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Can we talk about how KS can barely take his eyes off JI in that video where JM says, "Kai looks sexy?" Neither can BH, but he's not taking his sexual frustration out on his microphone.

YES!! Let’s talk about this^^ 

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(important to note, like you mentioned, that baek was also looking but Soo was just.. more.. obviously frustrated xD)

ok so..


Soo can’t take his eyes of his bae ;; (Nini is not the one with the towel, he’s behind him)

At this point, Soo starts to take out his frustrations on the (poor) mic xD

Poor poor poor mic..

Not like I blame Soo tho O__O

second roundup of scattered erasermic fic ideas and headcanons i’ve posted on twitter:

  • please consider mic like… stealth marrying aizawa. “we should be each other’s emergency contacts.” “you should move in to save on rent.” aizawa, while withdrawing money from their shared bank account: “wait” 
  • kayama gets aizawa a present mic dakimakura as a joke. it’s… very awkward when mic finds it in his closet. [mic voice] “you know, if you wanted to cuddle with me, you could have just asked.”
  • i want mic’s apartment to be incredibly messy in a “i don’t have time to organize things but i know exactly where everything is” sort of way. “hizashi, where are your spare towels?” “they should be on top of the refrigerator.” “… why?” “well i was folding laundry but then - ”
  • mic adopts a cat and then keeps calling aizawa at weird hours freaking out every time he doesn’t know how to take care of the cat. aizawa tries to patiently walk mic through everything but ends up just coming over to help mic because mic really knows nothing about cats.
  • i want aizawa to be the type of person who drives 20 miles over the speed limit and corners really sharply but thinks he’s a good driver.
  • i kinda want a young!erasermic fic where mic asks aizawa out but gets rejected cuz aizawa thinks that the class put him up to it as a joke but i ALSO kinda want a fic where aizawa asks mic out and gets rejected cuz mic thinks aizawa found out about his crush and is mocking him.
  • have i talked about siren mic before? siren mic who sings in the shower and keeps hypnotizing his poor neighbor, aizawa.
  • ALTERNATIVELY siren!mic who’s disappointed that his voice doesn’t seem to affect aizawa at all (it’s actually cuz aizawa’s already in love).
  • mic’s probably that annoying friend who calls all the time while aizawa will communicate solely through text (if he replies at all). aizawa’s phone is filled with voicemails from mic. he listens to all of them, but never picks up when his phone rings.
  • kinda want one of those classic fics with established relationship erasermic where mic wants kids but doesn’t know how to tell aizawa. he’s expecting aizawa to be like “we don’t have the time, our jobs are too risky, we already teach a million teenagers, etc" but in the end aizawa’s like "so, adoption or surrogacy?” and mic just stares at him for a moment before saying “adoption?”

ESC 2017 COMMENTARY (feel free to change pronouns to fit the character!)

  • “I don’t have a nickname because I’m a grown man.”
  • “Move, you’re not a statue god.”
  • “Floating airships? Is this Mario?”
  • “Please have pants under the skirt.”
  • “You’ve heard of smoke on the water. Now get ready for smoke on the piano.”
  • “Is she holding a horse head?”
  • “Why is she holding a horse head?”
  • “The unholy child of the Mayor in Horton Hears a Who and a squirrel.”
  • “There’s an echo in my hand.”
  • “I thought the men were naked at first!”
  • “The return of a legend.”
  • “Are those Skyrim earrings?”
  • “The half naked people in the background.”
  • “Don’t mind that just trust the rocks.”
  • “Is dabcer just dab dancing? Hey I can dabce!”
  • “Let me just lie on the floor.”
  • “The camera just had a heart attack.”
  • “Who tf eats donuts like that.”
  • “She’s an anime character.”
  • “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen my singing performances? That’s weird. “
  • “Poor mic stand. Thrown to the ground. Forgotten.”
  • “You can’t vote your own country!”
  • “We’ve been independent for like idk 200 years!”
  • “At the end of the day we’re all naked apes.”
  • “It’s like the mix of daft punk and watch dogs.“
  • “I’m glad we inspired her to save the world with her beauty.”
  • “She watched Madonna’s ‘Frozen’ one time too many.”
  • “Dutch Dixie Chicks and Norwegian Daft Punk. Isn’t Eurovision great?”
  • “This is a good reminder how very gay I am.”
  • “Everything is shit look at this naked dancing ape.”
  • “Baywatch the musical.”
  • “Took nine and half hours to make? More like nine seconds.”
  • “Oh the song with the waterbenders.”
  • “Pictured: existential crisis.”
  • “Tune in this time for existential crisis pt. 2.”
  • “It’s best to think with your heart and trust your instincts, that’s why we brought a big head to the stage.”
  • “She sounds like she drank whiskey for a week straight.”
  • “e x p a n d  l e g”
  • “I will gladly take you to the paradise.”
  • “W— Why the cardboard cut-out?”

Hey dear mutuals, dear friends whom I love so.

You’ve created this situation. The situation in which…. Mic is wearing a wedding dress…. you shouldn’t bully your friends…… poor Mic……

it’s not finished but I’m… taking a break.
I am especially looking at you @namtan. That ask about a wedding… really now…

  • Principal: Aizawa, I need you to go out with All might to talk to the parents of your students. Remember to look in top shape, alright?
  • Aizawa: Yes, sir.*leaves and walks into office.**flops down in chair next to Mic.**lays head against Mics shoulder and groans.*
  • Present Mic: Gotta go talk to the parents again?
  • Aizawa: *groans.*
  • Present Mic: and the principal wants you to dress nice?
  • Aizawa: *groans louder.*
  • Present Mic: Don't forget to shave alright? And we gotta brush back your hair with my special glue gel.
  • Aizawa: *screams into his shoulder.*
  • Present Mic: Yep, the one that took us four hours to get out of your hair.

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i would love to dub your comics!!-but i have like no video software thing to like edit videos or something like that, and i have a poor quality mic so its just ughh ;-; i would really love to, just -sigh- i cant ;-;

aww )): were happy that you would like to tho!! warms th heart <33  - mod MK

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To be honest, I'd love to be able to put my voice out there but I don't have a good enough mic to pick up all the noises! What mic are you using may i ask? Without a proper mic, i sound 7 and it pisses me off >.<

UHM….I might be using my phone? Hehehehe…….just soundcloud recorder. I am to poor to buy a mic ;~; iv gots no muns.

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Hoe story: I just got done sexting my friend with benefits and she sent me a recording of her orgasming. She had to be quiet because her family was around and her mic was poor quality, but I loved hearing her breath hitch as she rubbed out her orgasm.

Oh damnnnn


  • Elsa exploding at the end of FTFTIF reprise, missing Anna, and hitting a poor gaffer or mic tech instead. and the camera falls to the ground and everyone starts laughing and Elsa’s giggling but also so cutely apologetic like “I’m so sorry, are you okay?? I’m so sorry, oh goodness, let’s help get you up- COULD SOMEONE GET MIKE HERE A LATTE?”

  • Hans farting in the middle of his duplicitous evil-villain reveal speech, and Anna laugh so hard she falls off of the couch she’s supposed to be dying on. And Hans is laughing so hard at himself and then at her laughing so hard that he stumbles trying to go help her up

  • or the Duke dropping Anna in the dip at the Coronation Ball

  • Sven farting all the time and hiding whoopee cushions wherever Kristoff sits  “DAMMIT, SVEN” but by the third time he’s cracking up, too

  • Anna and Hans completely blowing the socks-skating scene in Love is an Open Door, falling over and skinning their knees, sliding off-camera and knocking shit over

  • Kristoff can’t pull the scarf down off his mouth and spends an awkward amount of time yanking and pulling but its stuck and it ends up in his mouth and Anna’s cracking up and Elsa runs out from offstage and they high five bc Anna tied a triple knot and Elsa froze it and Kristoff would be laughing if he weren’t gagged by his own snow-covered scarf

  • Elsa fumbling, missing the door handle when she flees the party, completely does a 180 and smacks right into the door

  • Kristoff hides carrots everywhere

  • Elsa tripping over her cape running away in the courtyard

  • Elsa slipping on the ice and doesn’t catch herself the way she does in the movie and completely face plants across the fjord and they have to stop filming for three days until the makeup crew can cover her black eye

  • The forty-seven takes it takes Sven to get the Kristoff-flip-over-the-ice thing on the fjord during the Whiteout

  • The tree smacks poor Marshmallow in the eye and Anna runs back so apologetic and tries to help but she can’t even reach his knee, let alone his face so she just kind of stands there, rubbing circles on his foot apologizing and shushing while he cries

  • Olaf has the dirtiest fucking mouth, its ridiculous