poor lil rich dub

LA Vampires - Streetwise (Coyote Clean Up’s Poor lil Rich Dub)

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A drowsy downpour blanketed the dreaming. Coyote Clean Up recently granted our ears with their rendition of LA Vampires Goes Itals’ sinuous track “Streetwise”. A large dose of looping to the already loopy. 

The night the tires took her a different direction than forward, it was raining. Drops drowned the windshield and though she know she shouldn’t, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to be the one to keep her eyes open under water, so to speak. Soon enough all visible were winks of white light from the streets that lost purpose when she willfully ignored their forward direction and grid like complexion. Soon enough the window looked something vaguely like the underwater breeze. She never knew if there even was such thing as an underwater wind, but she missed it anyway. Soon enough she felt like she was drowning, and it wasn’t due to the torrential downpour. She wiped away the underwater wind and mopped the drowsy drops, to her surprise she was still on the same straight street. And to her indecisive delight, all to hit her that night was the downpour and an eyes-still-open dream. 

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