poor gabi

Well, that’s the most heartbreaking chapter of SnK since chapter 48

(for me anyways.) Child soldiers… Reiner’s awful father and Reiner’s desperate, childlike hope, and seeing that same innocence reflected in Gabi’s desire to inherit the Armored Titan… and Reiner pushing Falco to do for Gabi what Marcel did for Porco… it’s all so brutal and so unfair.

And if you think about it, the people on Paradis too use child soldiers–of course, there is the (important) factor that they are clearly being used to save their people as opposed to forcing children to commit genocide against their own people, but it’s so tragic that they’re in that position in the first place. And while the people on Paradis are thus far, far more sympathetic than the Marley (who currently have little sympathy from me), it adds to the already present theme that in war, you become like your enemy (like in how Bertolt, Reiner, and Annie killed Marco, and then the Survey Corps killed Bertolt in a clear parallel scene).

War is cruel. War is especially cruel to children no matter what side they’re on, and that’s true in our world and in SnK. The whole situation is just very sad.

Someone please stop the Marley from hurting any more people.

I have way too much time on my hands (part 3)...

Poor Gaby. She did not fare as well on Faceapp as her UNCLE partners, mainly because I could not find a good front facing photo of her that wasn’t partially obscured by sunglasses, a hat or a scarf. Damn accessories.

The original photo:

Gorgeous Gaby. Now…

Old Filter:

Oh man. There’s something really off about this and I’m not sure if it’s the aged face with the shoulders of a 20-something or the fact that elderly Gaby hasn’t changed her hairstyle since 1963.

Young Filter:

Young filter didn’t do much, maybe because Alicia already looks exceptionally young? She looks sadder for some reason. Poor baby Gaby.

Female Filter: 

Extra-Feminine Gaby looks like a frightened Real Doll.

Male Filter:

NO idea what the f is going on here. Did they put a helmet on her??? What’s with the elf ears???

Spark (beautify) Filter:

Spark didn’t do much (once again bc already gorgeous). Lips are a bit more Kardashian…?

Smile Filter:

NOOOOOOO. Stop, enough. I don’t even know wtf Faceapp thought it was doing here. If this app did this to one of my own photos, I’d immediately delete it from my phone bc this is just insulting.

Dat snaggle tooth tho…


I hope you enjoyed this series of bullshit!

This was a surprise gift from my two online children! I’m always mothering people, I think poor Gabi and Az get it more than most! ( how do you guys put up with my nagging? )

I was super brave on Monday ( actually I was a total wimp ) and they teamed up and spoil me by drawing my AU Leo when I got home! ahh ;_; I’m not worthy! they surprised me with this and I died.

So the lineart is by @ninjazure and the colouring is by @sassatello TY both. <3 <3 you’re so sweet! mother is proud! had to post this, I mean look at it!