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I'm just curious - how far did news on Harry's previous girlfriends go? I can recall the road on Will to Kate's engagement, and I do remember there's not much clusterfudge that happened back then. This is just *gestures vaguely* one sided?

Chelsy never said anything and it was clear that she detested the paps and the press. The “minor” girlfriends like Flee and Natalie Pickham profited off some minor press attention, but kept it relatively low-key and there were no “imminent engagement” stories about either of them. Poor Mollie King told a reporter that she’d had coffee with Harry and apparently got dumped for it and everyone was pretty careful after that.

The obvious exception was Cressie, who had a publicist who was leaking all kinds of stuff. There was a particularly laughable article in The Telegraph that was clearly from her side. The takeaway was “the question isn’t whether Cress is good enough for him. The real question is whether he is good enough for Cress.” 

I can’t find it right now, but it was hilarious and made it clear that she was doing a pr push from the get go. If anyone finds that link, please send it to me. It’s one of my favorite royal romance articles because it’s so obviously one-sided.

The one-sidedness went on and on with her “friends” all saying that she was going to marry him. 


But no one really believed it, not even when the DM came out with the infamous “family summit” story.


And notice that even Cressida’s worst rumors were being talked down by the palace “sources.”

So there was a lot of press attention about Cress, but she was clearly fueling it and we were all gossiping about it and talking about how press-hungry she seemed and how inappropriate the whole thing was. 

Ha, little did we know. Cress’ press drive wasn’t even a fraction of what Meghan has put out. And the palace was working behind the scenes letting everyone know that it wasn’t that serious so it never got out of control like it has now.

The tabs still put out their “romance” headlines, but there were no documentaries or commemorative pull-outs and Cress didn’t talk to the press or pap walk with “promise” rings and monogrammed necklaces, or tell people that Harry split a painting for her or took her to fight polar bears or whatever. She definitely didn’t pap-walk her “pre-photocall” facial either. 

I think the worst thing she did was walk around with some books on social work or something as part of her “princess” makeover.


We all laughed our butts off when we saw that. It came right after “family friends” leaked to the DM that she was quitting her dancing career for Harry.


But for all her laughable antics, Cress knew where to draw the line, when the DM came out saying that she would attend PG’s christening, she called them up and shut that shit down.



So the Cress pr drive didn’t get out of control mainly because she was *relatively* discreet about what she did, but also because the palace stomped on the worst rumors. 

The girlfriend frenzy CAN be managed. Meghan and Harry just don’t want to do it.

This ridiculous media storm is 100% on them.


Gandalf did you realise that the transition from ranger to King of Gondor was a PRETTY FREAKING BIG ONE

EDIT: guys please stop leaving snide comments trying to educate me on whether or not he was ready, this was just a bit of fun, sheesh. Can’t believe I actually had to say that)

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How do you throw throwing knives properly?

well, first off you need a good throwing knife. knives are like people: most of them are good for one thing but not for others, like steve with throwing shields and steve with applying basic common sense. or like thor with electrocuting things and eating spicy foods. or clint with shooting arrows and basically any other facet of human life. 

anyway, a good throwing knife will be quite sharp on the point but blunted along the sides–sticks in the target but doesn’t cut your hands. the point and blade should be pretty thick, and the fewer perforations in the blade the better. throwing knives have to withstand a hard impact without breaking, so you want a decent quality knife, and the heavier it is (within limits) the less force you’ll need on your throw. 

you’ll want a good target to learn with, something big and soft enough that you’ll hit it and that your knife will embed so you know where you hit, but not so soft the knives fall out. deadpool may volunteer for this job. do not take him up on it. the commentary is not worth it.

grip the tip of the knife vertically between the pad of your thumb and the side of your index fingers. hold it firmly enough that it won’t slide in your grip but not too hard. 

stand with the foot on the side of your throwing hand pointed at your target, spine straight. start close to the target (another reason not to use deadpool–blood splatters farther than you think) and work your way back as you figure things out. the biggest part is learning to throw with enough force and rotation so the pointy end sticks in your target. it’ll take time, and there’s really no shortcut for just putting in the practice hours. 

if this does not work out for you, i recommend grenades for all your low-accuracy distance combat needs. 

viserys lost his mind because he had to grow up without his lady mother and only friend rhaella. I’m not accepting any other theories.