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chris evans has the same dreams as a ten year old girl and I LOVE HIM FOR IT


John Wick (2017)

Imagine: John Wick rushing home after finding out that you were injured while he was away on a mission.

There was a moment of panic; heart stopping and stomach dropping. Winston had called John while he was still working (something that was somehow more concerning than it was frowned upon). Winston had said you had been injured; John hadn’t exactly heard what came after those initial words though. All he knew was that he had packed up his rifle faster than he remembered, entirely disregarding the target he had been waiting out for hours now, and was back at the continental in less than twenty.

Where is she,” The words had rushed in through the doors of the hotel suite, along with John. 

When there was no reply, the assassin looked around the room before saying the words again.

Where. is. she,” He demanded, charging across the room, his eyes scoping out the extent of the suite before settling on Charon.  

“She’s sleeping,” Charon replied, polite and calm as ever, rising from the arm chair set across from (Y/N)’s resting place. “Rather peacefully, if I may add.”

John gave Charon a swift look over, before spotting the slightly battered girl tucked into bed, and letting his expression soften slightly. The assassin nearly stopped in his tracks at the sight, his heart skipping a beat and his stomach dropping; (Y/N) looked so peaceful while asleep that a part of John was terrified she might actually be dead. 

Is she?-,” John began, not able to bring himself to ask.

“No,” Charon said, shaking his head, a knowing smile tucked in the corner of his lips. “Quite alive, Mr. Wick… just heavily sedated at the moment.”

John nodded gently, swallowing the lump in his throat.

Why is it always you?,” the assassin through to himself, giving (Y/N) a worried look over -a look which seemed to border a thin line between sadness and guilt.

John shook his head, letting out a weary sigh. After a moment, the assassin made his way over to (Y/N), pulling a chair close and setting it beside the bed so he could keep a protective eye over her. 

“Charon?,” John asked, not once looking away from (Y/N). 

“Yes, Mr. Wick?” Charon replied.

“Thank you for watching over her, while I couldn’t,” John’s voice was low but sincere.

“You’re welcome, sir.” Charon nodded, smiling gently, ducking out of the room. 

John closed his eyes for a moment, inhaling a deep breath, leaning in close and  pushing the hair from (Y/N)’s face before gently pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Imagine Kageyama trying to comfort Yachi when she’s distressed. He doesn’t know what to do, so in the end he just pulls her closer and hugs her awkwardly, his chin resting on top of her head. He stood upright and tense, worrying that he had done the right thing for a few moments before Yachi circled her arms around his middle and pressed her face into his chest.

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What if cole gave her old camera to lili so she can practice. Cant blame a poor girl for dreaming BUT ITS POSSIBLE 😂❤️❤️❤️


“Chloé, you are not nice!”

She knows that. She can’t be nice, she didn’t say back. She’s not allowed to be nice. She’s been targeted enough times because of her Papa.

Her poor Papa. He loves her, she knows, will do anything for her— and it makes him weak. She’s lost track of how much money she has cost him, through ransoms and through gifts he insists on showering her with. Still, he has wealth and power, and though he may dote on her, he is at least as cunning as herself. Who could expect less of the man who raised her?

Still, she cannot do that to anyone else. No matter that nowadays she’s such a brat that she has a reputation for not being worth the money— she wants to worry as few people as possible whenever Problems happen. If she can limit them to her father and Sabrina and, questionably, Adrien, she’s fine with that.

She loves Sabrina, her oldest friend, and so sly. Sabrina knows everything, of course. Sabrina understands what she’s doing, understands that Chloé is best kept shallow and cruel and hated, understands how Sabrina herself can assist with that image.

Chloé wonders how anyone can believe how mean she is, how shallow Sabrina is. Chloé was tutored just like Adrien, and everyone else grew up with Sabrina. How can it be so easy for their classmates to believe in caricatures? This one’s not crying enough, she remembers hearing herself say, and she wants to laugh, or maybe to cry.

She “loves” Adrien because he’s convenient to love: wealthy, handsome, and utterly disinterested. He knows what she’s doing, she’s sure— how he gets away with being as kind as he is, she has no idea. Something to do with being a boy, probably.

She’s so jealous of Marinette, lucky Marinette, who gets both of her parents and a bakery and kindness, how easy and thoughtless it is for her to be kind. Marinette doesn’t have to worry about going missing.

So she’s not nice, poor Chloé Bourgeois: she can afford everything else, but she can’t afford kindness.

Allison Argent x Reader: The Pain is Worth It.

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Prompt: Reincarnation AU: I’ve met you in every single lifetime and I always hope it will work out but it doesn’t but I’ll still keep finding you again because those few days/months/years together with you are always so worth it 

A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I had majors writer’s block. My first the 100 imagine or a requested preference should be posted next. Hope you like it!

  The first time it happened, at least the first you could remember, was sometime in the 1600s…

    You smiled at Allison as you pulled away from the kiss. She smiled back at you from half lidded eyes,“I guess everything is going right today," 

    You laughed lightly as you bit your lip. Allison was right. Today her family’s status grew faster and better than the poor girl could have dreamed of. All because they had killed a werewolf, something everyone had thought was impossible. "I would love to stay but I promised Mary I would help with dinner,” you said as you gave Allison a chaste kiss before you stepped back. 

    A week later, people were coming to the Argent’s door and telling stories about another werewolf. “We will attack tomorrow night. During the full moon and he won’t be thinking clearly,” Allison heard a voice state from the other room. 

    ‘I hope they stay safe,' Allison thought to herself as she stood in the kitchen. As they were making a plan a loud knocking interrupted the family discussion. 

    Allison heard the door open and a woman sobbing uncontrollably. Allison furrowed her eyebrows as she walked out into the dining room with the rest of the confused Argents. Allison gasped as she recognized the woman as Mary, someone who had moved into your family’s house years ago. “Mary what’s wrong?” Allison choked out. 

    “Y-Y/N… I heard something coming from her/his/their room and when I opened the door there was this monster, it was the wolf… And the entire room was- I’m so sorry Allison,” Mary sobbed. 

    Allison felt her legs shake underneath her and began sobbing with the girl. 

The second time it happened was in the 1920s. 

    Allison remembered how you danced wildly to the record playing in Allison’s living room. She had laughed as she began to copy your moves, dancing with you. At first the both of you wanted to go to the new jazz club right outside of town, but your car had broken down and plans had to change. Allison had called her Dad and said that she was staying at a friend’s house and the two of you had spent the last hours talking and dancing. Glad that your parents weren’t home, too busy on a business trip. 

    Spending time together was like this was why you both did it. Why every time you went through a cycle you were the one she looked for. The one who no matter what, no matter how many times you lost her or she lost you, was the one you never gave up on. The one you loved. 

    Allison covered her mouth to muffle her sob as she rocked herself on her bed. It happened again. She had lost you. This time it wasn’t to something supernatural. It was to some drunk man driving a car. Allison knew the man wouldn’t even be convicted of a crime, he was the sheriff’s nephew and she knew with a little bribing it would all just go away. 

    You had been driving to pick her up so that you two could finally check out that jazz club. Allison had been so excited at spending time with you. And then she lost you again and it hurt just as bad as last time. If not more because deep in Allison’s heart, she knew you wouldn’t have been on that road if it hadn’t been because of her. “We’ll be together again… Someday,” Allison whispered to herself hopefully. 

The next time it happened was the next time the two of you had crossed paths in the 1960s.

    Allison’s family had continued with fighting the supernatural and you supported her despite worrying every time she went out on a mission. But as the Argents learned more about the supernatural world and how to fight against them, the supernatural did the same. Both sides began to evolve into better fighters. 

    And it was one day when they were trying to learn more about the Argents that they found out about you. The person that the huntress melted around. The one weakness that the werewolves knew would tear her apart. So it didn’t take much discussion for the pack to kidnap you and use you as bait. When Allison found out that you had been kidnapped to say she freaked out would be an understatement. She grabbed her bow and arrow and then went to go find you.

    You pulled against the handcuffs and groaned as the metal dug into your skin. You could hear fighting in the room over and it only scared you more. You didn’t know who it was, and even if you were hoping it was Allison and her family you didn’t know. After a few minutes the door opened and Chris walked in. He walked closer to you and saw the handcuffs,“Where’s the key?" 

    "Across the room. In the cashbox,” you answered. Chris quickly grabbed the key and worked on your handcuffs until they came off of your wrists. 

    “Where’s Allison?” you asked as you rubbed your wrists and stood up. 

    “Outside. Fighting them off. You’re going in the car come on,” Chris told you as he ushered you out. You ran out of the room where they were fighting and waited outside for some sign that Allison was alright. 

    Finally after a few moments the Argents began coming out of the room, you held your breath as you waited for Allison to come out. As Allison walked out you felt yourself sigh out of relief. You went to walk towards her before you noticed someone behind her. You went to go warn her when you saw the werewolf grab a hold of her neck and tears cloud your vision until you only see a blurry mess of red. 

    You wipe away the tears from your cheeks and scream,“Allison!” You go to run towards her but you feel someone wrap their arms around your torso and pull you back from her. Your body drops into their arms and you feel yourself dragged into the car, but the only thing you can think about is Allison. 

The last time it happened, a part of you was scared that you would never find Allison again. But despite that every time you went somewhere new you kept an eye out for the brunette. 

    You still remembered it clearly. You shut your locker and held your books to your chest as you walked towards your next class. You heard a new soft voice and you looked around. You glanced in the direction of the noise and your breath hitched as you recognized who it was. You waited for the teacher to walk away from her before you had to stop yourself from running towards her. “Allison?” you called out as you got closer to her. 

    Allison’s head snapped towards yours and a bright smile spread across her face,“Y/N," 

    That had been almost two years ago. The longest that you and Allison had enough time to be together. You both ended up joining Scott’s pack, Allison had taught you how to fight with different weapons and she used her bow and arrow. You had just fought off an Oni when you glanced back towards Allison, just in time to see the Oni’s sword go through her. 

    You screamed as you ran towards her. Allison fell and you got there just in time to grab a hold of her torso. "Allison,” you mumbled as you tried to ignore the tears in your eyes,

    “It’s alright Y/N. It doesn’t hurt,” Allison whispered with a small smile on her face,“It’s alright. I’ve lost you before and you’ve lost me. But every single time we lose each other we end up finding each other again," 

    "I love you Allison,” you whispered as you stroked the hair away from her face. 

    “I love you too Y/N. And we’ll see each other again. Because every moment I have with you is worth it all,” Allison whispered with a smile.     You smiled back at her and nodded,“We’ll be together again," 

    Allison smiled warmly at you before you felt her body weaken and she finally closed her eyes. You let out a sob before you felt Chris pull you back, ready to tell you the lie for the police. 

“”“A special message to my beloved sisters please must read and share”“”.
There is a kind of Muslim Men who let a girl gets attached to him,
He promises her marriage while he is not ready yet for marriage,
He is still studying or he doesn’t have the necessary means for starting a family or he is not responsible yet !
He communicates with her through Mobile Or Net , etc…
the poor girl starts to build dreams of a happy house under which they will both live.
After a few months of this relationship,
He realizes that he committed a big mistake !
he decides to end this relationship.
And the heart of the poor girl who got attached to him will be broken forever,
All her dreams will be crashed.
So this is a message for every Muslimah :
Dear Sister
For the Sake Of ALLAH,
Never let your heart get involved in any relationship which ALLAH doesn’t Bless.
For the Sake Of ALLAH, don’t start a relationship with him no matter how righteous he seems to you !
He would never let his sister have a boy friend but it’s ok for him to have you as his girlfriend
You father has surely went through a lot to raise you to be a good Muslim-ah
and obedient daughter.
Respect that,
don’t betray his trust to you !
For the Sake Of ALLAH,
Don’t find excuses to yourself to continue this relationship with him !
Go back to your purity and to what makes a Muslim girl unique among all the women on earth.
May ALLAH SWT Guide Us to do the Right thing that Pleases HIM,