poor fp

Everyone watched the full scene right?Everyone saw Joaquin’s little heart broken “He really likes me” right? Joaquin genuinely cares about and likes Kevin and now they both have ties to the main storyline which means more screentime! I just hope they don’t drag the ‘con’ storyline along for too long otherwise it’ll be too late

Me, scrolling through the Kevin x Joaquin / Joavin tag and all i see is Joaquin hate:

“Joaquin is playing Kevin”

He is not, look at this

That,  my friend, is a look of love

Also look at him at the end (of 1x08):

After confessing that Kevin likes him, for real, and that he might like Kevin too, for real guess what FP’s reaction is?

Its to laugh at him

This poor boy, who’s very young and maybe naive got into a situation way over his head because of the obvious influence of FP and now because of FP’s power over him he cant exit the situation even though its clear he wants to because he’s starting to fall for Kevin just as much as Kevin is falling for him and doesn’t want to hurt him

*some snarky comment about being the avatar*

Korra animation I made! this one took a lot less effort than the tokyo ghoul one… I’m finding more ways to be lazy. Referenced from a scene in Gurren Lagann with Kamina, unfortunately cant find a gif of the scene, but it’s like ep 3 or something. It’s weird to see this in 15 fps, my poor laptop can only play it back at 10 or 11 when I have the program open.

  • FP: </b> doesn't talk to me for an hour<p/><b>Me:</b> ,,,no,,, fucj you,,,,,no please come back,, no,, fuck you for mistreating me,,,, please come back.,,,,no, fu<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

But tell me why I really want a scene between Hiram and FP? Like when FP gets out of jail, Hiram offers him a position as head henchman (please don’t tell me Hiram Lodge DOESN’T have henchmen on his payroll) and FP tells him politely to fuck off. I imagine high school was one giant pissing contest for FP and he liked to challange Hiram all the time because everyone likes a good rich kid/poor kid dynamic. Like FP never even had anything against the guy, he just loved to be up against him to prove that money isn’t everything (even when he had no shot at winning).

“Hey Fred. I’m challenging Hiram to a pick up game after school.”

“FP, you don’t know how to play basketball.”

“What about a drag race this weekend?”

“The Volkswagon doesn’t even go more than 20 miles an hour.”

“…keg stand?”

“Yeah, okay. You’ll definently win that.”

Am I going to get this? Of course the fuck not. We know these two had business together but somehow I already know they’ll never interact. Damn Riverdale.

Protect Jughead and Bughead 2k17

Wow. What an episode. Poor FP!! He’s just trying to be a better man for his son and he gets blamed and framed!

I’m sorry, I liked Veronica she reminded me of Jen from Dawsons Creek but now I’m firmly on the anti Veronica train… she could not have given less of a shit about Jughead, Betty and FP.

I mean the fact she seemed disappointed that her friend and best friends boyfriends dad wasn’t a murderer made me so mad!! Like how selfish can you be?! Jughead has been homeless and blamed for Jason himself and he’s finally got some stability and she wants the one bit of family he has to be guilty of murder so she can tell mommy I told you so! Fuck her seriously.

On a lighter note (not really) how amazing was Cole and Lili in this episode? I truly felt so sorry for Betty to have such shitty friends who didn’t even stick up for her and tell Jughead she wasn’t in on their stupid plan.

Cole, oh man, Cole. Wow did he make me cry yet again with his ability to show Jugheads heartbreak within the first minute he hears the news that his friends betrayed him, then when he heard about FP. I was sobbing along with him when he got to the trailer and started trashing it. I mean just 👏👏 somebody give that man all the awards right now because he is beyond amazing. I cannot wait for next week’s episode and for Bughead to possibly exchange I love yous!!

Oh yeah I forgot……


Omg the Promo 2x08

Father-Son bike ride

Fp thinks Jughead needs to get out of town . Go to college somewhere they won’t be always judged 😭😭😭 My poor babies.

Cheryl’s gonna give Fp a hard time at work .. yikes🙁 I don’t blame her for having a grudge.. but I’m not happy either 😣

So Cheryl likes Josie ?

Veronica has commitment issues ? 🤔or is she just not ready for the L word

And overall more Fp next episode means more Southside Serpents right ??? 🐍 Saw Toni.

Can’t wait till the next episode !!

me: *wants to be comforted*
person: how do I comfort you
me: do it exactly like this. this helps me 100% of the time. gurantee
person: *does it exactly like that*
me: nope since I had to tell you,a person with no experience with having a loved one with a mental illness, how to handle me, a person you have no experience handling, this technique no longer works and I’ve manipulated you
me: I’m a shit person
me: also now I’m going to be unreasonably angry and resentful towards you haha
me: and I can’t change how I feel about it. bye person: ??????????



To avoid complete spoilers, I’ve only picked 50 (to me, most interesting) questions at random to translate. For MAMI’s SCANDAL Pia solo interview, click HERE.

―― How often are the members with each other?

Practially everyday! On off-days, we’ll all go for meals, and even if we don’t meet, we’ll keep in contact with one another.

―― What do you want to do this Summer?

I want to go to festivals! Fireworks! Yukata!

―― What are the good and bad points of the members?

HARUNA: The fact that she’s thoughtful about both her good and bad points TOMOMI: Her good point is that she’s skillful with anything and everything. Her bad point is that she’s negative about herself. RINA: Her good point is that she always communicates herself clearly. Her bad point is that her mood comes out easily in her attitude.

―― What band or group have you got your eyes on right now?


―― What brands do you like? It should be one that most people can afford!

Candy Stripper, RNA

―― What artist will you like to appear with together at a live or event in future? Won’t you make it a SCANDAL rock fes?

aiko-san, Sheena Ringo-san. I simply just want to stand on the same stage, to watch the live, as I’m simply just a huge fan. If it’s a ROCK FES we organise, if you would definitely please come! You must!!

―― What songs do you often sing at karaoke sessions?

'Futari’ / aiko

―― Is SCANDAL against dating? Do you have any hopes to get married? Any ideal proposal in mind?

As a woman, I want to get married, but I don’t want any surprise proposals or anything like that. It’s embarassing.

―― Isn’t your hair damaged?

It is! Whenever I go to the salon, I get a treatment done.

―― What’s your secret to maintaining your beauty and style?

Whenever I think, “I’ve ate too much!”, I’ll watch out the amount of food I eat the next day, I guess…

―― What’s MAMI’s Puzzles and Dragons ranking?


―― If you do a dinner show, what’s a song you’ll definitely want to sing?

'Kimi to Yoru to Namida’

―― What’s the song you listened to at your most troubled time, up till now?

'Missing’ / ELLEGARDEN

―― What is SCANDAL to MAMI?

My life, all of my youth

―― What is SCANDAL’s current goal, after going through so much up till now?

We haven’t decided on one. We’ll be doing all that we can!

―― What’s a live scene that left the greatest impression to you?

At our first-ever Osaka-jo Hall performance, when all of the audience sang along to our first number, 'SCANDAL BABY’! We felt the love. I was really, really happy, that I stopped for a moment there.

―― What do you think is your role in SCANDAL? (Like, for example, sexiness representative).

Mother. Whenever we get such questions, the answer that comes most from the members is that, mother.

―― You’ve got the songs, 'OSAKA’, and 'TOKYO’. What will you all sing next?


―― A word to all your fans.

I’m thankful to have met everyone. Thank you for always following SCANDAL! Kindly look over us from here on too.

―― Whenever you return to Nagoya, where would you definitely go?

Komeda Coffee.

―― What Anime do you like? And Manga?

For Anime, it’s 'Bakemonogatari’. For manga, it’s 'Dead Dead Demons Dededededestruction’.

―― What movie do you want to watch now?

her / Sekai de Hitotsu no Kanojo

―― The next time you dye your hair, what colour will it be? What is your favourite hair colour up till now?

I haven’t decided on my next hair colour yet! The ones I like are the purples and blues, the cool colours.

―― What do you use for your make-up?

My base is IPSA. For the eyeshadow, blusher and mascara, it depends on my mood then!

―― What’s your secret to writing a good song?

Don’t ever ignore the lyrics that come naturally with a melody, and vice versa. That’s one of the biggest points for when I’m in midst of song-making.

―― Why do you like coriander that much?

I can’t get enough of the smell and taste that hits my nose, the moment it enters my mouth and when I bite into it.

―― If you could do a live with Foo Fighters, which song would you like to perform together?

“Bridge Burning”. That phrase was way too cool…

―― Tell us 3 guitar chords that you like!

E / CM7 / D

―― What’s a game genre that you don’t usually play and that you want to try playing?

I’m poor at FPS (first-person shooter), so I’ll like to conquer that. If I’m not in a third-person point of view, I just can’t operate it well.

―― Are the lyrics to your love songs from personal experience?

Be it personal experience, imagination and ideals, it all goes in.

―― What’s the first song you played when you first started out on the guitar?

“Good-bye days” / YUI

―― What songs are the most fun for you when playing the guitar?

“Image”, “SUKI-SUKI”

―― What would you do, if tomorrow, you find your entire wealth to be gone?

I’ll sell everything that can possibly be sold from my house.

―― What food could you eat for 3 meals a day, for 1 weeks?


―― What do you do before you sleep?


―― Do you think you’ll see an increase in any effectors next time?

I want lots of FUZZ. I want to make a FUZZ specialty effector board (I’ll probably only use 1 or 2).

―― What have the members ever done that allowed you to feel the love from them?

When I was hospitalised. Even when they were overseas, there was a time difference and they were busy, they’ll always be concerned.

―― What set your heart pounding lately?

When my friend sent me a video of his/her cat that he/she started taking care of recently. It was a black kitten that was just born. Since we were saying that it looks like a small bear, it was namely kuma (bear).

―― If you could use a kanji to represent yourself?


―― If you could speak to animals, what sort of animal would you like to speak to?

Since I’ve been told I’m like a cat, I’ll like to speak to them. I want to know the feelings of cats.

―― You’ve been told often that you have amazing hand muscles, but how’s your wrist strength?

The last time I got it tested was back in high-school. I think it was Left: 31, Right: 29…

―― What points do you like about the members?

HARUNA: The way she munches as she’s eating, TOMOMI: The fact that she accompanies me to escape game and roller-coaster rides, RINA: She compliments all the songs that I made.

―― What’s a country you wish to play live in?

No matter which country it is, I’ll love to go!! But I’ll like to go for Brazil or Chile, the South American region. And Russia too. Once in a while, I get told that I have a Russian-type face, although I don’t feel I do very much. That’s what I think.

―― Which member looks like she’ll be scary if she got angry?

TOMOMI. I’ve never seen her being extremely angry before.

―― When you’re old, what do you think you’ll be doing?

I can’t imagine it, but I hope to live while being surrounded by cats.

―― Let us in on the music you regularly listen to, and the bands you like.

Recently, I’ve been listening to Awesome City Club. When I want to liven up my mood, it’ll be the Foo Fighters.

―― What books did you read when you were a kid? What books have you read lately?

I’ve liked manga ever since I was young, and read “What’s Michael?” and “BONOBONO” etc. Recently, I’ve read Ozaki Sekaikan-san’s “Yusuke”.

―― What’s the best thing about having formed the band, SCANDAL?

I’ve gotten a place where I belong.

―― Which prefecture would you like to take a trip to with the members?

We’ve all always been saying it since last time, and they’re the hot springs. So firstly, it’ll be from some place near, Kanagawa prefecture’s Hakone. We can go instantly, and we shall.

―― What’s the greatest failure story up till now?

When I was in year 1 of middle school, I got my very first mobile phone. I was way over my head then and overused it, and my bill that month was several tens of thousands, which angered my family.

Translations & photos by fyscandalband. To purchase, click HERE. More to come.