poor joey :

Blake Silver’s Poe Party experience, according to bonus features

“Poe Party is #PoorEmily, but the making of Poe Party is #PoorBlake.” -Mary Kate Wiles

“In between shots, Blake would just sit in the corner and dab his eyes and blow his nose…and I was like, ‘Man, did Blake get, like, really bad news or something?” -Joey Richter

“Blake was our largest liability on the whole shoot, actually. The biggest two accidents happened with Blake.” -Brent Madison

“That was just Blake’s honest reaction to being in that house.” -Ashley Clements, about this moment:

“This was a nightmare shoot for Blake.” -Sean Persaud

Lazy Day - Finn x Reader

REQUEST: I’m loving your Finn imagines !! Can you do one where Finn x reader are already a couple and they spend a day at home together after having not seen each other for a while and it’s just super fluffy! Xx

NOTE: I LOVE FLUFF! This one isn’t as long but its pure fluff for ya!

PLOT: Finn is back in town for the weekend which means you two get to spend it together lounging around his house.


You and Finn had been together for about six months now and everything was great. But with him filming TV shows and movies while you were focusing on school, you two rarely get time to relax just the two of you. You always facetime each other and text when you can’t. But today was different since Finn was back in town for the weekend, so he was spending the day with you. It was one of those lazy days where you both just lounge around his house enjoying each other’s company.

It was early in the afternoon and you were sitting on the couch leaning against Finn with his arm wrapped around you. Friends was playing on the TV in the background.

“How come sometimes Joey has the most money but somehow also has the least? I mean when he was originally on Days of Our Lives he had lots of money and moved apartments but when he was on it again later, he still had Chandler paying his bills for him?” You asked Finn.

“For plot reasons I guess,” Finn said. “They need Joey to have some sort of reoccurring problems, like he doesn’t have that much going on other than food and girls from time to time.”

“Poor Joey, he deserved better than that as a character,” you shrugged. “He truly had a heart of gold.”

“I agree” Finn added. “I’m hungry.” He stood up and held out his hand for you, “Shall we go find something to eat?” He asked you.

“We shall!” You replied, taking his hand and standing up.

You two made your way upstairs from the basement and into the kitchen to start raiding the cupboards in search of snacks. After a few minutes of opening and closing doors and finding nothing you both looked at each other and shrugged.

“I guess we could make a snack?” Finn suggested.

“Cookies?” You asked.

“Perfect!” Finn started pulling out ingredients and placing them on the counter.

You two carefully measured everything out and put it all in the bowl to be mixed, making sure to add extra chocolate chips. Holding the mixer in one hand and the bowl in the other, you turned on the mixer and put it into the bowl. Before you could even think about turning it back off, the bowl had shifted and cookie dough had flown out and splattered all over your shirt.

“Ugh, no way!” You cried out, putting down the mixer and looking down at your shirt that was covered in a mixture of eggs, vanilla and flour. Finn was on the other side of the counter, laughing his heart out. “Finn! It’s not funny! I love this shirt!”

Finn made his way around the counter towards you. “Awe, Y/N, I’m sorry,” he was standing right in front of you now. “You can borrow something of mine and we’ll throw your shirt in the washer, okay?” He offered sweetly.

“Okay.” You were still upset about your shirt though. “I’ll go change.”

“I’ll clean this up.” Finn said then gave you a quick kiss before you went to his room to find something.

In Finn’s room, you rummaged through his drawers looking for a shirt to wear. You found a simple, navy blue t-shirt and so you took yours off and threw his on. While you were in his room you thought you might as well steal one of his sweaters too. Opening his closet, you found a black THRASHER hoodie and pulled it down off its hanger.

Making your way back to the kitchen, you slid the hoodie on and pulled it down into place. In the few minutes you had been gone, Finn had wiped the mess off the counter and properly mixed the cookie dough. He was bringing out a cookie sheet when he noticed you walk back in.

“Is that my hoodie?” Finn asked you.

“Yeah, but it’s mine now” You said.

“That’s fine,” he smiled, “you look better in it anyways.”

You blushed and walked over to Finn and wrapped your arms around him from behind as he started to scoop balls of dough onto the sheet.

“You gotta make them bigger, so they’ll be nice and gooey” you said, pointing at the smaller ones.

“Okie doke, artichoke” Finn rhymed as he scooped up more dough this time.

“Artichokes are gross,” you said, “they’re prickly too!”

Finn laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one before.”

“That’s okay.” You answered. You let go of Finn so he could place the cookies in the oven.

Once they were done you put them on a plate and went back down to the basement to watch a movie. You grabbed all the blankets you could muster and the two of you snuggled up all cozy on the couch to watch Footloose. The cookies had cooled down enough to eat and luckily, they had turned out perfect.

“Mm, these are prefect!” you said biting into the gooey cookie. “So sweet too.”

“Not as sweet as you” Finn said with a wink. You could feel yourself blushing.

“Stop that.” You said.

Finn giggled, “Stop what?”

“Being so smooth as cute all the time” you said looking up to kiss him softly.

“Only if you stop being the best person I know” he replied.

You smiled and rested your head on his shoulder. Finn reached his arm around your back, pulling you closer into his side as you wrapped your arm around his front too. It was moments like these that you loved and made you wish that Finn never had to leave for work. Getting to spend the day together just relaxing within each other’s company made you happiest.

It was quiet as the movie played on the TV so you whispered as you said, “I love you, Finn.”

You felt Finn kiss the top of your head. “I love you too, Y/N.”


Watching the Japanese endings of Yu-Gi-Oh. Ryou wasn’t in any of them, but Yami Bakura and Thief King Bakura were in the fifth one XD Most of them are about Yugi and his friends hanging out, and I saw some neat outfits in the season 4 one and a nice shot of Serenity’s school uniform in season 2′s.