poor mephisto


When I think about fact that Mephisto is legal guardian of twins only scenes like this come to my head.
He should care more..  (ノД`)・゜・。

Mephisto and Shura
Mephisto and Amaimon

Mephisto: (my poor baby)

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  • your face is peppered with kisses
  • instantly wants to see your illustrations
  • tries to redraw them
  • they’re terrible
  • often asks for drawings of his fave waifu
  • encourages you to public your illustrations
  • having a partner who’s a mangaka is his dream
  • nonetheless, he’s proud of you no matter what you decide

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  • feels kinda dumb that he hasn’t noticed your passion for anime and drawing
  • is impressed by your skills
  • with a big grin, he runs to you and hugs you very tightly
  • “These drawings are awesome, baby!”
  •  likes to observe how you draw; finds it calming
  • he also nearly cried when saw how many manga you have

hetaliagirl24  asked:

I got another request for ya! ^_^ I use sign language sometimes when I speak due to my hearing damage in one of my ears making it hard to hear sometimes and out of habit because I have an almost completely deaf older sister. So anyway Mephisto, Rin, and Yukio with a s/o that uses sign lauguage a lot due to them having poor hearing. Thanks! ^_^


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○Lived since… what? Thousands years? More? Maybe even the creation of the world idk

○So probably speak all languages fluently, clearly the best at sign language 

Maybe even more than you lmao 

○Would probably take benefit of that, and tell you things that he don’t want the others to understand 

Dirty things

But unfortunatly for himself Yukio is good at sign languages too


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○Saw sign languages once, on TV 

○Was really curious about this language, after Shiro explained it to the twins

○Always wanted to learn it, but he was bad at school (and in english lmao) so it wasn’t an option for him sadly

○But he learnt on the web random things like “Hello” or “Thanks” 

○Would love if you can teach him more, think it’s cool 

○Think you are really cool when you use sign language with you sis’


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○Took sign language at middle school, as an option 

○Really liked that, and he’s pretty good at that 

○Would love to talk with you or even your sister in sign language 

Hi, thanks for your request as always! Really interesting to do, and i just saw the japanese animation movie “A silent voice” some days before received your request so i was totally in the mood. I am so soory to took so long, i had some problems at school and home but now i am back and i will do my best! I hope you like it :D