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Hi everyone – this is my beloved cat, Putzi.  She’s an indoor/outdoor cat, so she usually spends evenings outdoors hunting and then comes back home for breakfast in the morning.  As usual, we let her out Tuesday evening, and she never came home Wednesday.  We haven’t seen anything of her since.  She is chipped, but to our knowledge no local animal shelter has taken her in.  We all really miss her, and just want her to get home safely.  If anyone near the 21st/22nd districts of Vienna has seen a lost black cat or has any information on what could have happened to her, PLEASE let me know.  We miss her and want our kitty back home!! Thanks!!  (Es folgt auf Deutsch.)

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@voidbat did you ever see a cat sleeping in utmost comfort and bliss and feel like “I have to eat this cat’s head right now immediately”

this selfie is also for your birthday and was 100% not an excuse to mess with my cat

and yes it is a very comfy sweater, I don’t do any other kind (I get why non-comfy versions of other things exist but sweaters?! how do you even do that)

You know the saddest part about this 30-40 degree weather?

Our poor little kitty cat, who is 1000% the baby of the family (even if our puppy is younger), is too hot to cuddle.

As in, she gets so touch-starved bc it’s too hot for close contact… that the minute you pause in front of a fan, or if there’s one on in your room early morning-ish, she’s THERE™ and ready to love you to death.

It’s adorable, and super-sad, simultaneously.

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Misaki is a munchkin cat. Such a smol precious child. 

Izumo is a Chartreux. 

Mikoto is a lion of course. It counts because it’s a cat.

Kamamoto is the most adorable exotic shorthair. 

Tatara is a little ragdoll~ 

Chitose is a Somali cat

Anna is a Himalayan kitten


Munakata is either a Maine Coon or a Russian Blue XD

Fushimi is a Scottish fold

Awashima is a Turkish Angora

Akiyama is a British Shorthair

Benzai (the adorable cat lover XD) is an American Shorthair

Domyoji is an American Bobtail

Fuse is a Siamese 

This one was easy

I am Vegeta hear me roar!

However for my cat Black (real creative name i know) he put up a fight…as expected. Was lucky to have escaped with minor scratches XDDD. Was totally worth it though! Gave him some treats afterwards for being a good sport

“I will kill you in your sleep”

MidoTaka Week, Day 2: Cats

I wanted to do at least one promt for the MidoTaka week and this was what came instandtly to my mind when I read the prompt cats. So I did this pretty fast (I’ve just seen the prompts on Saturday and just had a little bit of time yesterday).

I don’t know if Midorima reacts as extremly to cats as Kagami does to dogs but I do know that a) he hates them (why though??? they’re too adorable, a 190cm guy shouldn’t be afraid of that little bit of scatching, that doesn’t even hurt so much ) and b) this reaction is extremly cute (and hillarious). And Takao would definitely do sth like this just to tease him because of exactly this reason.

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Pssst hey I'm here to submit more Spades Family stuff! So I like to think that Ace and Dad Talon start realizing that little Talon has a crush (maybe like kid Nidalee if in a more modern verse?) and they lovingly tease him but are actually happy that their little cat is starting to socialize more. (And for once gets in trouble because he keeps holding hands with said crush instead of beating up some poor kid again)

!!!!! The little cat babies having crushes! Talon would just hiss in defeat at his dads’ teasing lol @silvestreaelurus @ace-of-spades-ezreal @definitely-not-altair


Seriously though, how has this not been discussed? We’ve theorized and confirmed to ourselves that Hawkmoth is using a miraculous brooch that looks like a butterfly and what does he use? Butterflies. And what do white butterflies symbolize? Come now, has Until Dawn taught us nothing?

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Yes, THAT Until Dawn (my apologies for spoilers), unfortunately there was nothing in the gif thing about anyone finding the butterfly totems, but basically white butterfiles mean fortune. And what’s Hawkmoth doing? Changing people’s fortune by giving them what they want in supervillain form so he can get what he wants in return, the miraculouses. 

But really I’m leading you all up to something really stupid that popped into my head, all having to do with Fortune butterflies…And it goes like this:

Well, the whole thing was funnier when I thought of it. So this is my shit post for this fandom. Anyone want to do an animatic for it, go for it. It’s too perfect to pass up.

Ok yall. I witnessed a fight in my works parking lot tonight and all I gotta say is I wish things like this didn’t happen to me but apparently I attract every single type of crazy unnecessary energy around that causes me to experience the most EXTRA shit ever.
So on tonights episode of “My Name is Courtney and Why is my Life like This”…. I was minding my business in the back of your local Target parking lot feeding my babies like I have been I doing every night now (babies being the poor little stray cats that live in the corner of the lot who I’m trying to befriend) but that’s a different story. Anyways… I’m in the middle of opening a can of wet cat food when suddenly a truck screeches up to another car that’s parked at the edge of the lot and out bounces some shirtless dude. I’m like ??? ok. work.
So shirtless dude rips open passenger door to other car he has blocked off and pulls some guy out of it and immediately takes him to the ground. Naturally, my initial thought was “damn these boys really bout to have sex out in public like that? wild.” cause my view was blocked from the other side of his truck and I just saw under it as two dudes were just on top of each other with weird grunting noises. Trust me, I’ve seen stuff like this many a times before.
So I walk around to get a better view of whatever unnecessary business is going down and I see that shirtless truck dude legit beating the god damn soul out of this other boy. Like beating him up so bad I didn’t even have the response of “damn where’s my phone to film this” like beating on him to the point I’m pretty certain this boy is a bottom guy is rocketing through our solar system at light speed with how many stars he was seeing.
So my dumb cant-mind-my-own-god-damn-business-ass is like “NAH. ARE YALL REALLY FIGHTING RIGHT NOW?” and run over there, spilling wet cat food juices all over myself while I’m yelling a collection of profanities at bro-dude one and bro-dude two. As I approach with my “what the fucks???” and “why the fucks??” there’s just some chick standing there with her arms crossed watching them calmly so I’m just all sorts of confused. Is this some weird love triangle heterosexual erotic fight club? Is she into this? Anyways I’m stilling yelling like “you better stop fighting cause I’m getting the cops here” and homegirl is all calm like “yeah, call the cops” and I’m like???? Ok Kristen Stewart playing Bella Swan in the 2008 blockbuster hit Twilight could you please show some emotion?? This is pretty crazy?? Why are you so calm?
So my extra catfood smelling ass runs up to our cart attendant like “YO GET ON WALKIE GET OUR SECURITY OUT HERE THESE DUDES ARE FIGHTING” and then run back to WorldStar over there on the ground like “Yall better QUIT. We got security coming.” and shockingly enough they listened to me and stopped fighting. So shirtless dude is just pacing around all mad and I’m just standing there like ???? why is any of this necessary?? it’s just 8:30 pm a monday can we please not?? I legit asked them “You really came to the fuckin target parking lot to fight? You’re so smart that you came to the local target to fight each other?!” and just started to walk away cause they were looking like they were leaving. So shirtless boy looks at me and actually says “I’m sorry for fighting at your Target. I caught them cheating….” whilst getting into his truck.
So I was like damn straight people really are fucking crazy and said the very comforting “that sucks dude lmao…” and as soon as pity starts to wash over me, truck boy is getting into his lifted toyota but looks over the hood and yells “Fuck you faggot!” to dude he just pounded on.
So uncontrollably I’m like 0 to 10 in .3 seconds like “wait no what you idIOT YOU BETTER WATCH WHO YOU CALL A FAGGOT ASSHOLE. CAUSE IM A FAGGOT. YOU GOT A FAGGOT RIGHT HERE” (very eloquently). And he’s like “shit sorry i dIDNT MEAN IT LIKE THAT.” and I’m all like “YES U FUCKING DID” and he’s like “NO CAUSE HE’S NOT GAY” and I’m like “IT DOESN’T MATTER!” and he like “I FUCKING DIDNT MEAN IT LIKE THAT I DONT MIND GAY PEOPLE. GAY PEOPLE ARE OK.” and says one last sorry before slamming his door and speeding away.

This happened. It really did.