poor mine


I think it’s because you’re all named Chris, and you’re all kinda scruffy and squinty and jacked, but in a sweet way. You’re always at the airport wearing raggedy tees that are tight just around the pecs. And you have bracelets with wooden beads, from Bali or wherever.  — Kate McKinnon

yurio: so for my exhibition skate i’m gonna skate to heavy metal, wear sunglasses and a ripped shirt that will slide all the way up my torso so i’m basically shirtless, and a shit tonne of black eyeshadow to make me look like i’m from the black parade



supernatural out of context

Yuuri and Christophe totally met at one of the banquets and Chris asked Yuuri if he wanted to “get out of here ;)” and of course Yuuri took it literally because he wanted to leave the party so they walked and chatted (and Christophe flirted) all the way to Yuuri’s hotel room together and Yuuri kindly thanked Christophe and shut the door in his face