poor hubert

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Drabble request: klaroline arguing during sex like fighting for dominance and trying to win the argument. Like a Drabble like in wicked schemes where klaus and Caroline are arguing over her safety. Smut!! Please and thank you :)

Klaus followed after Caroline, their conversation nowhere near finished in his opinion. He knew that she thought it was over, that her adamant NO meant that they were done speaking about it all and like hell was he about to let it go. He’d allow so many things to slide for her, give into so many of her whims–from the damn charity events she begged to attend to the fish that they’d ended up letting die when they’d gone to Morocco for a few months and forgotten its existence. Which of course had been all his fault. Surely he should have remembered poor Hubert. Not that she’d remembered the slimy little thing either, but the blame had rested squarely on his shoulders.

But there were certain things he would not bend on, even for her, and the main one was her safety. “Caroline,” he started as she headed toward the stairs.

She sighed, turning around on her heels and her demeanor was light, trying to assuage him, but this wasn’t something she could do that with. “It’s two weeks with the girls in Barbados. I’ll be fine. I don’t need a damn entourage of your best vampires following me around. Besides Rebekah will be there.”

“I won’t be swayed on this one, love,” Klaus informed her and headed past her up the stairs. “Either they go with you or–”

“Or what?!” she demanded, all cheerfulness gone and he didn’t even have to look behind him to know she was standing with her hands on her hips, glaring at his backside as he continued to ascend the stairs. “You’ll not let me go?”

“Yes.” He really should have anticipated the shoe thrown at his head, though he did manage to catch it before it made impact, and the next one that she threw.

“We may be a couple but you have never and will never be able to tell me where I can go and what I can do,” she replied, heading up the stairs and tried to maneuver past him when she arrived at the top.

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