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"Who will believe you?"

Abusive RP starters:

“Who will believe you?”

Haruka tugged at the rope around his wrists, trying to loosen their harsh grip. He was exhausted and confused, having woken up in this unknown place with his best friend holding him captive. Why would Makoto do something like this? It wasn’t like him at all. Makoto was a nice, caring and gentle character, not a sadistic psychopath. He'd never do something like this. Or so the teen had assumed until this day. He’d tried his best to persuade Makoto to let him go and only God knew how many hours they’d argued, but in the end, the other wouldn’t budge. “Just let me go!” Haru had demanded an uncountable amount of times, voice growing weaker every time. He was about to lose all hope. At this rate – he’d die. Another hour of intense discussion passed, Haru refusing to give in to the other, when suddenly the words emerging from Makoto’s mouth sunk in. Who will believe you? Haruka’s cerulean eyes went wide. Who would believe him? Makoto was a kind person. He’d never do something like this… Except, he did and Haru was the only one who knew his real character.  “I’ll make them believe!” Haruka yelled, fighting the building urge to give up. “I’ll show them!”