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Em zayn just followed on twitter a non stan that tweeted that Harry was the most overrated white man ajfjsja he's shaking. The poor guy didn't even make t to top 10 with his new song :(

idk who ‘zayn’ is im sorry i only know harry styles


“That day he didn’t want you to remember him as the king. In what time you had left he wanted to be your father.”

does this make sense? | 09

pairing: min yoongi x reader  // slight park jimin x reader, college! yoongi, college! jimin
genre/warnings: slight angst, fluff, slight mention of vomit
• words: 12,614
→ summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?
note. flashbacks indicated by italics

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(Christmas Challenge Day 8) Wrapping Presents Headcanon

We made a slight mistake on day 8. We repeated Snowman but it should have been wrapping presents. We fixed it though.

•Looks up tutorials on YouTube
•Because he is actually clueless on this stuff
•And Susan won’t help him. Poor guy.
•He doesn’t calculate wrapping paper well
•So there’s always patches of different paper to cover up the holes
•He’s always covered in tape and glue by the end
•Never ask about the glue though

•She prefers bags over wrapping
•But she uses brown paper over flashy ones
•Always ties it with white string
•She’ll wrote cute notes on the wrapper too
•The gift is wrapped as neatly as her handwriting

•He is a wrapping master
•Also a wrapping prankster especially to Peter
•He wraps everything!
•One time he wrapped a water bottle and put it in a box,wrapped the box, put it in a very large box, and wrapped that one too
•Eventually gave him a better gift later
•He never pranks Lucy though

•All the colors and designs!
•She color codes the presents though
•Since once she went crazy but forgot which present was whose
•Really good at making ribbons
•Has a personal letter on each one
•She tapes a Christmas cookie on top

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Dude, I don't know why, but I just saw your reply to my 'Alistair 4 dad' message, and thought of wee Duncan makes me so happy! Also, I can't decide who would baby the poor guy/girl (I don't think Alistair would let gender get in the way of naming all his children Duncan), Bree or Alistair... or possibly the very blond older Duncans/siblings.

All I want in this world is for Alistair to grow fat and old and happy with the loving partner of his choice.  

… And then I reserve a special place in my heart for the ‘if Alistair had ALL the babies he’d name ALL the babies Duncan’ AU.  Duncan, Duncanna, Duncanessa, Duncan IV, Wee Duncan, Baby Wee Duncan, Duncould, Duncant, I mean the list could go on and on.  

If Alistair had babies, he would totally baby his babies more than Bree.  She can be a taskmaster when she puts her mind to it.

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☹ (cause I've been wanting to RP with you for a while :3)

didn’t know if this was directed at flower boi or not so have both, please respond to both i wanna do more stuff with the flower cowboy


their eyes appeared as if they were melting, the tears weren’t separate from them. their face looked like an amalgamation of what it was before. The once bright green they had looked a sickly dark color.

they looked out of focus, if you squinted at them your eyes would hurt from the strain of trying to discern one shape from another instead of just the mass of blended disgusting green before you. they were far too tired to keep their form stable.

*hello? is someone there..?

apparently they couldn’t see either


The poor guy couldn’t even look at you properly, his head pounded as he continued to let out gross sobs. his face was messy, he was so frustrated that he couldn’t speak. he tried getting something out- anything, really- but he couldn’t stop hiccuping long enough to speak. he settled on looking you in the eyes with a pleading expression, wanted nothing more to be held.

Rich Guys Can't Marry Poor Girls - Part 1

Rich Guys Can’t Marry Poor Girls - Part 1

Description: Part 1 of 2. He’s the ruler of Achievement City and you’re the girl hired to “entertain” him on the night of his birthday. However, when you express your desire not to go through with it, you see a softer side of the king no one else has ever seen. Masterpost. 

Pairing: Mad King Ryan/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Smut & Language

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Things that are okay:

                 •Not wanting Jade and Jed to date but 
not being an ass about it

•You not thinking Jed is attractive BUT
 NOT BEING AN ASS ABOUT                    IT 

Things that aren’t okay: 

                    ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH FOR JADE

                •BUGGING JADE BECAUSE YOU 

                •SPAMMING HIS PAGE WITH 


Rich Guys Can't Marry Poor Girls - Part 2

Rich Guys Can’t Marry Poor Girls - Part 2

Description: Part 2 of 2. You return home to your farm, only to have King Ryan surprise you with an unexpected invitation to return to the palace. You grapple with the notion that a poor peasant like yourself deserves the nobleman’s love. He’s determined to prove that you do. Masterpost.

Pairing: Mad King Ryan/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Smut, Language, Bondage, Light Spanking

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This needs to stop

Can everyone please stop bashing other’s shippings? Like I go to a NaruHina tag because I ship them I don’t need to see NaruSaku fans hating on us for shipping NaruHina and hating on Hinata and Kishi for the ending and just generally saying the worst bullshit out there and tagging NaruHina for me to see. I don’t hate NaruSaku, I think they would’ve been cute but I ship NaruHina better you don’t need to rub your ship in people’s face and make yourself the poor guy who didn’t get what they want, just don’t. Anyone can ship whoever. I ship ShikaTema even more the NaruHina and you don’t see me hating on ShikaIno. Why can’t we all just back the fuck up and take a second to understand that not everyone will agree on our opinion? What’s wrong with everyone?! Go ship whoever the fuck you want and draw your ships and write imagines about them and post as many fan arts as you want but you don’t need to send hate and death threats and spam other shippings tags with hate and your ship. This seriously need to stop. We’re one fandom, the Naruto fandom, not the NaruHina/NaruSaku/SasuSaku/NaruSasu etc. Fandom.

Please if you see any hate ignore it don’t start a war or a useless argument with a dumb af person. Just leave them be. If you give them the attention they want they’ll only hate on you more and cause more arguments.

If you’re getting hate and you need to talk to someone I’m here okay, just message me anytime. Love ya’ll x