poor naive boy

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He didn’t know what she was talking about? Then he wasn’t here for the celestial tributes. She should have understood that from the beginning, considering that Cipher Pol were the ones to deal with the tributes and they weren’t due until next week. Still, his tone left her quivering. There was something different in the way Sea treated her versus how he used to be. He wasn’t the poor, naive boy who’d do anything she asked as long as she batted her eyelashes in his direction. Blue eyes scrutinized the admiral sitting across her and Carina’s posture changed lightly from comfortable and relaxed to alert and wary.

Something about Sea was unsettling her greatly. And her discomfort only grew when he talked about drugs, prostitutes and secrets. Her deal with the government involved that they didn’t put their noses into her business as long as she paid her tributes to the celestial dragons so she wasn’t sure what this was all about. It couldn’t be a threat, she had the government on her side…right? Unless they grew tired of her and planned on taking her down and replacing her.

They could try to rip that casino-city-ship from her dead, cold hands. She had trained her devil fruit long enough to be able to fight back but she’d rather not have to.

Playing innocent, it was her turn to fire back his own words at Sea. “Oh? I don’t know what you are talking about, Sea-darling~ But no matter what it is, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” What was the point of his visit? Why was he so intimidating?

“Ah. Congratulation on getting to the Admiral rank, by the way. Are you here to celebrate, ushishi~?”

Business in the Front, Party in the Back  [Klance one-shot]

a couple days ago i asked the lovely @klanced for a few klance prompts, and one of them was “Lance straight up dying over Keith in a ponytail”.  So here we are.  My first Klance fic, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!

A03 link [warning for cussing]

The day Lance hit the wall was the day he stopped hating Keith’s mullet.

Honestly, what direction but downhill was there to go when a goddamn mullet - the 7th deadly sin - slowly but surely squeaked its way out of the rotation of focal points of Keith Insults?

Or, for that matter, when it became another addition to (terrifyingly) fast-growing pile of Keith assets, right next to those ridiculously tight pants?

Because, shit, those things did not leave much to the imagination. And that wasn’t to say the imagination didn’t work with what it had.

But Lance digressed. Back to the mullet, and corresponding shift of opinion that had been happening these days. To Lance’s utmost chagrin, he almost, almost - damn, it was hard to admit even in thought - almost enjoyed hanging out with the Red Paladin.

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Join us, Harry. Fight for freedom.

Define freedom.

Let's call it a dramatic reorganization. They want freedom; 
we'll give them freedom. A free world, Mr Potter. A world where we 
can use our wands without having to hide. Wizards and proud. You'd 
like that wouldn't you, Mr Potter? No more hiding. No more being 
locked up. Don't - Mr Potter, I know. Nobody wants freedom. 
They want safety, comfort - a warm bed at night. We'll give them 
safety. We'll give them a safe world. One where we make the rules 
... and magic is might.


You poor naive boy.

No! This isn't freedom you're offering. This is fear!

So you won't join with us?

I'd rather kill myself than join you.

Pity, Mr Potter, and you were so promising. ... AVADA KED-



Well it didn’t quite happen like that, says Harry - I’m not a Death Eater, Ron grumbles in the background - and Albus’ face falls.

It’s just a story, he adds, trying to will his sons into understanding, without actually saying it out loud, just how garbled the truth has become over the years.

Sensationalist fiction, Hermione adds drily as she stops Ron from chucking them all into the fire (I’m not a Death Eater, not even a brainwashed, Imperiused one - yes dear, we know - yeah but they don’t - Ron dear).

There’s a lot more… statistics. Like an iceberg. Of people, he says apologetically, Doing Things, and James crosses his arms, looking distinctly unimpressed. Ginny rolls her eyes and Hermione mutters something about Archduke Ferdinand and world war one underneath her breath.

I’ll tell you later, Harry fidgets with his robes and Ginny glares at him.

About statistics

Something like, says Harry, but more interesting