poor guys t t

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Pls entertain a odd idea of mine: When Celine and Damien merge to make Dark there isn't enough of them left so he comes out really hecking small and hates life even more bc of it. (He can't shatter the mirror only make a scratch appear.*

Ah damn, that’s not odd at all! I actually quite like that, as much as I feel bad for Dark…

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i’ve had an embarrassing on-off crush on a guy for like two years now and it’s like, everytime i think i’m over it, he comes by and looks me in the eyes and smiles that stupid smile of his and i’m like ”oh man here we go again” and idk what to do bc i haven’t even had the nerve to follow him on instagram which is like the easiest thing to do :/

just go on insta and follow him! it’s just like following any other friend! you’re not going to make any progress by sitting there hoping your feelings will go away. whenever people have a crush, they are too afraid to make a move and they kinda just hope something will happen, but it doesn’t always work like that. take these simple steps, follow him on insta, send him a message asking him about something. see him as a friend the way you see other people, just because you like him doesn’t mean he’s a super human way above your league or something! you’ve got this!

Originally planning on doodle some sexy Law…..
Guess the anime and last weeks chapter was a bit to much for me to handle… 

Someone, please give that guy a hug T-T

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Heeeey Nini when the next release of Hiki's story will be uploaded? Thank you

Oh my god that fic!!!
It’s so long. Soooo long. lol
I didn’t have much time to write today. RL was too busy, I hope I can finish it tomorrow. Maybe… xD 
And then I have to beg my proofy to look at it. Poor her xD 
Oh god I hope you guys will like it T___T 
I’m so nervous and I havent even published it yet xD 

Oh and I’m also working on Profiles for them too ^^ 
Thank you so much to everyone who reads my fics and who’s interested in Howl and Hiki. It means the world to me <3