poor gill


Devastating to plants and players alike: Rafael Nadal accidentally smacks a plant with his forehand while waiting in the tunnel before his match against Gilles Simon. (x)

anonymous asked:

So like... what are you debating exactly XD?◇Jonah's mod◇

I’m trying to figure out who to send his way. :P On one hand, I feel like poor Gills is being neglected and should get some interaction. On the other hand, I think it might be interesting to see how your jackass (who I love) would interact with my asshats, the trio. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


didnt manage to finish these sketches for @jaderoseweek day two, but here they are anyway!

jade is a mermaid and rose is a human, which can be. difficult. after an unfortunate argument, they both make very rash decisions. jade swims off to mother dearest, betty crocker the sea witch, to get herself some legs - meanwhile, rose is invoking the power of the elder gods to get some gills. poor communication kills. 

now jades feet wont stop bleeding, and rose cant see that well, but they can tough it out im sure! 

hamiltoncurrentmayor said: /pats chair/ Come sit down next to me. Now, you are coming to that age where you are going to get married and have children. Which is want I want. But I have something to teach you. I need to teach the ways to impregnant a woman.

*takes a seat, instinctively crossing his legs as he does* *he rolls his eyes a bit when he hears about marriage and children* Father, I thought we’ve covered thi— *chOKES* whAT—?!!