poor him!!!

  • Bonnie: Okay, Kobi, answer these questions as quickly as you possibly can!
  • Yorokobi: Okay!
  • Bonnie: What do you do when your bored?!
  • Yorokobi: Eat!
  • Bonnie: What's your favorite game?!
  • Yorokobi: League of Legends!
  • Bonnie: What's your favorite drink!?
  • Yorokobi: Milk!
  • Bonnie: What's your favorite breakfast meal!?
  • Yorokobi: Pancakes and kielbasa!!
  • Bonnie: Who's ass do you stare at!?
  • Yorokobi: Lyd- Bonnie!!!
  • Bonnie: *bursts out into laughter* That's exactly what I expected!
  • Yorokobi: *groans and covers his face, blushing brightly* Why are you so meeaaann!!!?

Okay so i’ve been thinking on this for a while now actually and if all Centaurians to end up in their own afterlife i’m sure they get all their features back (i.e. their fins)? Or anything that was taken away from them really. And if its an actual place they go to im sure if there comes a time where Peter and the others need him back they’ll try to get him back from the afterlife? And if Yondu was a royal and a Habaktu he would be highly respected and finally have what was ripped away from him all his life, I can imagine the conflict he’d have between staying with his kind and coming back to be with the Guardians especially when he became an official Ravager

Apparently the creator of Pepe the Frog has just killed him off in a comic because he’s so upset by his use as a white supremacist symbol. Open casket and everything.

This is hilarious, yeah, but reading Matt Furie’s explanation is weirdly heartbreaking. He’s clearly emotionally invested in Pepe and finds him a meaningful expression of himself…

“The characters in ‘Boy’s Club’ will always be a part of me. Andy the wise guy, Landwolf the party animal, Brett the fashionable dancer, and Pepe the chill frog — they are all tweaked reflections of my own values and sensibilities. Their personalities unfolded and blossomed as time went on, but just like the person in your life that you love the most, one day they will die. And death can be as beautiful as life, because it’s what makes life important.”

damn dude I’m sorry the Internet turned your stoner frog son evil