poor nuri


So it seemed to Keke, that while you’re trying to focus on a good (honestly maybe the fact that the book was slightly dull was her problem) book, that your visions of a friend that died fifteen years ago should leave you alone. Considering they’re in your mind. Groaning she flopped back on the couch in the empty living room of the W1NT3R dorms. She knew the staring apparition wouldn’t go away until there was someone else around, because god forbid Keke look sane to anyone. Thinking, she whined softly, not knowing what to do. She pulled out her phone and scrolled through the few contacts she had. Smiling, she selected a name and dialed, humming along with the ring back tone. “Hope you’re not super busy, Nuri, I was hoping we could do some hanging today. Not artwork of course, just us. Hanging out. Not hanging, oh god sorry. No nooses.” She grumbled softly at herself. “I just need a human around and you were the first person I thought I’d like to see… it’s been a while, you know? but I’m rambling. Sorry. God. Please forgive whatever this message is and just come over?” She let out a sigh and pressed the red button on her phone’s screen. She lifted her head and stuck her tongue out at Sora who was seated in the chair across from her. “See? I have friends… I’m sure he’ll come over. Even though he didn’t answer….” she wasn’t a hundred percent sure why she spoke aloud, but it was a force of habit she supposed.