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Lena talking to Jess like they were at a water cooler. "So you think she still thinks that I don't know?" "Miss Luthor, I would've heard her pout from out here." "Just... no one has eyes like her. No one has blown me away like her." "Lena, as your friend, I would think you've developed a crush on Kara." Lena lets out a nervous laugh. "Kara is one of my only friends. I would never do anything to jeopardize it." "That proves my point." -🌲😎

haha omg, poor jess like in her mind screaming SHE’S INTO YOU TOO YOU FUCKIN NIMROD but just has to be like “sometimes the reward is worth the risk”

Full Bodied + Fully Colored Commission for @tivokitty of Saeran and Yandere! Yoosung. Thank you for commission me~ <3

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  • [Bum and Sangwoo eating breakfast peacefully]
  • Bum: Uh... can we do something new today? Like... i don't know... going out to a nice quiet place?
  • Sangwoo: ...? But my house IS a nice quiet place already. If you want to do something new then what about playing cards?
  • Bum: [Flashback to the last time he played cards with somebody and got the man killed]
  • Bum: Uuuhh... I don't like card games that much...
  • Sangwoo: Really? Then what about hide and seek?
  • Bum: [flashback to that one time when Sangwoo randomly got back home with a cop and he had to hide from them]
  • Bum: No... I think you don't get it. I want to do something really fun!
  • Sangwoo: Something "really fun" huh...
  • Bum: ...
  • Sangwoo: ThEN whAT ABouT MurDER?!!
  • Bum: SANGWOO NO.

ok but why does jimin have to be facing jungkook when they’re jumping rope? everyone is facing the other way wyd jimin can’t you take your eyes off kookie for 2 seconds?