie!

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Sam knew the exact moment when you fell asleep.  The two of you had been watching a movie, cuddled up in blankets on the couch.  Sam had generously let you pick out the movie, and you’d decided to take full advantage of Dean’s absence from the bunker and picked out a horror movie, which Dean hated.  They weren’t Sam’s favorite either; he and Dean both felt they got enough of horror and gore during their day to day lives, but he knew how much you loved them and he loved you.  

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BTS in Dubai Diary: V

Title: A night of Versace 

Date: Saturday, 26th March, 2016; The first day of trip; Sunny

Writing: I really look forward to tonight. I’m going to melt the heat of desert in a hotel shower today. Just thinking about it makes me happy. And I think I saw a fennec fox today. What a lovely day. The end.

Title: Meeting Bur

Date: Sunday, 27th March, 2016; The second day of trip; Sunny

Writing: We went to a historic town today. We ate some good food and did lots of fun things. We danced and got some free ice cream. It was really good. And we hung out with Bur. I thought he looked like a professional Batista. Anyway, I had so much fun with shooting. ( Bur was our guard)

Title: I hate swimming pool. i’m older… I’m older…

Date: Monday, 28th March, 2016; The third day of trip; Sunny

Writing: We went to the swimming pool. We played a game, but our team lost because of my mistake. Oh, my. We played the second game. Anyway, we lost. Jungkook being too competitive, and I still remembered how he looked at me. I’m older than him. I don’t like going to a swimming pool anymore.

(Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook

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i agree so so much with the last anon, i'm so mad that all they focus on is either the injury or the dancing experience. like please guys find something interesting to show us. i aso think that whoever said that it maight be the fault of the poor packages that the people are not connecting to this season was right, i have a feeling like the packages this season are short and very repetitive you can't really get to know the dynamics of the pairings. :/


Original Imagine: Imagine not seeing Damon for awhile; but then he treats you to an awesome night out and than an unforgettable day (part 2)

Author: hybridwolf20

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2,877

Warnings: Smut and Blood Sharing, oral sex. But it’s Damon…who wouldn’t want him feeding on them ;-)

A/N: Songs:
Hips Don’t Lie - Shakira
Party For Two - Shania Twain ft. Billy Currington

The Next Morning

You slowly start to open your eyes, the sunlight coming through your window. You think for a minute and images of last night start to flood back. From the date to the moment Damon crawled in bed with you. You smile at the thought and your heart rate picks up a bit. You roll over expecting Damon to still be there, and he’s not.

Your smile disappears and your eyebrows furrow. Instead in his place is one single rose with a note:

Good Morning, Y/N
You looked so beautiful in your sleep that I decided not to wake you.
I am downstairs making breakfast.
Hope you will join me.
- D

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technically the skelebros and most other monsters (if not every monster) don’t have to necessarily consume actual food for sustenance.

You could be hanging out with sans and he pulls out a packet of cigs. You think to yourself, you didn’t know he smoked. And after he pops one in between his teeth you assume it’s his lighter he’s reaching for in his pocket, but he never takes it out. Instead, you watch him suck it into his mouth and start chewing. Swallows it like it’s a french fry before reaching for another.


I am so happy. My package is here! Soo, here’s my review.

Packaging: poor little package has probably seen better days! But when opened, the box was still (surprisingly) undamaged!

The box contained: Jack Skellington/Zero Collar, Ribbon, and small black bell. The bell wasn’t attached but I believe it was made that way so I could choose if I wanted it on there or not.

Other contents: inside had an info card and a care guide card for my purchase. Also was a small baggy with a business card and a small candy. But the poor gummy candy had melted from the heat!

Shipping time/processing: since this was apart of their Halloween/ Ready to Ship items, it shipped out by October 5th (that’s when I received the email). Since I moved around this time, I can’t say for sure when it arrived, but it arrived between the 9th-15th.

The collar: it’s a 12 in collar with Jack and zero ribbon with black lacy ruffle. The ribbon is long enough to make it tight or loose. The charms is a smiley Jack. Which I ADORE.

Tug proof?: Yes. Oh. Yes.

Customer service: I had a great experience with customer service (regarding a separate order) the moment I let them know I moved, they held my order until I let them know where I had moved to. They were also super happy to help me with any other questions I had regarding combining orders (which, they no longer do, due to the excessive amounts of orders they have. Which, I totally understand.)

Overall experience: 11/10 I would definitely order from here again.

Keep in mind ladies and gents, when ordering anything custom, there is a 10-12 week turn around time. So if you are purchasing as a gift or something immediate, be weary. It will take a while. Other than that the ready to ship is quick and simple! ♡ THANK YOU @kittensplaypenshop , @baby-perv & @sara-meow for being so amazing. I can’t wait to recieve my tail from you guys ♡ and I can’t wait to place another order again!