poor horse:(

my number one reason for being as gay as i am is girls and when they’re so excited about something they get all animated and the look in their eyes is so radiant or when they laugh and it’s all bubbly and happy or when they’re tired and they mumble little nothings about everything they’re thinking and wow!!! wow i love girls.

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, sitting on a giant pile of cash, safe in the knowledge that his show is sold out for a year, a person who has always been able to access theatre shows: Stop The Bootlegs I Don't Like Them
  • Poor People: [stare into the camera like they're in the office]

“And apparently he’s like this because someone [pointed glare at Nina] left her brother with Velouria for an afternoon and she taught him to eat gARBAGE”

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anyways im still not over the fact that dan and phil went north for new years eve and dan make iron beaded horses with their friends kid


Need some new decor? A unique gift for a friend? A memoir of a beloved pet? Let me help pls??

Commission info:

-Base rate of £7.20 ($8.96) per hour
-Most of my paintings take 4-6 hours, BUT…
-You can set a budget and I will stick to it
-I.E. I can work fast for cheap, or slower for a better result
-Can include a frame at extra charge
-UK postage £5, international postage £10
-Payment by whatever method is best for you
-Full refund available if you’re not happy with what I make
-If you’d rather have a mug, rug, phone case or any other kind of merchandise rather than a painting, I can easily upload my design onto one of my stores (Society6 and Redbubble) for you to purchase, with a 50% discount on the final price of the design

ty ily!!!

a-horse-in-a-jacket  asked:

So I know you have a betta and I was wondering if you knew what a Bumble Bee betta was? I saw two of them at petco and fell in love but I don't really wanna get one from petco

A bumble bee? Never heard of one and google has nothing, so if I had to guess, its just a name the gave to a yellow and black marble. Which sounds adorable tbh, but a warning right up front. Marble bettas change colors over time. Like alot in some cases. Which I personally think is cool, but if its say one of their expensive bettas cause of its colors, it would suck if two months later its completely different from what you wanted.

Now petco…depending on your petco, honestly I say go for it. The petco near me has gorgeous healthy bettas and theyve been improving their care for them alot in the past few years and I want to encourage that. Especially since their bettas are in WAY better shape then any of the other small LFS around me.

If your petco is neglecting their bettas, get a pic and see if you can find a place you can complain to corporate. Because I do think they are trying to get better. Ive notice a jump in quality of their fish products lately too, so heres hoping this trend continues.

Just really look over the health of the fish before getting it. Are they underweight? Bloated? Not swimming right? Dont get any of those unless you are prepared to treat them and know that they might not make it. Personally ive never had any serious issues with petco bettas, but like I said, the one near me is really good.

But if you want to get from a breeder and have the money (like…100 dollars for the fish and shipping) then check aquabid or ive heard good things about https://bettasandart.com/


Wow thats a really good horse costume

And that post reminds me, yesterday I was at an event (Sas was competing), and I was out taking photos of the cross-country.
I watched a horse and rider come up to a jump, the horse spooked at and went to slam on the brakes, but then gave it a go and went to jump it. It didn’t work out though and the horse ended up on top of the jump (it was only an 80cm or so jump so they had legs on both sides of it). The horse scrambled off and turned away. The rider stops the horse, raises her whip and gives two huge smacks across the horses hindquarters. Now she used the whip a good 10 seconds at least after they got off the jump, which was a good 20-30 seconds after the horse had actually slammed on the brakes.
The horse is NOT going to associate that with stopping. They may get frightened enough of you to react to you “better” and therefore jump the second time. But that is not the same as teaching them not to stop.
Not to mention that in this situation, the horse did rethink and try to jump the jump! It just decided too late, and so it didn’t work. The horse landed on the jump and was already undoubtedly upset about the situation.
WHY does anyone think the poor horse deserves to be punished after THAT???

Celebrating Dark Horse, released today in the US in 1974. 

“I think that’s one reason I went on tour with all those people, to do something which was not done every week, you know, the whole idea of having such a whole different bunch of people, different attitudes and different types of music, and just a broader type of show. Another point in the show, fifteen Indian musicians joined the rock band, so you had a band of over thirty people playing some compositions which were written especially for that combination of musicians. 

 […]  Apart from that, people should have something different occasionally, because they can see Led Zeppelin any time they like, but you’re never going to see something like that again.”

- George speaking about the associated tour. 

So I skimmed through the RoTS novelisation again but this time I specifically wanted to go over the Padmé bits and the first description of Padmé *laughs* oh gosh I can’t