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omg lily! I cry bc of that GOT2DAY 2016 message bc jaebum is being this obvious lovesick fool self as usual and youngjae is just yeah you're nice, i guess?? LIKE PLS YJ! I bet he says thanks and only that every time jb declares his love. poor leader :(

Hello, my lovely!

I absolutely understand what you mean! But I also just help being amused because I keep thinking of these posts from the wonderful Danielle about Jaebum getting repeatedly lowkey rejected by Youngjae…

2jae Facetime

1:31am - Bro Song

and my favorite: the real reason Youngjae left the room

Honestly, as much as it hurts my heart to think about Youngjae pushing Jaebum away in reality, I still can’t help but laugh a little to myself through my tears about this ask because sometimes there is really such a level of:

Jaebum: “I would die for you. I would kill for you. You’re all I need in this world. I would walk through fire for you. I would stab my eye out before making you cry. You’re the light of my life and the sun of my heart. I love you.”

Youngjae: “Haha! Thanks, bro! You’re one of my best friends, too!” *goes back to playing with Coco*

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And, like, I really don’t think it’s actually like that at all in reality, but it just makes me cringe for poor Jaebum sometimes when he’s out there wearing his heart on his sleeve like that, and Youngjae is so shy and awkward about his feelings that he keeps them locked up and buried! 

I actually talked before about my take on Youngjae’s side of things with 2jae and the way he might come across as less invested in their relationship, and I still feel the same as I did then, perhaps even more strongly! Even though Youngjae doesn’t verbalize or openly express his real feelings very often, I think there are a lot of ways that he does show how much he cares about Jaebum! Even if he doesn’t return Jaebum’s cheesy affection (and song lyrics… Something Good and Prove It are totally about Youngjae) as openly, he still does show his love in other ways! And he’s also totally the type to tease as a way of affection, so I always look to the way he messes with Jaebum and harasses him as a sign of how much he cares as well, haha!

Which… once again, is a bit of a “poor Jaebum” situation because that leaves Jaebum showing his love with heart eyes and sappy song lyrics and heartfelt confession letters shared with the world…

And Youngjae’s over here like: 

Youngjae: “Hahaha, hyung! You suck at playing video games! You’re such a loser! I’m never playing with you again! *whisper* You’re the best, and I like you a lot, and we should stay together forever, okay??” 

Jaebum: “What?”

Youngjae: “I G2G BYE BROOOO–!!!”

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You should be tipping 20% when you go out to dinner. You're not helping the situation by saying that it is the employer who needs to raise the wage. If you know it's a problem, then you should definitely be tipping 20% so that we can make the money we need in a night. Also, server and bartenders have to tip out to bussers, food runner, barista, etc. so if you don't tip me, I have to tip out my other coworkers out of my pocket which is bs. If you can't afford to go out and tip... don't go out.

Oh my goodness lol, this post reeks of so much entitlement. I understand that you think you’re helping people by sending me a message like this, but it’s actually so classist and I’ll tell you why. 

For anyone unaware, this is in reply to a slight comment to a post I made simply saying “I’ve had people get pissed at me because apparently the tipping average is 15% and we’ve only been tipping 10% because we don’t know any better. “ The post was basically showing a woman who said she would kill Mexicans if there was a purge and hash tagged it with “LearnHowToTipYouFuckingTwats”. So you know, the original post was very violent to begin with but this person wants to entirely ignore that part so I can reiterate what I had mentioned lol.

So that’s for clarification, since I don’t want people to think that I’m anti-tip or anything. I explained that I’ve also worked in the food industry so I’m well aware of how nice tips are. All I said was that we (my family) was unaware of what tipping is “supposed” to be. 

Which, speaking of which, every single person who has came at me in a pretty mean way about tips always has a different idea of what’s a standard tip. So far, I’ve seen 15%, 18%, and now, you’re telling me that it should be 20% lol. Seeing how I can’t even get a clear idea of what tipping is “supposed” to be, it’s really disheartening to see people talk about it in a way that implies that it’s somehow supposed to be obvious to know how much to tip. There’s no class that tells you these things, people don’t even know that tipping is now expected, and unless you grew up in a very “cultured” environment that has access to resources that specify the exact tip amount for different services, it’s really rude to expect people to automatically know how much tip is expected , even more so when there’s literally so many different answers of what a tip should be. You’re attacking people who have a genuine reason for being ignorant of what’s expected.

That’s why I’m saying that if tips are now expected, there should really just be a service charge for a specific percent that everyone is aware of. I don’t even know why this is anything offensive to say, employees would especially benefit from this because there would be a promised commission for services and people who are ignorant about the “standard etiquette” or whatever, like myself, won’t have to be humiliated, or in the case of the original post, threatened, for not knowing any better.

Also, the sentence about “If you can’t afford to go out and tip… don’t go out.” is honestly the most classist statement ever, and in relation to what you think you’re standing for, it’s actually incredibly hypocritical. 

People with less money have the right to enjoy a few commodities considering that we have the most physical and mental stress to deal with. Poor people are humans too. We deserve to enjoy things. That’s honestly nothing new, revolutionary, shocking, or debatable. You can’t expect people to spend their entire lives sticking to a stressed out routine and not want to enjoy things every once in a while. People with less money save up to barely afford the tiny luxuries that keep us going in life, but we still save up for it and pay for it fully, so we have every right to enjoy it and not have to worry that we’re going to be considered to be bad people just because we don’t have a few extra dollars to meet your 20% approval rate. Someone might save up for weeks to eat somewhere, not know that you’ll rip them to shreds for not having 20% drilled into their heads, leave a 15% tip, and they’ll be considered to be bad people just for not knowing. 

That’s why, if there was a service charge included, people with less money can save up a little more to the new amount, there’s an 100% chance that you’ll feel rewarded for your work, and there’s no unnecessary blame on customers who don’t share the same insight that you do. 

With all that said, I would really appreciate it if you didn’t try to message me again on here. Your exclusionary attitude is very unattractive and I’m not obligated to engage with someone who would think less of me for not knowing that you think 20% is the appropriate amount. If you continue to try to pick at this I’ll just ignore your message or just turn off anon. You clearly don’t think highly of me, which I accept and don’t care about, so you have the perfect opportunity to get off my blog and not be annoyed with my presence. I hope you have great day, and may all the 20% tips come your way,  hopefully in the future a new system will be implemented that’ll be beneficial to servers, and that won’t result in poor people being threatened and ostracized. 

*Just as a final thought, having a service charge would eliminate the chances of non tippers. For example, those sweet Christians that leave large fake bills that really tell you to follow Jesus, or self proclaimed “anti tippers” who are actually against tipping and make a point to scream it to anyone who will listen. Those people exist and I don’t get how people would be so against this suggestion lol


“His memories are foggy,” says Joe Russo. “But he has them. He’s also different now. There’s a part of his personality that was under mind control, and he murdered a lot of people. So he’s got a very complicated history. Who is that person? How does that character move forward? He’s not Bucky Barnes anymore. He’s not the Winter Soldier anymore. He’s something in between.” - [x]