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Tickle fight with the axis + Prussia and Romano?

(I’ve got this one classmate who’s really ticklish and it is really fun to make her squeal)

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Italy cannot stand being tickled. Seriously, one poke and he’s jumped through the roof screaming. Rather than a ‘tickle fight’, it’d be more of a one-sided brutal assault on the poor guy. He can’t fight back at all, he can’t even defend himself. Then again, what’s new?

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Germany wasn’t really ticklish. All that muscle has turned most of his body into stone. He did not know how to tickle someone either. But if his s/o wanted to have a tickle fight, he’d just have to try his best. In the end, Germany would be defeated, as he’d be so afraid of hurting his s/o his ‘tickles’ felt like a fly’s punch.

Japan/Honda Kiku: Japan felt his soul bow, pack his bags and fly out of his mouth after the third poke. He wasn’t that bothered by the actual tickling, it was simply the thought of someone touching his body that sent him fleeing. Although it was his s/o, Japan is still very uncomfortable with physical touch, something Taiwan and Hong Kong have never let him off for.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Prussia was always up for a fight. This was no different. He certainly wasn’t a rock like his brother, but he could be as aggressive as his old warring self. The only way the fight would end is if his s/o concedes defeat or there’s an obvious winner, because this guy will never surrender.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: Just like his brother, Romano would be unable to combat his s/o’s tickles. Unlike Veneciano, however, instead of screaming and crying, Romano’s s/o’s ears would be assaulted with screaming and cursing. Okay, maybe some crying too. His s/o can’t call it a success, however. In the dead of the night, when they think they’re safe away in the land of dreams, Romano’s s/o might be met with a surprise attack. Revenge was a dish best served cold.

Chapter 128 spoilers

Just saw the new chapter and am really looking forward to reading it in English to find out why the hell Ciel looks so terrified. Oh & and it’s nice to see Soma finally seeing Ciel for who he is or maybe he was mad that Ciel & Seb didn’t get there sooner to help Agni idk. Ciel didn’t deserve to get punched though. He & Agni told him to go back to India & he didn’t listen. Poor guys. Can’t wait till tomorrow 😁 Rip Agni 👼 I really really hope something happens next month! The plots moving forward (finally) but nothing is happening.

McHanzo Week 2017, Day 2 - Canon Divergence/AU

Yeah I know. Noodle dragon Hanzo is sooo original isn’t it. It really isn’t I know, but I find dragons quick to draw and seeing as I’m already behind, it didn’t seem a bad idea to draw this. So here we have a slightly annoyed Hanzo, who appears to have been turned into a dragon, and an upset looking McCree. He looks as if he doesn’t know how to feel about what happened and doesn’t know what to do, poor guy

If this isn’t loading good quality for you, I apologise. The file size was too big and I had to compress it :(

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Reigan realizing he has a crush on serizawa and decides the guy can do better but damn is he awkward as hell about hiding the fact he likes him. It's so obvious it's painful. Poor guy hasn't had a crush in so long that he doesn't know what to do.

honestly this is one of the best serirei aesthetics right here

Originally planning on doodle some sexy Law…..
Guess the anime and last weeks chapter was a bit to much for me to handle… 

Someone, please give that guy a hug T-T

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how would jotaro confront his crush who can stop time like him and dio?

i literally just listened to tick tock by kesha so guess what i’m naming this stand lmao

Jotaro would be a little uncomfortable at first. It would unearth memories of his battle with DIO and honestly, he’d rather not have to think about it if he can help it (he can’t, poor guy.).
Their ability wouldn’t even be revealed in a malicious way. He had invited his crush over to go over notes (smooth, Jotaro), and they had accidentally knocked over a cup. Before anything could fall off the table, he had felt that painfully familiar chill that came with the stopping of time. “Tick!” His crush quickly set the cup back on the table, dabbed at the small puddle of spilled tea with the corner of their shirt, and composed themselves as if nothing had happened. “Tock.”
Time began to move again.
- Jotaro would not cut corners. He would ask immediately if that was the work of a Stand.
- He would, however, be slightly relieved that his crush was something more than a regular person. Less tiptoeing and less secrets.
- If the ability were as taxing as The World was on his own body, Jotaro would mention that his crush shouldn’t use the ability very often.
- Star Platinum would probably manifest on his own and check out the newly encountered Stand.

at first i had a lot of trouble writing this, but then i realized i love this stand and i want it hotdamn. as a baker, it would be really helpful!
thank you!

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American rev war fanatic here funding this discussion both Hilarious and informative-at least on how poor these guys were educated in school

Don’t worry, ours schools aren’t much better these days despite Scotland inventing modern education…

Fun fact: we were actually taught about the American Civil War in high school, though never the Wars of the Three Kingdoms/British Civil Wars.

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I loved reading the boys files, but now I have concerns for Ewan. With his social anxiety, won't he be upset about all the fainting Nora does at the end of the demo? Poor guy. T_T And it's been bothering me for awhile now- does his head disappear or actually come off? Don't worry too much about slower progress when health issues are getting you down, with how communicative you guys are with us I never feel impatient because I know you're doing your best! Thank you!

All the fainting…xD

He does find it upsetting actually but they manage to recover to the point that he can tease her about it down the line.

I can definitely see this being a conversation between them at some point.

Ewan: Well, with all the fainting you did that first day in the club…
Nora: All the fainting!? I fainted ONCE! For like…two minutes! And it was because you weren’t wearing your damn head! >=U
Ewan: It’s not like I took it off because I wanted to. >=I
Nora: It’s not like a I fainted because *I* wanted to. *smacks him with a pillow*
Ewan: Oh no. Ow. I’m being attacked by a ferocious midget. Whatever shall I do? =|

AHEM. Anyway. LoL His head actually comes off! In the next chapter, it’s made clear that he was holding it (Nora didn’t notice because she was too busy staring at his neck). But there was honestly no way to draw his sprite holding his head that wasn’t just outright disturbing. OxO

And thank *you* - sometimes I worry that I communicate too much. LoL. It’s always reassuring when people let us know that they appreciate it. I never ever want you guys to feel like we’ve vanished on you or that this game isn’t a priority for us because it totally is. In addition - I want to be sure everyone knows that you guys are an important part of the eventual success of this game.

Whether you’re a Kickstarter backer or a follower who eventually wants to buy the game, none of you are just a ‘piggy bank’ for us. You can’t be a part of every dev meeting and we can’t reveal or discuss every little thing with you. But we want to include you in this journey as much as we can because you’re all absolutely more than just bystanders! 

So if I’m ever over-communicative, that is definitely why.

Anyway, thank you so much for your message! We appreciate it! <3

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No you're not! ; v ; I actually have a small collection going on for those three because I started loving them... A lot. I like bokudai too! It's in my top 5 for Daichi. <33 My order is kurodai, iwadai, matsudai, akadai, and bokudai. Don't feel sorry! Daichi deserves all the love he can get, poor guy doesn't get enough as it is.... T T

I’m crying!!! It’s the best day ever I need tissues.. I meet fellow shipper T^T  Akadai!! Matsudai!! It’s so beautiful that I can die from happiness. Let me die with this. 

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And don’t let me even stated how Daichi is mostly ignored beside shipping purpose just like Iwaizumi. It’s pissing me off when I searching for something for them as a character but I only find iwaoi or daisuga… Like Daichi and Iwaizumi deserve to be loved for being awesome characters and players not just as part of shipping hell. 

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So yea..lets spread love for Daichi 


don’t turn around, suzy begins, dropping her phone on the table, to begin glaring at the man behind eunmi. but the guy behind you has been checking you out since we first got here. it’s amusing in a way, eunmi was whipped as it was, but even if she wasn’t, the poor guy didn’t stand a chance.  middle aged men aren’t you thing, right?