poor kon

Here we go:

Tim’s chillin, wearing a Superboy shirt in the Cave (even though that’s totally not okay) typing at the computer and ignoring Damian who’s training in the background, when Steph and Dick descend upon him - as birds do.

They start teasing him-

(“Oh, wearing your boyfriend’s symbol, huh?” from Steph.

“It’s kind of cute that he’s bought like a million of them” from Dick)

-and Tim is so unfazed, he just responds with “Because experience has shown I’m such a doting boyfriend - and I didn’t buy them. I stole them. He has like 63 of these. And I only have 7.”

And Dick and Steph are laughing and Tim is trying to focus.

Want to know who’s not unfazed?


He overheard the conversation and is, quite frankly, offended. On Tim’s behalf.

He’d never admit it, but he definitely thinks Tim could do better than the alien.

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How do you think Jason or Dick would react to catching Tim and Kon getting busy?

Jason probably just shouts a lot about condoms. Dick just gives thumbs up and takes an awkward amount of time to leave the room.

Tim suddenly doesn’t want to get busy anymore. In fact, he just never wants to get busy ever again so long as he lives.

Just a few panels celebrating Kon in a Batman shirt from Action Comics #823.  I feel like he would think the best way to not get discovered as Superboy would be to wear a different hero’s symbol.  Or he might just miss Tim and they weren’t selling Robin shirts, so this was the closest he could get!

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10 maybe? If it's not too much trouble :)

10. “How do you accidentally kiss someone?”


“So…” Tim drawls, stepping into Kon’s office. He shuts the door firmly behind him. “I may have just kissed Jason Todd.”

Kon’s fingers pause over his keyboard, and he glances up from the computer screen. “That the guy from Human Resources you’ve had a hard-on over for the last year?”

“I wouldn’t put it like that,” Tim says, giving a delicate cough. “But yes.”

“Cool, it’s about time. So what happened?” 

“Well. It was sort of an accident.”

Abandoning his work, Kon slowly turns so he’s facing Tim straight on. “Timbo, buddy, how do you accidentally kiss someone?”

“It’s kind of a funny story,” Tim says, poking at the knick-knacks on Kon’s bookshelf. “Well, not ‘haha’ funny, more like ‘Tim’s an idiot’ funny.”

“Those are the same to me.”

“Right. Thanks for that. So anyway, you may not have known this, but you and Jason look pretty similar from behind.”

“That so?”

Tim nods sharply, fiddling with his tie. It’s the Looney Tunes one that Stephanie gave him for his birthday. “Quite. And I saw what I thought was you in line at the coffee shop in the lobby, and I went up behind you- him- and…”

“Kissed him,” Kon ventures when Tim trails off. 

“First I grabbed his ass and then I kissed him on the cheek.” 

“Oh god,” Kon says delightedly, a grin breaking out across his stupid face. “This is amazing. What did he do?”

“Nothing. We just kinda stared at each other for a minute in mutual horrified, awkward silence and then I blurted out that I thought he was you, and I ran away.”

Kon laughs. 

Tim slumps into the guest chair and slams his forehead down onto Kon’s desk. “Uhhggg,” he groans unintelligibly. 

Kon keeps laughing. 

“It was so awful!” Tim whines. “What am I supposed to do? I can’t look him in the eyes ever again. And forget about asking him out!”

“Aw, poor Timmy,” Kon coos through his giggles. He reaches across the desk and pats Tim’s hair. 

“Am I interrupting something?” a voice asks. 

Tim rolls his head to the side enough to the person standing in the doorway. He squeaks. 

“Sorry,” Jason says, eyes fixed to where Kon’s hand is touching Tim. He waves the piece of paper he’s holding. “I just wanted to drop this off.”

“What is it,” Kon asks.

“A relationship disclosure form. Since you two are… well. We need to have these things on file.” 

Tim shoots up. “We’re not!” he yells, and Jason gives him the same wide-eyed look that he had in the lobby after The Kiss. “Kon and I, we aren’t. Um. We’re friends.”

“Okay,” Jason says slowly. “Whatever you want to label it, I still need-”

“But it’s not like that, I swear,” Tim interrupts, flapping his hands for emphasis. “I was just joking around. I don’t usually grab his butt. That’s not, like, a regular thing we do.”

Jason raises an eyebrow. “And the kiss?”

“Not- no. We don’t kiss. I’m not kissing anyone right now. Very much single. Currently.” 

Kon stifles another laugh behind his hand. 

“Oh. Um, that’s good,”Jason says. A small smile tugs at his lips. He nods. “Very good.”

Ok but, really, did the general public ever get a decent explanation as to where Superboy came from? Do people even know he’s a clone? Wouldn’t they wonder how there’s another Kryptonian flying around when the whole planet has been exploded for at least 3 decades? Where are the answers people? So in my mind, it went one of two ways.

One, Lex absolves himself of any relation to Superboy to the people and Clark and Kara are forced to come up with some weird BS explanation for why there’s another Super around. Anything from “he’s my cousin’s-uncle’s-brother’s-great-aunt once removed’s-teacher’s son” to “He also crash landed in a ship that came to Earth from Krypton and it got lost in space and now he’s here” to, my personal favorite, the Batman approach. “We found him and he was cute and strong so we slapped a big ole ’S’ on his chest and brought him home.”

Or option two, Lex tells all. He was so sad when Superman died that he made a clone, his name is Kon and we love him. And he and Clark get in very public custody battles over poor Kon-El (“Hi honey, I’m home from work. Anything happen on the news?” “No Jeff, just the continuation of the Luthor/Superman court case.” “Golly gee Sue, ain’t it awful when parents can’t keep it together for their child?”) And of course you got those groups who are all up in arms about Superboy can’t have two dads, and you got people who are Team Lex or Team Superman over who gets Superboy and they all fucking end up on Jerry Springer to sort this out. It’s very bitter and ugly and the public loves it. Poor Kon, he just wants to Radical and Chillin’ Teen he knows he is and for his dads to get along. He ends up hiding with Tim and somewhere along the way while Clark and Lex are at each other throats, Conner gets absorbed into the batfam. Whoops, Bruce did it again.

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(same anon here) imagine if gotham HS has a soccer game vs the metropolis HS and jason sees lil tim hanging out with fucking Connor Kent who's like the equivalent of jason on his own team and jason's like boiling in jealousy while dick rubs his hands together to await this trainwreck and poor kon's like hm this dude must really dislike me what did i even do


Conner is like everything Jason isn’t. He’s all sweet, charming, grew up on a farm, makes Tim laugh, can even fucking sign a little bit. He’s a damned freshman on the varsity team, a star defenseman in his first year, and honestly Jason wants to kill him. The first time the teams play against each other, Jason gets a red card after illegally slide-tackling Kon one too many times and is kicked from the game.

Dick is PISSED because Jason’s a fucking idiot and they just fucking lost one of their strongest offensive players AND Jason did it because he’s fucking JEALOUS.

Things are even worse when, after the game (and Met High wins), Tim takes off with Conner to get some food and Dick is so fucking FED UP because this is BULLSHIT that he makes Jason run laps until he looks about ready to puke.

Upon finally falling to the ground, Jason looks up to find Dick standing over him still fuming as he says: “Pull something like that again and you’re off the team. Also, just fyi, Kon and Tim have been friends since middle school. Just friends. And so you’re aware he’s my brother you fucking idiot.”

Thus, Jason feels like a complete and utter tool and is very aware he needs to fix a few things.