poor me right

More expressions n stuff. I just noticed his head’s kinda shaped like a squash. ….Neat.

Other notes: his hair kinda comes out into little points in the back kinda like crab!Tamatoa’s neck spikes. The hair on top is always a mess because he wears that gaudy helmet all the time. Human!Tamatoa, squash-head aside, is also 1000% NECK. Also he purses his lips when he’s thinking. 

  • Me: I have Epic Mickey, *le holds up Mickey from Epic Mickey*
  • Epic Mickey: ...Oh boi-
  • Me: I have a Bill Cipher *and Le holds up Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls*
  • Me: eUGH- *le just smash Epic Mickey and Bill Cipher together*
  • *poof- fused like dragon ball Z or some Steven Universe shit-*
  • Me: A Fucking Demonic Ink 20's Boi *then holds up Bendy*
  • Bendy: ...I don't sign this fucked up shit-

A scene from khaleesimaka Resbang fanfiction Heresy (Chapter 2). ;n;

Then end of chapter two was really, really sad and I wanted to draw htis scene so badly, I have a few more things for chapter two and will upload them as soon when I have colors on them! ;u;

Okay, but consider this.

You are sitting at home, or at your faves home. They are there, and they seem kinda off but they’re always like that so you let it go. You put in earbuds and listen to music, they leave the room, and you barely notice. When they come back, they are pale, shivering, and have one hand pressed to their mouth, the other arm cradling their stomach. They announce “I just threw up…” in a miserable, hoarse, shaky voice, before a fresh gag grips them and they don’t even have time to react before they vomit all down their front. You’re in for a very long night.

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Great unimaginative chaseshipping scenario: Honda as a mechanic and Otogi checking him out as he works on his car

Title: The Dog Kind, Not The Engine Kind
Minific, Oneshot
Rating: G

Pairing: Tristan/Duke (Chaseshipping)

Tags: Sometimes our headcanons are just wishful thinking

“Sure I can fix it.” Tristan declares, sticking his head under the hood of Duke’s car.

He can’t fix it.

First of all he owns a motorbike - that is not the same as a car. Second, just because he owns a motorbike, doesn’t means he knows how to fix that either. But there’s something about being a man, that when another guy asks you if you can fix his car, you say yes.

Especially when you may or may not be dating said guy but haven’t actually talked about it and are feeling a little bit weird about the whole thing and need to fix a car to feel better even though you can’t because you don’t know how to fix a car.

“So what’s wrong with it?” Duke questions from somewhere behind him.

‘I. Don’t. Know.’

“It’s probably the gasket.” He says automatically.

‘What’s a gasket?’

“What’s a gasket?” Duke asks without much enthusiasm.

“It makes the car go, alright.” That’s probably true. Everything in the car is to make the car go. Except for the radio.

He pokes more things and realises just how quickly all this is going to collapse around his ears.

“You know there’s some stuff further back right?” Duke says slightly patronisingly.

‘Is there?’ 

“You’ve got to be thorough.” He says knowledgeably, hauling himself over further and uses his phone as a torch. It’s just gray and heat and oil and metal. Oh God, he doesn’t want to work in a factory.

“Little to the left.” Calls Duke.

He feels around, twisting a bit. On the left? There is nothing on the left.

“I guess it could be a fuse gone.” Duke drawls.

Fuse? Cars have fuses? …Didn’t Duke know nothing about cars?

The penny drops with a resounding clang. Or that might just’ve been the sound of Tristan’s head hitting the hood.

He spins around, to catch Duke looking smug. Filming him.

“Don’t worry, it’s for personal use only,” Duke says, ramming the phone in his pocket and pulling out a colored rectangle with two pins.

“I’ll just pop this back in then, shall I?” He might actually kill him.

“You really don’t know anything about cars, do you? That would’ve been almost embarrassing if it hadn’t been such a good show. You do have quite an excellent a-AAGGHH!” Duke’s grandstanding is cut off by Tristan’s tackling him to the ground.

“Well I hope you liked it ‘cus that’s the last time you’re going to see it.” Tristan hisses, wrapping his arm around Duke’s neck in a chokehold.

That car isn’t the only thing that’s about to get fixed.

be someone George Blagden would be proud of

  • Murphy: wow, the stars are really beautiful
  • Murphy: yeah they are
  • Murphy: you know what else is beautiful?
  • Murphy: [pretends he's blushing] what?
  • Murphy: Bellamy
  • Murphy: ...
  • Murphy: ...
  • Murphy: [takes a shot of vodka and cries] I'M SO ALONE