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Modern German state meetings

((So while talking with mun of @ask18thcenturygilbert about German states, we figured that modern meetings between them would basically be like world meetings but then probably worse, because they know each other very well for centuries already. 

Bavaria would be the one that comes up with the crazy ideas that nobody agrees to 

If Prussia would still be a state, he’d get in a fight with Bavaria every time (like France and England). Maybe he can be replaced by Württemberg, I heard that swabians don’t like bavarians either. They’re not allowed anymore to sit next to each other. 

Hamburg and Bremen would be the ones that comes up with the financial things and trade (cause of the Hanse)

Baden has the liberal ideas probably 

Saxony, for some reason, would be the patient and passive-aggressive one

I see Schleswig-Holstein eating their Fischbrötchen in silence 

and tbh Saarland would be the Canada of the group, because I keep forgetting that one

Also those personifications that form one state, like Baden-Württemberg, would definitely team up in a discussion (or fight), because you know, they probably learnt to stick together. 

I have no idea what the others would do, please share your thoughts! 

And they’d maybe just use Ludwig’s house as a meeting place every know and then, which will end up in him coming home after a tiresome world meeting and then he got this family chaos inside his house. It just seems very amusing.))

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Ludwig has been through so much trauma and negative experiences in his life that he's overall a very emotional Koopa, and even though he tries to act on the tougher side, he's still extremely sensitive. But it's why his music sounds so beautiful- he puts so much emotion and personality into it, that sometimes it can even make his siblings teary-eyed.

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So Ludwig, how did you feel about your plan ultimately failing at taking out Bowser Jr from Mario Kart? Did he ever take revenge on you?

Ludwig: Oh, he did, and then some. The prince had sworn to me that I would rue the day I attempted to take him out! I honestly don’t know which is worse: Dealing with him or with Iggy as my racing rival!



((HNNGG HEEREE I HOPE YAH LIKE ITT–! and thank you for comforting poor little Ludwig..! QwQ))

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It’s usually nice during the spring and summer, so when it is, we spend time outside playing football, or with the dogs. But he has to be careful; when it’s sunny, he gets pretty badly burnt even with sunblock, so we usually play more in the shade. Ah, but when there are football games, we go when we can! 

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*chants* drag queens drag queens drAG QUEENS DRAG QUEENS DRAG

Drag Them

Summary: Ludwig just wanted a drink to get away with the thoughts of an ex and a bad day at work. What he got instead was a man who had a woman’s persona


Fuck her. Fuck your job. Fuck everything on the earth. Ludwig was livid as he clenched his hand into a fist and stared at his broken door. His crazy girlfriend just threw his brand new toaster through it and he was glad he kicked her out on her ass.

He already had a bad day out work, being a lawyer was fun until the FBI were ruthless and breathed down your neck. Stress was all he ever had and now that she was gone he couldn’t breath.

Good riddance. Yeah! Good riddance to that stupid bitch! He didn’t need her, and hey! It’s Friday! No work tomorrow, hang over maybe?

Whipping out his phone he clicked on the Uber app, already half way out the door with his jacket thrown over his shoulder. The poor door was just to his kitchen, not the front door so he practically ripped it off the hinges (it was already falling off in the first place) and set it on the wall.

He was going to get a few drinks at the bar, spend a few bucks on a few strippers, be entertained. He’d forget about this stupid evening with some rum and gin.

In about ten minutes the Uber showed up and drove him to a bar called the Kitten Kaboodle. Shrugging at the name he waited in the line and was allowed in by the huge guard when he showed him his depressing ID.

The show was about to start, so he sat down at a table with two other men and ordered a pint of beer.

“Welcome everyone!” A voice cried and a Drag Queen walked on the stage.

Huh. This was what he was going to watch. He just snickered and drank the rest of the beer in the cup.

The Drag Queen was very similar to everyone with a large padded waist and large boobs. She had a blonde wig and dramatic make up. She introduced herself as Gina Gorgeous and whipped her hair with a delicate hand. “We have a huge show tonight, I’m sure you’re going to love it, first up with got Faye Queen!”

A Drag Queen with a red hairdo and almost perfect make up strutted on stage with a flowing white dress and jewelry all over. She whipped the microphone from Gina and winked at the crowd, “isn’t the crowd just beautiful!” She purred.

“Don’t undress them now,” Gina reminded jokingly. Faye had this kind of aurora to her that made Ludwig smile. She had this adorable accent and the prettiest whiskey eyes.

She lipsung to some Beyoncé song, swaying her fake boobs and doing the death drop at the end that made him cheer. Damn, her poor knee.

Another Drag Queen took Faye’s place and entertained them with some crazy pole dancing, but someone tapped on his shoulder.

“Oh hey,” he blushed seeing Faye still in her Drag.

She smiled cat-like, “can I steal your drink, I think you need a drink.” Red nail hands clasped around the handle of the cup.

“I mean you’re already beautiful and I’m only one pint in, so I’d rather chat with you when I’m not drunk off my ass.” He brought a hand to set the drink down by the rim.

Faye raised a painted eyebrow and laughed, “you’re absolutely adorable. I’m working now, but we can always get coffee sometime.”

“Don’t throw my number after a give it to you, I want you to text me,” he paused, the pen stopped scribbling the number, “I actually want to go out on a date with you, I promise.”

She stopped and smiled a little bit cleaner, “I understand, I’ll think about it,” he swiped the number from under Ludwig’s hand and stuffed it in the front of his bra.


Unknown Number: Is this the guy from the bar last night??? I hope you don’t have a huge hangover lol

Ludwig: I mean, I have a tiny one, I can hold my liquor. I’m glad you texted me back

Cute Drag Queen: Of course :)! I thought you were cute, I usually don’t have straight men flirt with me.

Ludwig: I’m Bisexual actually, but after my last girlfriend and my poor kitchen door, I think I’m gay.

Cute Drag Queen: Oh gosh, what happened to your door!

Ludwig: She threw a toaster through it during an argument yesterday. It was brand new too!

Cute Drag Queen: I promise you I don’t have the strength to throw a toaster through a door. Just give me enough room to store my make up ;)

Ludwig: How much is there lol

Cute Drag Queen: [one picture attached] Lots.

Ludwig: Well goodbye to my spot in the bathroom, I should just slap your name on it!

Cute Drag Queen: You’re so sweet!


Feliciano: Thank you so much for bringing me my make up, I love you so much

Ludwig: Idk how you forgot it at my house

Feliciano: Things happen, a hot boyfriend distracted me ;3

Ludwig: Guilty as charge, have a good show sorry I can’t come to your show!

Feliciano: that’s alright you can’t come to EVERY show I have, but you will come next week.

Ludwig: Yeah! I’m free on Monday so I’ll be cheering you on. Your poor knee.

Feliciano: I’ll teach you how to do the death drop don’t worry

Ludwig: my poor knee D:


Ludwig: this is the fifth time you left my house without cleaning up my counter. Foundation is hard to get off marble, stop doing this to me


Feliciano: I love you! Thank you for the key to your apartment! I promise not to ruin your new kitchen door

Ludwig: [one picture attached] why is your name written with lipstick on my kitchen door?? I thought you said you weren’t going to ruin it.

Feliciano: lol, it’s my door now ;3

Ludwig: smh I actually hate you oh my god

Feliciano: Nah you love me!!!

Ludwig: no

Ludwig: fine, I love you lots. Kisses for your show tonight.

Feliciano: Thank you!!


Don’t Pick Up: Who is Faye

Ludwig: lol, hello Diana

Don’t Pick Up: Who is Faye, asshat.

Ludwig: my boyfriend, how do you know about him??

Don’t Pick Up: I went into your house to retrieve one of my dresses you kept from me, you dog. I found make up in your bathroom and lipstick on your door.

Ludwig: ahuh, so you didn’t rip apart my closet, put a hole in my wall, and rip apart all of my boyfriend’s shit.

Don’t Pick Up: I did not! Stop it you liar!


Unknown Number: Hello Diana

Diana Brown: Who is this??

Unknown Number: I am Ludwig’s new boyfriend, you broke into our home and trashed almost all my make up. We are pressing charges and hope for you to pay over three hundred to replace my things.

Diana Brown: Why would you need make up you fucking freak.

Unknown Number: I know people and honey you don’t mess with a Drag Queen and his boyfriend


Ludwig: Why did Diana say you threaten her?

Feliciano: I just told her I was pressing charges and if she crossed me again i’d snatch her weave.

Ludwig: Slay baby… fucking slay her


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Pom: Sorry can’t thank ya’ in person, Boom and I need to get ready for the weddin’. These are nice… but now I just need to find a new way to carry my smoke bombs… Hmm…

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Quick question how long have you two been together? And when does Ludwig plan to pop the question? ((😄😄love your art style!))

Ludwig. She punched this box open and ended up hitting me in the face because I was trying to help get it open.. For a year after that it was like she kept following me around.. and was always trying to be with me… but stuff happened and now look…

Ludwig. There is no way that she will say yes…

Family Language

Summary: a stroll through the woods and a lesson on Southern Italian languages.

Pairing: Germano (Germany x Romano) —–


“No, baboo,” Lovino groaned, whacking Ludwig’s head with a stick as the German, once again, messed up. “Assabbinirica,” he corrected, the Arabic sounds slithering along his tongue. “I greet you every day with it, how do you not know it yet! Assabbinirica.”

Ludwig sighed, shifting his grip on the Italian’s legs as he walked across a fallen tree serving as a bridge over a short stream. “Sicilian isn’t exactly a popular language, you can’t expect me to learn it quickly-“

“Make one more crack like that and I’ll piss on your back.”

Ludwig had no doubt about the crude comment. Their current situation of Lovino piggy-backing on Ludwig made it very clear that the smaller man could and would make good on the threat.

He hesitated, and pressed, “But if I learn your language, than it will lose the magic.” He waited, but his shirt remained dry. The stick hit his head again, getting a leaf in his hair.

“…you’re not getting out of this, Patatino.”

Ludwig furrowed his brows, plowing through a bush. “Is that Sicilian as well? What you keep calling me, what does it mean?”

Lovino shifted uncomfortably on his back, and Ludwig was sure he was scowling. “It’s Italian,” he said, his voice calm. So no scowl. “It’s a pet name. It’s ‘little potato’ or something.”

Poor Ludwig, the oblivious dork. “Pet name? Am I a dog now?” he asked, amused, but in some part saddened if that was how he was seen.

“Nein, das ist nicht richtig,” Lovino shot down that suggestion, having learned the German language for years on his own. There was a tangible difference between learning a language that is spoken all over entire countries, and learning one whose speakers coveted their secrets. “It’s a lovers’ nickname,” he corrected. “Something I get to call my boyfriend.”

Ludwig felt his heart swell. “And that word you called me earlier, baboon, was it?”

Lovino chuckled. “Baboo. That’s Sicilianu. It means idiot, baboo.”

“Baboo. Sicilianu,” Ludwig repeated, the warm language tasting like corrupted Italian.

“Già, già, nui siamu dunni? Where are we?” Lovino repeated the question twice.

Ludwig opened his mouth to answer, but decided he’d play this game too. “Ich weiß nicht.”

That earned him a hit from the stick.

Worth it.

GerFra Headcanons

- Francis tends to wonder off while they are in public, for he gets distracted easily, so Ludwig often has to look for him.

- Ludwig is a bit of the jealous type, and does not like it when Francis flirts with others, especially women.

- Francis thinks its cute when other people flirt with Ludwig. Ludwig looks so uncomfortable, and it’s just adorable.

- Both understand each other’s language perfectly, but both always speak in their own.

- Gilbert teases Ludwig for dating a older man, and Spain teases Francis for robbing the cradle.

- Francis often worries about Ludwig, and will go out of his way to give spontaneous visits, saying that he “was in the neighborhood and thought that he’d drop by”.

- Ludwig buys Francis little trinkets and knick-knacks. He tell Francis that he just stumbled upon it while he was out, but the real reason he was out was because he was shopping for Francis.

- Francis sometimes turns up at Ludwig’s door very late at night for a shoulder to cry on. Long story, short, Francis is an older nation, history is hell, and PTSD really sucks to say the least. Ludwig isn’t old enough to understand a good 80% of what Francis talks about, but he listens anyway and gets some food and water in the poor man.

- Ludwig is too uncomfortable to go to Francis when hunted by history since most of the horrors are from the world wars. When this happens he tells Francis that he can’t make plans because he’s “too busy”. Francis can read Ludwig well enough to know what exactly is going on, but doesn’t say anything.