poor jar jar

I have a big test coming up and I’ll be studying for 8+ hours every day for the next month, so I decided to set up a small altar on my desk

The sigil can be found here, and the motivation spell jar (on the left) can be found here (some modifications were made)

Drinking Game

Whenever Donald Trump says something racist or sexist put a dollar in a jar. When the jar is full donate the proceeds to Bernie Sanders’ campaign. After you donate the money take a drink to celebrate how awesome you are.

Please do not drink whenever Trump says something racist or sexist. You will die of alcohol poisoning.

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Oh uh. I don't know if you get to see this in a bootleg or something, but it was in the musical, Jared mentions his 'Camp friends' and stuff like how he can't wait to see them again. I think they're pretty fake tbh. He most likely has no friends, explaining why he seems to get attatched to Evan over a short amount of time. Poor Jar is lonely. Jar only has the cronch

Anakin and Padme are obvious

It’s the worst kept secret in the galaxy that those two are secretly together how does everybody not know, especially the Jedi? No wonder they lost then. Unless everybody knows but no one says. Also, Jar-Jar getting mistaken for a Jedi when he finds Anakin’s cloak in Padme’s closet and wears it to hide was hilarious.

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Hey I know this is really random, but how to you store your art stuff? Your pens and paints and all sorts, I'm trying to instill order on all my pens and markers and wondered if you had a "hack" to keeping them in one place! Love love love your art.

Ah yes okay well this is the bit of my desk where I keep things

so not really the pinnacle of organisation, but I mainly use empty pickle/jam jars to store my pens/pencils/brushes because cheap and then I keep my markers in the box they came in. The little shelf thing is so handy I got it from Ikea and it just has brackets you can screw onto a desk. That is a space hack of sorts. I also have drawers and a couple of plastic boxes I keep on the floor for materials I use less often. Best of luck with your ordering!