poor hoseok

In fact no one really gave jin graduation attention as much as jungkook got.. Jin must have worked really hard too and i’m 100% sure he wanted to attend it so bad because graduation is once in life he won’t have the chance to do it again nd here is jimin saying jin must feel angry but doesn’t show, it kindda hurts and i really feel bad for him T-T
Sorry seokjin for not giving you the attention you deserve
Sorry seokjin for not having the chances you deserve to shine
And sorry seokjin for stopping you from attending your graduation…

Tsundere Jungkook

Jimin: Hobi hyung was in really good condition in the morning so he was so active but now he’s dying~ 

Rap Monster: We did have many schedules but I didn’t expect him to get tired so soon like that.

Jungkook: But hyung recovered a little because I made him laugh.

J Hope: I was lying down because I was so tired then Jungkook came over and showed me aegyo. I started laughing because I was so dumbfounded. Like what is this kid? 

Jimin: Aegyo? Jungkook, what about me? Jungkook, I think hyung (Jimin) is feeling sick too. 

Jungkook: Go to hospital if you’re sick

  • Yoongi: do you have the time?
  • Hoseok: For you, Suga? Suga, are you joking? Are you yanking my chain? Are you joshin me? Hyung. I would always make time for you. My time is precious but you are more so.
  • Yoongi, you... are a shining pearl in a sea of mediocrity. I would do anything for you.
  • *wipes tear*
  • Yoongi: no like what time is it