poor lil feller


This one girl and her friend come up to Maa-kun and politely ask him what show he’s filming for and he’s like “oh, I get that a lot. I do a corner called ‘One Dish’ on the show 'Non-Stop.’ … You’ve never heard of it?” And then comes the question we all know is coming:

Maa-kun: “Do you know who I am?”
Girls: “You’re in V6.”
Maa-kun: “V6’s …?”
Girls: (one right after the other) “Saka… moto… san? Sakamoto-san??”
Maa-kun: “Why did that sound increasingly like a question?”


Leader’s memorable phrase/scene was about how Nagano never had more than 4 contacts in his phone, but Nagano didn’t get his first phone until V6 debuted.

Taichi: “Leader, look at the prompt. ‘Memorable things Heikeha members said or did.’ Look closely at the subject – there’s nothing about after we debuted, ok? Read it right. We’re talking about when we were in Heikeha.”
Leader: “Oh, that’s just a formality.”

The Question: “What’s something your girlfriend said to you/called you that really hurt?”

Go: “Baldy” (Sensitive Go is sensitive)
Ken: “You’re a skinny boy, aren’t you?” (he is, though)
Okada & Inocchi: “You’re the worst”
Nagano: “You’re creepy” (I can’t find it in me to be surprised after that Kumagusu on love styles)
Sakamoto: “You’re neither good nor bad” (bitch… ಠ_ಠ )