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HetaTube: Lang with Dan
  • Denmark: heya guys, today we're going to learn how to pronounce and translate words into Danish asked by my lovely subscribers! And helping me today will be... Ice!
  • Iceland: what, why did you pick me-
  • Denmark: okay, let's get started! 'DarkStar23' asked "How do you pronounce wheat flour in Danish?" Ooh, that's a toughie! Ice, what do you think?
  • Iceland: what? Um... Is it... h-hvede... m-mel?
  • Denmark: correct, it's hevedemel! Now, 'inkysquid63452458605873' asked-
  • Iceland: is that username necessary??
  • Denmark: Ice, be nice! Anyways, this person asked "How do you pronounce these insanely difficult words: rødgrød med fløde???" Okay Ice, show your knowledge of my amazing language!
  • Iceland: ...you're kidding right?
  • Denmark: haha, why would I be?
  • Iceland: um... it's... ughh... *pronounces it horribly a couple of times*
  • Denmark: hey, at least you tried your best! Now onto the next one-
  • Iceland: hey, why didn't you try??? Hey, don't cut me-
  • Denmark: A person named 'Norisbestnordic'... um, untrue. Anyways, this person asked "I want to hear your helper pronounce the word 'storebror'".
  • Iceland: oh, that one's easier. Stor-... wait a minute... NORWAY!!

why do people keep portraying denmark as mean and violent in fanfics??

like, in canon, denmark is a hyper little dork who is always cheerful and loves his family. he literally bounces for attention, and makes it his mission to make the people he loves as happy as possible.

he puts himself down, and pressures himself to be a good brother to the nordics:

and, when his boss told him that he had to go raise taxes for norway, he saw how poor norway was and refused to do it, crying and promising to be a better brother. he blamed himself, blaming his own weakness, but swears to get stronger - not for himself, but to help his family.


and seriously when people try to justify denmark as being a douche with real historical events it’s like ???? the character is not accountable for the real country’s history - we don’t hate germany for ww2, and we don’t hate america for slavery etc so that argument for denmark is invalid


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Aaah, those DenNor headcanons were adorable! Do you perhaps have some more to share?

Denmark falls in love with Norway just a little bit more every time they’re apart and Norway phones him. His voice is so soothing and has such a dreamy quality that Denmark can’t help but love him even more when he hears his voice again.

Norway has poor circulation, like other nations who have a cold north and mild south. He likes to scare and/or annoy Denmark by putting his cold hands and feet against him in the middle of the night, because he’s a little shit.

Denmark loves playing football. Norway is kind enough not to tell him he’s pretty terrible at it, especially when he plays Germany and is amazed when he (nearly always) loses.

This is such a dumb one and I don’t properly headcanon it, but it’s so funny to imagine that Denmark’s hair is a result of Norway cursing him when they were adolescents to have such wild hair (and it backfired when Denmark loved it).

Denmark was, without a doubt, his worst when the breakdown of his union happened with Norway and he was left alone with Iceland. He developed a pretty bad drinking habit as a result, and on more than one occasion Iceland would have to pick him up and take him to his room from where he’d passed out downstairs.

When Iceland was a small child, Norway would call him ‘Little One’ while Denmark would call him 'puffling’, and while at the time he loved it, he’d almost definitely die from embarrassment if they called him that- especially in public- nowadays.

They wear matching carved wooden rings.

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  • Chibi Iceland: u-um... who are you?
  • Norway: hello there little one, my name is Norway.
  • Denmark: Hiya, I'm Denmark! We're countries like you, so that makes us... aha, your brothers!
  • Sweden: so small... don't worry, you won't be alone anymore
  • Finland: little one, let's be friends, shall we~?
  • Chibi Iceland: t-thank you... um... y-yes, let us be friends... big b-brothers...
  • -Now-
  • Finland: everyone, let's stop fighting and relax in the sauna- Den, be quiet for a minute!
  • Sweden: *grabs Denmark* Fin said quiet.
  • Denmark: *screams*
  • Norway: shut up before I choke you again.
  • Iceland: ...what did I get myself into?????

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Lukas!!! Emil and Leon did inappropriate things!!

Lukas: That kid you won’t shut up about? Emil, you’re twelve, I think we-

Emil: Thirteen! A-And I didn’t do anything w-with him!! I’ve never even spoken to him, I-I– Oh, Guð hjálpi mér…

((M!A 7/7, magic anon officially over!))


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