poor jr

Okay, but you know what I need?

Two profile portraits of Jim, one of his left, one of his right. I need them back to back.

In one, he’s got his regular clothes on. He’s grinning happily, and looks like real teenager.

Then in the other one, he’s in his Trollhunters armor. The smile is gone, replaced by a determined and serious - if saddened - expression, and the mark Angor Rot left is glowing.

Heh, those could almost be “before season one” and “after season one” pictures



That’s right Jinyoung…keep your hungry husband under control  (∩▂∩)


“Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign is continuing with even greater momentum since his death,” reads this flyer circulated in the spring of 1968 by the West Village Poor People’s Campaign. Weeks after the assassination of Dr. King, the organization he founded brought thousands of people of diverse backgrounds to Washington, D.C., to set up a protest camp and demand economic justice. 

West Village Poor People’s Campaign. “Poor people’s power” : Dr. Martin Luther King. circa April 1968. New-York Historical Society.

Martin Luther King Jr. PR-52 Portrait File. New-York Historical Society.   

That one time when while playing Werewolf, Matt knew who the werewolves were and the others didn’t believe in his theory and voted wrong and lost the game

Matt: “I just want everybody to acknowledge that I was right from the beginning. And that everyone else at the table didn’t listen to me-”


Neymar and Barcelona to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges

Neymar and Barcelona to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges

Barcelona and Neymar will both have to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges regarding the Brazilian’s transfer to the club in 2013 after their appeals were rejected on Monday.

Spain’s High Court also turned down other appeals. "Santos FC, Barcelona FC, Neymar, his mother Nadine Goncalves and N&N, the family company, have lost their appeals to have charges of fraud and corruption dropped,“ the High Court said in a statement.

None of the parties will be able to take their appeals any further and will all be cited to appear in court at a date in the future.

However, there has not yet been any announcement on the appeals made by Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his predecessor Sandro Rosell.

Barcelona, Brazilian club Santos, and the company run by Neymar’s parents also lost their appeals and will stand trial after a complaint brought by Brazilian investment group DIS.

The group says it was entitled to 40 percent of the transfer fee Barcelona paid Santos for Neymar but received a smaller compensation because part of the fee was concealed by those involved.

Prosecutors seek a two-year prison sentence and a fine of nearly $10 million for Neymar and his father on corruption charges, although they are unlikely to face any jail time if found guilty. That’s because not only would they be first-time offenders, but sentences of less than two-years are often suspended in Spain.

Prosecutors are also seeking a fine of about $9 million from Barcelona and $7 million from Santos.

Source: Sport/ESPN