poor mcg

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Ok, but can we process for a minute that Teddy Tonks is literally all the mischief Remus ever tried to conceal and the riot Tonks never even tried to, when McG thinks its over: James Sirius Potter. Enough said. And then we have lil scorbus. Poor McG.

Oh, but I think McGonagall would just love these boys though!

I mean, this is “it unscrews the other way” and “he has achieved high marks in all Defense Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher” McGonagall, who has a high amount of sass and so much love for these silly boys’ antics

So I think her heart would tug every time she sees Remus and Tonks’ influence when Teddy gets caught snogging in shadowy corners or somehow manages to turn all the words on the class’ exams into Gobbledegook. And I think she would beam with pride when the Sorting Hat shouted “Gryffindor!” as soon as it grazed James’ head. And I think she would ship Scorbus so fucking hard and would have a celebratory drink when they finally kiss in the Great Hall, all pink cheeked and bright eyed and dazed smiles

I think she’d be so proud to see her favorite students living on in these boys