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I’m probably really stretching it here but namjin and yoonseok love children living in the 50’s: namjins kiddo is street smart as all hell and a good singer, yoonseoks kiddo is a piano prodigy and is a hella good dancer. They both coincidently sneak out on the same night to perform at a club and are forced to perform together. Hijinks ensue and they fall hard and fast for each other. (Sorry this is probably not really what the OP was going for but ahhh I had to try) -Cat

Greased - Chapter. 4 - Bucky & Steve x Readers

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A/N - This is probably gonna be the longest one yet. I love writing this story, so I hope you all enjoy it. 

- Imagine Grease but in reverse. It’s the 50s and two best friends are in The Widows gang, a group of not so friendly girls. They  fall for the not so dumb jock and the other a class clown. This could only go wrong. 50s College AU

Steve x Reader
Bucky x OC 

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Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Part II of here

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: YES,  Omg, i’ve loved the doll imagine, have you thought about a second part?,  Omg doll was so good!! Part 2!?!?,  Plzz do a part 2 of Doll it was so amazing😍,  Please do a part two of doll, I KNOW YOUR REQUESTS ARE CLOSED BUT I JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF THERE WOULD BE A PART 2 To the peter pan doll imagine?? It was really good!

Warnings: LONG,  Greaser!Peter, Soc!Reader, swearing, ooc!peter, kind mention of rape, but not too far sweeties!

By now, you and your friends parted ways after the little mishap at the drive in. They weren’t exactly ready for the night to end, and were going to head off to a party. You, on the other hand, just wanted to go home at this point, and relax. You’ve had enough excitement and aggravation for one night. Or did you?

Walking down the sidewalk toward your house, you didn’t notice the blue mustang that was slowly cruising by your side. Right away, you recognized the car. It belonged to your current ex boyfriend, Thomas. Thomas was just like you, a soc in a high place, living the life of luxury. Well…that’s the only thing you two have in common, where you live. After that, if it weren’t for his money, he would be considered a no good greaser. 

He stopped the car, him and his buddies getting out, with alcohol in their systems. Thomas stumbled his way over to you, while Newton and Minho came from behind you, trapping you from walking the other direction. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” He slurred, playing with strands of your hair. “Saw you at the drive-in earlier…the greaser trash giving you a hard time?” 

“Get away from me, and it’s none of your business.” You snapped, trying to push him out of your way, only for him to push back. Almost tripping over your feet, you were lucky enough that his friends each grabbed your arms, holding you steady. 

“Whoa whoa, why so snappy tonight? I thought I told you to fix that attitude. It’s not very lady like, doll-” 

You spit in his face as soon as the pet name escaped his mouth. You hated them to begin with, you weren’t a dog. But ‘doll’ just made your blood boil the most, ever since 7th grade. Especially coming from someone who cheated like his life depended on it. 

That gesture didn’t go unnoticed, as anger started to cloud Thomas’s drunk mind. With one hand he wiped the spit off his face, then used that same one to strike you across your right cheek. You yelped at the contact, hissing at the pain. Tears started forming in your eyes, but you refused to let them out as you stared at Thomas in pure shock. Shaking his head, he motioned for his friends to shove you into the wall, holding you up high to where your feet no longer touched the ground. 

He stood in front of you, Newt on your left and Minho on your right. Thomas’s hands started at your knees, and slowly made their way up your legs and into your skirt, while still making intense eye contact with you. Noticing that you were about to scream, he raised his hand again, making you flinch and whimper. 

“You want to act like a bitch, that’s fine. Make a single noise, and I’ll treat you like one. Understand?” He growled, his hands getting closer and closer to your private area, to where you couldn’t hold the tears in anymore. His buddies smirked at you, while Thomas slowly groped your area. It didn’t feel pleasing at all, as the tears continued to cascade down your cheeks, while little whimpers escaped your mouth. You wanted to scream bloody murder so bad, but was afraid of what he would do to you if you did. But, you were terrified with what might happen if you don’t. 

While being pressed against the wall, no one noticed the group of greasers coming down the street, just coming back from the drive-in. Getting kicked out for sneaking in led them to a shortened evening, so now it was off to the streets to mess shit up. But, the sight that quickly killed the leader’s buzz of excitement, was the sight of his girl…yes, his girl, being held against her will and…

Peter ran at full speed at the four of you, his gang following without question, sensing that something was wrong. He started shouting toward the guys, alarming them that trouble was coming their way. Thomas quickly pulled away from you, his friends letting you drop to the concrete as they saw how out numbered they were, practically shitting their pants. Before they could even comprehend, and because of the alcohol in their systems, they were trampled to the ground. Peter beating the shit out of Thomas, while Felix and a few older boys took care of Newt and Minho, who failed at trying to run away. 

The younger boys that were apart of Pan’s gang helped you off the ground, as gently as they could, knowing if they accidentally so much as made you uncomfortable, Pan would have their heads.  Once you stood up straight, you fanned them away with your hand, signaling them not to touch you and that you were fine. You watched as Peter had Thomas practically bleeding on the pavement, going over to the two and hearing what he was shouting at the almost unconscious asshole. 

“Touch,” Punch, “Her,” Punch, “Again,” Punch. “And I,” Punch, “Will cut,” Punch, “You’re bloody dick off,” Kick to the stomach, “Myself!” Another punch sent Thomas into a daze, as he tried crawling away, but Peter was quick to nudge his shoulder back down to where he laid flat on the ground. He leaned downward, breathing heavily as he slapped Thomas’s cheek a few times, making sure he was still alive. Once he opened his eyes giving Peter his answer, he added. “And I will make you eat it, white trash.” 

What no one else expected to happen was for you to walk even closer, to where you stood right next to Peter, staring down at Thomas with pure hatred. Breathing hard and fast through your nose, you spoke with venom clear in your voice. 

“Don’t ever call me ‘doll’,” And with that, you gave him a hard ass kick to the crotch, making him groan loudly with pain. Thomas looked up at the both of you, slyly Peter had wrapped his arm around your waist as you leaned into his hold.   

What you couldn’t see was the shit-eating grin Peter wore on his face, as he glared at Thomas along with you. With a snap of his fingers, Felix and the couple of boys that helped, dragged an unconscious Minho and fucked up Newt back to the blue mustang. 

“I suggest you hop into your pretty car there, and drive your drunk ass back to your side of town. If you so much as look in my doll’s direction, I will make it a promise that if I ever go back to jail, it’ll be for murdering you.” 

With a curt nod, Peter had Felix lift him up, and shove him into the front seat of the car, slamming the door shut. Even in his condition, Thomas didn’t hesitate to turn on the engine, and speed down the road. Once they were out of sight, you quickly pulled away from Peter, speed walking in the direction of your house. 

With a shocked and confused look, Peter dismissed his gang to their own things for the rest of the night, while he chased after you. When he caught up, he gripped your shoulder, turning you around to face him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Put the breaks on it, sweetheart, where do you think you’re going?” 

“Leave me alone, hood, I’ve had enough tonight. I just want to go home,” You go to walk away again, only for him to step in front of you, making you sigh in aggravation.

“What about moments ago? You-”

“I only let you put your hands on me to show Thomas that you were around to protect me, so he would leave me alone. Something I’ve done to you a couple of times, and yet you still keep coming back.”

The look on his face almost made you regret telling him that. He looked hurt, like a kicked puppy on the street. Well, basically he is one. And you’ve kicked him so many times, he does’t know why he keeps coming back for more. He can’t explain it. He looked around for a short moment, then down at his feet as his hands went into his jacket pockets.

“You know…I could have just kept walking, like I normally do when some chick is being pushed around, or in a situation like you were in. You could have been raped, Y/n, do you not understand that? That if I hadn’t have recognized you on the spot…” He seethed, his green eyes blazing from the adrenaline still running through his veins. “And I practically saved your prissy ass, and I don’t even get a simple ‘Thank You’? Am I really just too much of a poor loser, you can’t be nice enough to thank me?” 

His words cut you like knives. He had a strong point that no matter what sarcastic comeback you could pull, what roll of your eyes could change, he could not be more right. You two used to be friends, and now you couldn’t even be grateful that he was there for you, even when you didn’t need him to be, he was there. And the hurt, an emotion you didn’t know he could feel anymore, that was in his eyes shattered you from the inside. 

“And you know what I hate the most about you, about this?” He asked, you looking down at your shoes, too ashamed to make eye contact. “That no matter how bitchy, how mean, how awful you treat me and the greaser side…I still love you, doll. And I don’t care if you beat the living daylights out of me for calling you that, but it’s the truth. And you want to know why you hate that nickname so badly?” He raised an eyebrow, continuing, even if you were going to answer or not. “You remember those love letters you got in the 7th grade? That always called you that nickname in them, and you would be teased because of it?”

Your head shot up fast, as you finally made eye contact again. No…no.

“Yeah. Those were from me. A poor, pathetic greaser, in love with the pretty, rich girl. Cliche, isn’t it? Surprised you didn’t see it was me, but instead you chose Thomas. But, hey! What does it matter, huh? You already made it perfectly clear you want nothing to do with me, no matter whatever the hell I do for you. So fine! You want your space, then I will let you have it.”

“Peter..I-I never-”

“But just know this, love,” He turned away from you, already walking the other direction. He popped his collar upward, lighting up a weed.  Inhaling the toxic chemicals, he raised his eyebrow as he looked you up and down. “He’ll be back. And this time…he can have you.” 

steve liking a middle class -- headcanons

- he’s definitely in denial of it

- he is much too afraid to tell the soda, let alone any of the others.

- he thinks he’s going to get judged for it but really the boys are just happy you aren’t a soc.

-he doesn’t know how to approach you.

- he thinks you’ll reject him since he’s a poor greaser and you’re much better off.

- he avoids you and tries to forget about you.

- denies that he likes you, avoids you even more.

How he asks you out


Dally: You were hanging out at Bucks with Dally. You had become part of the gang and grown on Dallas shortly after meeting him. You two constantly got in trouble together and you both loved it. You were gonna hustle some pool, have a few drinks maybe get into a fight it was just like any other night at Bucks. As the place began to fill up you left the pool table to go retrieve some beers for yourself and Dally. When you got back you noticed Dallas more tense than usual. As you handed him the beer you noticed his eyes were burning holes into some poor greaser across the room. If looks could kill this kid would’ve been dead ten times over. “Something wrong?” You asked raising and eyebrow, something Two-Bit had taught you. “That guy was checking you out” he said coolly his eyes not leaving the guy until he was up to take another shot. You laughed and he looked at you funny. “What’s wrong you jealous or somethin’?” A smirk plastered on your face as his jaw clenched. “I don’t get jealous” he replied flatly. A few beers and pool games later and you had noticed the guy still throwing occasional looks at you. He wasn’t bad looking but you had fallen for another greaser. “He’s still looking at you” he said flicking his lighter to light the weed between his lips. “Whatever” you replied shrugging. After Dallas got about have way through the weed his made eye contact with the guy and put out the cigarette. He turned to you quickly pulling you close and smashing his lips roughly onto yours. At first you were shocked but then began to kiss back. After a second you pulled away. “Dallas I like you I really do but I don’t want to be just another broad” you said looking down at your feet. “Be my girl then?” He replied and you looked up smiling before kissing him as your answer the guy checking you out long forgotten.

Ponyboy: Ever since meeting Ponyboy you two had been inseparable and did everything together when you weren’t in school, and even then you had most of your classes together. You had been at the lot talking about anything and everything as the sun started to set. “It sure is pretty” you said leaning you head on his shoulder as you sat in the soft grass and watch the sun slowly sink swirling the skies in beautiful hues of gold and orange. “Yeah I love watching the sunsets. I love being able to watch them with someone as beautiful as you are” he said causing your face to heat up as your cheeks turned red. “Thanks” you mumbled quietly as the sun sank lower. “(Y/n) will you watch the sunsets with me every night and be my girl?” He said turning to look at you. The soft light illuminating his handsome features. “Of course I would Ponyboy. Nothing would make me happier” you said smiling and cuddling into his chest as the sun finished setting and you both sat there with smiles plastered on your faces.

Darry: Ever since you met Darry you had become a close part of the gang and closer to Darry. You would help him cook, clean or just make sure Ponyboy and Soda stayed out of trouble. You were helping Ponyboy with his English essay while Darry worked on supper in the kitchen. It was just like every other night. “Suppers ready” Darry’s deep voice called from the kitchen. After supper you and Darry sat at the kitchen table talking and laughing. Ponyboy and Soda gone to bed long ago. “It’s getting pretty late I should probably head home” you said gathering your coat and keys. Darry walked you to the door and hugged you good night. As you turned to leave he called after you. “Wait (Y/n)” you turned around on the porch to see him leaning on the doorframe. “Did you maybe wanna get coffee or go out to dinner sometime?” He asked making you smile. “Darry Curtis I would love too” you said smiling as you left driving back to your house with a large smile on your face.

Soda: Ever since you met Soda at the DX you had been hanging out with him and the gang as much as possible. I walked to the DX after school one hot day to meet Soda and Steve. After a few minutes of walking I came to the DX seeing Steve outside working on an old mustang. You looked through the window in the DX to see Soda with some other greaser girl who was shamelessly flirting with him. A pang of jealousy went through you as you walked up to Steve. “Hey Steve how’s it going?” You asked sitting on the hood of the car next to the one he was currently trying to fix. “Not that good, can’t figure out what going on with this stupid piece of junk” he said sighing. “Let me take a look” you said gently pushing him away from the popped hood. After a few minutes off looking around you noticed something a little off. “Looks like the carburetor is shot” you said pointing it out. After taking a quick look he pulled you into a tight hug spinning me around in a circle. “Your amazing” he said making you laugh. “I try” you responded giggling.
Looking up you noticed Soda looking out at you making you look down and blush slightly before walking in to talk to him. After a little while of talking you noticed something was off. “What’s wrong?” You asked sitting in the counter and raising an eyebrow. “Nothing” he replied dryly glaring out the window at Steve. “Are you jealous of Steve?” You asked laughing. “What?” He snapped. “Oh so you can flirt with any of those girls but I can’t be friends with a guy. We’re not even dating!” You snapped at him. You gave him an apologetic look as he opened his mouth to say something. “Will you be my girl? Go out on a date with me (Y/n)” he said pulling you into a hug. “Your the only girl I want” he mumbled in your ear.

Johnny: Ever since you were little you had been close friends with the Curtis boys. You were a year younger than Soda and you two had become pretty close friends ever since you were introduced to him by your parents. They had been close friends with Mr. And Mrs. Curtis before there passing. So you he grown up with the boys and had a strong bond. You got a long with the rest of the gang pretty well especially Steve because he was always with Soda and you were too. The only person who wasn’t a big fan or so it seemed was Johnny. Whenever you were around he was quiet and shy or didn’t talk to you at all even before he got jumped. One day you had skipped school and went to the Curtis house to hang out with someone. There was usually someone there anyway. When you get there you called out an “Anyone home?” When you noticed a lump in the couch. After a closer inspection you noticed it was a sleeping Johnny. You decided to just go hang out in town and see if you could find Two or go to the DX. Just as you were preparing to leave you heard a rustling behind you and turned around to see Johnny sitting up. “Hey Johnny Cakes. No school today?” You asked climbing into the arm chair and propping your feet up. “Wasn’t feelin to hot Darry let me stay over today” he replied and you nodded your head understandingly. After a few minutes of watching T.V you finally spoke up. “Why don’t you like me?” He looked taken aback by this. “I umm I like you just fine it’s just that..” He trailed off and you motioned for him to continue. “Well i-it’s just t-that I really l-like you but your always with Soda and I figured you and him had a thing going on” he said looking down and blushing. You burst out laughing. “Oh god no I’ve known Soda since I was little. We’re just close friends besides I thought you were really cute.” You said a blush creeping on your face. “Oh well umm would you like to maybe go see a movie sometime?” He asked shyly. You nodded your head vigorously and smiled before jumping on the couch next to him. The whole day was spent cuddling on the Curtis couch until the gang came home and started teasing you and Johnny about it.

Steve: Ever since you met him at the DX you’ve been showing up there to hang out with him and he’s been showing up at the body shop you worked in as well. You had been rebuilding an old mustang for a drag race this weekend for what seems like forever. You showed up with your car getting strange looks since it was all guys racing you parked your car in the starting lane and jumped out quickly scanning the crowd to scope out the competition. You spotted Steve amongst the crowd and decided to pop over and say hi quickly. You came up behind him tapping him on the shoulder and he spun around smiling once he saw you. “Hey (Y/n) you racing tonight?” He asked a grin painted in his face. “Of course when have you known me to miss a race” you replied laughing. “Hey what about we say we sweeten the stakes a little” he said a cocky smirk showing on his face. “What are you proposing Steve?” You asked cocking and eyebrow. “If I win you go on a date with me” he said and you crossed your arms. “What do I get if I win?” I asked and he looked at you and thought about it for a second before saying. “Free drinks for the next month on me” he stuck out his hand for you to shake which you quickly did. “Prepare to lose Steve Randle” you said walking back to your car. The drag race started and everyone was off to a quick start you leading but Steve close behind. Combing around the turn adrenaline coursing through you veins and you zoomed off and was on the way to the finish line when a car zoomed past you. Let’s just say you had never been so happy to lose a race in all your live.

Two-Bit: Ever since you had saved Two-Bits bacon you had become close stealing buddies and he even introduced you to the gang. They had liked you even if Darry didn’t approve of your stealing you quickly grew on his as well as the rest of them from the short period you had known them. You were sneaking into the nightly double with two-bit after getting slightly boozed up. Him more drunk than you because someone had to looked after him. You laughed most of the night not really paying any attention to the movie but more to his constant jokes about everything. You were walking back to your place as Two had insisted on walking you home in case of you getting jumped (even though you carried a blade) when he asked you a question out of the blue. “Ya know you dig ok (Y/n) and your one of the best thieves I know did ya maybe want to go to the Dingo for a coke or something some time?” He asked you as you stood on the porch of your small home. “Of course I would Two” you responded kissing his cheek and telling him goodnight as he stood there smiling like an idiot.

The Greasers [AU]

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2029

Story line: Luke, along with Ashton, Calum and Michael, is a part of the Greasers. One night, they go to the movies and there they meet you. What they don’t know, is that your boyfriend is there too and he’s in the Socs.

AN: This one shot is based on the film “The Outsiders”. Somethings happen in the film, some not. I tried to make it different, anyways.

“So, are you a Greaser? You don’t look like one” A grin formed in my lips as I laughed. Calum, Michael and Ashton, who were sat beside me, looked at me with their eyebrows arched and a expression in their faces similar to the ‘I told you so’. It wasn’t the first time I had heard that and I understood why people said that. I was the youngest and maybe just with my look, it wasn’t enough for people to recognize me like a Greaser. But I didn’t care, I knew I was one of them.

“Yeah? Why is that?” I asked as I grabbed a handful of popcorn and I put them in my mouth. We were at the drive-in cinema. We sneaked in because, except Ashton who had his car in the auto repair shop, we didn’t have the driver license. Three beautiful girl sat in front of us and Michael couldn’t wait to bother them. For him, it wasn’t bother. He was trying to flirt with them but they didn’t seem to take it the same way.  I knew them, at least, one of them. It was Y/N. We went to school together and we had some classes together but I was pretty sure she never realized I was there.

“I mean, you dress just like them and you have your hair all grassed but, come on, you look like a good kid”.

“Honey, just because we live in the poor neighborhoods and some Greasers are in jail, doesn’t mean we all are bad” Ashton finally said. The three girls turned to look at him. Ashton smiled, clearly happy for all the attention.

“Oh, yeah. I heard that… Johnny, maybe?” I nodded. “That he is in jail because he killed somebody”.

“Accidents happen” Calum spat, ending that talk. The girls, or rather the only girl who was talking, Y/N, shut up. Johnny and Calum were good friends and the fact that he was accused with murder when it was only an accident, an act of self-defense, left Calum really bummed. Well, it left all of us really bummed. We admired him, he was always taking care of us. He was a bit crazy but who wasn’t. All of our lives were a complete madness. We were displaced by the simple fact of being a Greaser. People didn’t like us. Maybe it was because of our looks or maybe it was because we lived in the poor neighborhood. Who knows, I didn’t really care actually. I was proud of being who I was.

When the movie ended, we got up ready to go home when Y/N asked if we could take them home. I frowned, confused. Michael didn’t hesitate to say yes; he even shouted it.

“How did you even get in here if you didn’t drive a car?” I asked.

“How did you get in?” she said mischievously. I couldn’t help the smile that formed in my lips. I really liked that girl. I always did. But she was popular and also rich, so she was out of my league. And by the way she talked about the Greasers, I would never have a chance with her. “What’s your name?” she asked me on our way home.

“Luke Hemmings”.

“As Luke Hemmings, Ben and Jack’s little brother?” I nodded. I couldn’t believe it. So she knew about my brothers but not about me. Amazing. “Are you going to ask my name?”

“You know we go to the same class, right?” she seemed genuinely surprised when I said that. “Yeah”.

“Don’t take it personally if I don’t say anything to you in school. It just…”

“I’m poor and a Greaser. Yeah, I know, Y/N”.

I heard the engine of a car approaching from behind. When we turned around, a Mustang stopped, raising some dust from the ground. The lights were blinding us, so I covered my eyes with my arms.

“What the hell, Y/N?” I heard someone screaming. His voice was raspy and he dragged the words while he talk. He was drunk. “What are you doing with these douchebags?”

“Hey, watch your mouth!” Michael yelled.

“Shut up, redhead!” Michael was going to hit him, but Ashton stopped him as soon as he saw four boys jumping out of the car as two other boys appeared from nowhere stood by their side. We weren’t saints, we had gotten in a lot of fights, but we weren’t stupid either and they outnumber us.

“I told you a millions times, I don’t like you when you get drunk, Bob! And they are just taking me home. Leave us alone, we’ll talk tomorrow morning” Y/N said, touching my arm so this way we could go.

“Don’t you even try to walk away from me, Y/N”.

“Hey, man. You heard Y/N, leave her alone” I said, trying to make him stop.

What happened next, happened so fast that I couldn’t even realize what was happening until I felt a fist hitting my face. I heard the girls screaming, trying to make them stop but it was useless. We got into a fight we didn’t get into in the first place. I started to kick and punch whoever was in my sight and when I saw Bob hitting Calum. Calum seemed unconscious and if he continued to hit him like this, he was going to kill him. In an act of rage, I ran towards him, I jumped on him and I started to beat the shit out of him.

“Luke, stop! Stop it! You’re going to kill him!” When I heard her voice, filled with horror, I stopped. Bob was on the ground, with his eyes closed and although he was breathing, he seemed dead. I looked my hands, full of blood and I looked at Ashton, who has grabbing one of the boys by the collar of his shirt. Ashton left him and with Michael’s help, they picked him up.

“Let’s go, Luke” Ashton said.

“I wa-wasn’t try-trying to… I-I di-din’t wan-want to…” I muttered, scared. “I was he-helping Calum. He was going to kill him”.

“I know” Y/N said, with tears in her eyes.

“Luke!” Ashton yelled this time, more angry.

I lived a hell the next few days. Calum was admitted to the hospital because he was really injured by that fight. He had some ribs broken and, somehow, he also had an internal bleeding caused by some hit. I felt so guilty… Ashton and Michael tried to make me understand it wasn’t my fault. Maybe it wasn’t, but it felt like it was. I knew Y/N was dating Bob Neeson and I also knew about his reputation. He was with the Socs, a group formed with rich kids that always were looking for fights with the Greasers. And the fact that I sent him to the hospital it made me sick. I never thought I would be able to send someone to the hospital. I liked to be a Greaser but I didn’t enjoy all the fights.

Later that day, I found out that the Socs had challenged the Greasers into a fight. They wanted to know who was better.

“They outnumber us, Ashton” I said. “And how this is going to make Calum feel better?”

“Man, we have to prove that we’re not garbage. Those kids aren’t going to stop picking fights with us if we don’t defy them. We have to show Calum that we fought for him. He would have done the same for us”.

“Yeah, I would. And I would do it if it wasn’t because I’m in a hospital” he said. We didn’t notice he had woken up. A smile formed in our lips and we spent the next hours talking to Calum, explaining him what had happened in the past days.

The night of the big fight, Y/N came to see me. I was surprised to see her in my house but I was more surprised to see her in my neighborhood.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, concerned. “You could get in trouble. This is not a nice neighborhood”.

“Oh, okay. Let me see if I got this right. So, you, the Greasers are always defending your neighborhood but it’s not a good neighborhood?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hey, I love this place but you’re a rich kid. You’re with the Socs and this is our territory. I’m just worried  that something might happen to you”.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m here. Don’t go to that fight, please”.

“Why do you care? I beat Bob”.

“Look, I know he is an asshole but he’s not all bad, you know? I know him, I know his other side. I also know he deserved what you gave him but that doesn’t mean I want him killed” she tried to explain to me. “I really like you, Luke. Seriously. And I don’t want anything bad happen to you”.

I knew that if she said something else, I wasn’t going to that fight. But I couldn’t leave the Greasers just like that. As Ashton said, Calum deserved we fight for him.

“I’m sorry but I have to go”.

I left Y/N there despite my feelings and I went to the fight. It turned out to be a messy and nasty fight. There was a lot of blood everywhere and when it ended, we all were devastated. But we won and although some part of my body that I didn’t even know they existed hurt, I felt good. We proved we weren’t garbage or some stupid gang. We proved that the Greasers were better than them and that nobody could with us.

“So, you feel good now that you let out some testosterone?” Y/N asked when she saw me arriving home. She was sat on the porch steps.

“Have you been here all this time? Don’t you have a boyfriend?” I asked, confused. I was happy she was there but I didn’t want to give the Socs other reason to beat me because I was sure I couldn’t stand another fight.

“I worry about you and that’s how you thank me?” she said, getting up. In the step, she was as tall as I was. She raised one of his hand and hesitating, she placed it in my face. She rubbed my cheek with his thumb. “It hurts?”

“A little bit”.

“Good, that way you can remember how stupid you are” I laughed when she said that. She tried to hold back a smile but without success. “Did you win?”



I looked into her eyes and I saw that she was expecting me to do something. I smiled slightly and I pulled her body close to mine with a quick movement, making her place her hands around my neck. I touched her lips with mine, not kissing her yet. She tried to catch my lips but I separated every time she touched them. She whined and I laughed, softly.

“Are you going to kiss me or what?!” she said, desperate.

Finally, I connected my lips to hers in a soft, passionate kiss. I dreamed about this moment so many times that I didn’t think reality could be better. But it was. I glided my tongue along her lower lip. She realized what I was doing and she parted her lips so I could slip my tongue into her mouth.

When she broke the kiss a few minutes later, both of our breaths were accelerated. She looked at me with sadness in her eyes and I saw what was about to come.

“Seriously, don’t take it personally if I don’t say anything to you at class” she said, removing his arms around my neck. “I’m glad you’re okay. Take care, okay?” she said before pecking my lips.

“Do you want a ride?” I yelled, trying to win a more time with here.

“I would love to but I don’t think it’s a good idea, Luke”.

“Yeah, you’re right”.

I saw her go and when she disappeared from my sight, I sighed. Someday, somehow, I was going to get that girl.