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Stupid crack Headcanon: Among Maglor many years, and many scars, one of his 'favorites' is a scar along his belly where he swears the high heavens that someone tried to knife him once on Black Friday for the last xbox, "That soccer mom was scarier than some Orc Hordes man"

Black Friday is crazy and I’d believe that story haha

[TRANS] SVT waking up in the morning

MC: Normally, how do the SVT members wake up in the morning? Does someone wake you up or do you use an alarm?
Mingyu: Shall we do a reenactment? 
S.Coups: Let’s show them what happens in our room (T/N: coups, jeonghan, woozi and mingyu’s room)
S.Coups: Mingyu has an alarm….only him.
Jeonghan: We all have alarms but his is first, and 30mins later again.


S.Coups: (Mingyu) doesn’t wake up.
S.Coups: “Mingyu-ah, if you’re not getting up, turn off the alarm. This isn’t right”
S.Coups: Till the end he still doesn’t wake up. Then the 2nd time, (Jeonghan) wakes up.
Jeonghan: “Ah Mingyu-ah, it’s noisy! Hurry up and turn it off.”
S.Coups: Then lastly, the boss wakes up - Woozi.

Headcanon that Shiro has ice cold hands and feet and Keith is a walking furnace so everytime Shiro’s feeling his hands really cold, he shoves them between Keith’s thighs waking the other up with a startled yelp.

Keith flushes, grumbles a little and elbows Shiro lightly in the gut then stays put because what will he not do for his dork boyfriend?

Keith makes a lot of sacrifices he thinks, he deserves a place in heaven. So does Shiro for that matter. They both do.


Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~! ;)