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You were the first to ask me if I’m okay. It’s not even a big deal, but those words…strangely comforted me.

I hope Aaron Tveit will never have the idea of making a cover of “Leave” from Once, because I think that hearing him almost screaming “Let go of my hand” would brutally murder all of our poor enjoltaire feelings.  

Edit since many people have pointed it out: I know George Blagden made the cover, I was listening to his version when I thought about it. I just think that considering it from Enjolras’ point of view  would be even worse ╮(─▽─)╭

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Excuse me Wil, i see you wrote that Marvin is definitely in your top five robots. However further into the post you listed your top five robots and poor Marvin wasn't in the list. I know we are all human and make mistakes. I just wanted to point out the issue so that you have an opportunity to correct or edit the post if you feel it is needed. Hope all is well with you

I left him off because I knew it would make him miserable, which is actually what he would be expecting, which would make him happy.

Next Door Neighbor (Jack Maynard)

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I can’t believe it, my best friend just bailed on me for her boyfriend. I even got us Chinese take out. Some friend she is!

I make my way to the elevator, heading to my flat. On the way there I wait wondering what I’m going to do with all this food. Now don’t get me wrong I love food but this is different, I ordered so much since tonight was a girls night.

I step out of the elevator and find my neighbor, Jack in the process of unlocking his door. He looks at me and smirks.

“Oh what a legend! You shouldn’t have!” He says looking at the takeout. In return I give him a huge grin. 

“You know…” I look down at the takeout. “You could come and join me, my friend bailed for her boyfriend.” I finish with a shrug.

“You know what I’ll take you up on that offer, but first let me go take a quick shower.” He points to his sweaty gym clothes. I give him a nod and head to my flat. Once inside I quickly change from my sweats to a pair of skinny jeans. I go out into the living room and clean up the clutter. What, I don’t what him to think I’m a slob. Jack is a very handsome man and I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t attractive.

When I was moving in so was Jack. We helped each other move into our new flats which then created a small friendship, although I wish it were more but we all can’t have what we want. A knock interrupts my small daydream.

“Come in. It’s unlocked!” I yell. I then walk into the kitchen and prepare our plates. The front door closes and Jack walks into the kitchen. He’s wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt, not bad. I quickly look up not wanting him to notice me staring, but I think he caught me with that big smirk of his. 

“Water?” I ask holding two glasses.

“Yes, that sounds marvelous.” He says sitting down on the bar stool. I poor us a both our waters and hand him his glass. We then make our way into the living room.

“Oh how’d you know?” He says looking at his plate. 

“What?” I ask confused.

“This is exactly what I get when I order Chinese.” He points at his food.

“Oh this is what I always get. I guess great minds think alike.” I shrug.

“In deed they do.” He cheers with his glass of water.

“So how’s youtube?” I casually ask.

“Meh. It’s alright, just got back from Amsterdam. Got a lot of editing do to.” He sighs.

“Yeah, I feel ya. I’m going to be leaving for Brighton in two weeks, so that’ll be fun.” I say half sarcastically, not looking forward to the packing.

“Oh. What for?” He takes a bite of his rice.

“Well I do photography and this couple asked me to come down and take photographs during their wedding.” I say excitedly. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. 

“Wow. I didn’t know you did photography.” He says surprised.

“Yeah, I actually met up with the Dolan twins, last year to take some pictures of them when I went to the states.” I then eat my last crab rangoon.

“Sick!” He replies. After a minute of silence I’ll tell you now I was not ready for what Jack was about to say.

“So are you doing anything this weekend?” I look up to see him looking a bit nervous. Hmm.

“No, why?” I furrow my eyebrows.

“Well I was thinking, if you want of course, you and I could go out to this one new restaurant on Saturday?” He clears his throat. 


“As in a date?” I ask, surprised at how calm I was.

He hesitated for a moment.

“Yes.” He says hopefully.

“I’d love to.” I say looking down.

“Really!?” I look up.

“Yes really.” I say with a laugh.

“I guess it’s a date then.” He smirks.

“It’s a date!” I smirk back.

I guess we can have what we want.

Beach House (Pt. II)

Title: Beach House (Pt. II)

Pairing: Tyler/Reader

Warnings: Not much really, I mean I couldn’t really have it get too kinky, because it’s the poor kid’s first time, so have patience lol.

A/N: I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this, ya’ll let me know what you think.  Also, Tumblr crashed when I finished editing this, so this is the second fucking time and I’m mildly displeased, in case you couldn’t tell.

Sidenote, here is the link to Beach House (Pt. I) for all you lazy motherfuckers.  I would recommend reading it first, but hey, it’s your world and I’m just livin’ in it so do whatever the fuck you want.

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Superhero AUs #10

Anti-hero and Anti-villain Edition

From my understanding, an anti-hero is a protagonist with poor morals e.g. writing from a villain’s POV, and an anti-villain is a law-abiding citizen with decent morals that is opposing the protagonist. I’ve scattered examples of both through these (I hope) but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

- ‘Some might think of me as an antihero, a true protector of the masses. A silent but deadly watchman’ AU

- ‘And the rest of us know exactly what you are: a total dick’ AU

- ‘Wait, are you telling me that the League are paying you to save lives?’ AU

- ‘Yeah, pretty much. I also accept tips, and since I just saved your life…I take wire transfers’ AU

- 'The media may frame me as a villain, but I’m the only hero my people have’ AU

- 'Okay, I get that you’re protecting the people you love, and I get that a lot of people want to hurt them, but could you please stop blowing up public monuments because it’s really not helping your case’ AU

- 'If I don’t steal this virus, a lot of people are going to die so could you stop trying to arrest me long enough for me to get it out of here I’d be really bloody grateful’ AU

- 'The law is there for a reason, and due process is what saves people’s lives, so no, I will not let you steal this’ AU

- 'I’m going to take down the corrupt, dangerous league of heroes with six rubber bands and a paper clip if it kills me’ AU

- 'I just got inducted into the hero’s league and assigned to take you out, but despite thwarting you at every turn I’m starting to think you’re right about the heroes’ AU

- ‘I steal valuable items and sell them on the black market, then donate the proceeds to children’s hospitals in memory of my childhood best friend. You’re a cop and I think you’ve figured out my secret…well there goes all my street cred’ AU
- ‘Aw man, now I don’t want to arrest you’ AU

- ‘If you kill a killer, there’s still the same amount of killers in the world’ AU
- ‘Not if I kill a couple dozen killers, there won’t be’ AU

- ‘I’m a hero I swear, but by god I have a lot of trespassing and property damage charges against me, and now this DI won’t stop trying to arrest me’
- ‘I don’t care if the rest of the force thinks your illegal behaviour is somehow justified, I will uphold the law and I will get you to a courtroom if it’s the last thing I do’ AU

- ‘…you’re helping to save the world? You? The ultimate supervillain?’ AU
- ‘Look. I don’t want to be here. I especially don’t want to be helping the heroes. But goddammit, this is my planet too, and if I have to save everyone else’s ass to save my own, then so be it’ AU

- ‘I used to be a hero. Then you killed my team’ AU
- ‘Oh shit’ AU

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“In the fairy tales, the poor girl smiles when she becomes a princess. Right now, I don’t know if I’ll ever smile again.” 

GUYS my friend @red-queen-em-for-a-dream made this edit of me as Mareena Titanos (Mare obviously) and it makes me so happy! I hope something like this becomes a reality someday. Thank you lovely for making my day! @red-queen-em-for-a-dream

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loooollllll does anyone realize how much money we’re going to spend this year? give or take, we’ve got:

  • harry’s album: between $10-$70, depending on packages
  • harry’s merch: probably between $20-$60
  • harry’s tour: (roughly) $40 - $115
  • niall’s album: $15+ dollars, depending on packages
  • niall’s merch: again, probably between $20-$40ish
  • niall’s tour: $30/$40+
  • liam’s album: tba
  • liam’s merch: tba 
  • liam’s tour: tba
  • louis’s album: tba
  • louis’s merch: tba
  • louis’s tourdates: tba

EDIT: it’s come to my attention i didn’t include travel prices. perhaps i was trying to be merciful on us all, but. alas. so depending on method of transportation that could be anywhere from $30 (gas prices, if you live in an economically sound area) - $2/400+ (for plane/train tickets)

i mean… the deluxe edition of MITAM alone was $32 but i could buy like 48 copies of MITAM with the amount of money i am going to willingly give to 1D is going to steal from me so??? i don’t know what the point of this post is except that it was cheaper being a 1D stan than it is to be a solo!direction stan and we could easily spend $500-$1000+ on these losers*, so if 1D love me they will return asap thank you 

*i mean that in the most loving way possibly but seriously i’m poor what are you doing


#when you know someone is lying about their feelings for someone #but you gotta be lowkey about it


This scene still breaks my heart.

Matteo: Luna, I want to know the truth. I want you to look me into the eyes and say what you feel for me.

Luna: Matteo, listen… I think that nothing can happen between us.

Matteo: Do you really think that ?

Luna: Matteo… Listen. It’s better that we stay friends like we are now.

Matteo: No.

The extent of reposting

You’ve been warned

This will be a really long post, and I’ll be addressing one account in particular, but will be referring to multiple accounts along the way. This is just a small, tiny part of the reposting community, and if you’re an artist who wants to protect their art, please continue reading as I will be showing proof that, reposters do not win. This is your art, your creation. Not theirs. 

Let’s say hello to this person:

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I have to admit, the time I spent on type-setting is even longer than the time I did on drawing X’D

Probably many of you expect Kougyoku to be jealous or heart-broken right? Too bad :P. I prefer her being oblivious to Aladdin’s feeling. I think she would probably react like this in canon, knowing she can have a new friend XD! But lonely too since she’s the only one without true love.

And poor Aladdin, he’s just got “potential future boyfriend of potential-future friend”-zoned. Life can’t be worse for the little Magi when Kougyoku has already mastered the art of rejection.

As always, I hope you enjoy my little doujinshi and please do not repost :3

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We should feel sorry for the poor kaiseal shippers, because how stupid and blind can you be to believe that they are really dating when in fact kai probably doesn't even know her Korean name :(, they are sad souls.

I should feel sorry for them, shouldn’t I? Because just how desperate must a person be to make an edit of nonexistent couple as newlyweds? 

Plus, let’s not forget about the fact that just yesterday he was holding hands with this one beautiful guy (his real boyfriend) but he never held hands with her or went out with her after that one photoshoot that happened more than a year ago. And those shippers still think it’s real. That’s just… sad. 

Bad manga week
• Bleach: too many Ichi/hime scenes, I want Rukia back!

• SnK: Armin’s dead

• Escape Journey: Taichi being a jerk towards Naoto

• Saezuru: Doumeki and Yashiro’s painful expressions are more than enough to express my feelings

• Ten Count: don’t know why exactly, but Kurose’s creeping me out

• Mou Ichido, Nando Demo: Fujii forgetting about Kotou and convincing himself he’s in love with Kotou’s twin sister

• Romantic Joutou: yay, another emotional rollercoaster! *sarcasm*

• 19 days: bad feeling about Jian Yi

• Bokura no Negai: will we ever be able to see Ryou and Hayato together?


• Caste Heaven: more twisted, fucked up and yandere semes with no intention whatsoever to show their true feelings to their ukes. Is this a high school or a mental institute?

Dear authors, could you please stop crushing my poor heart?

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Things in Fanfiction that Can Be Problematic and/or Just Wrong

So these are just a few of the things I’ve noticed, but feel free to take everything with a grain of salt. These are just my personal opinions and beliefs. I’ll admit right now that I’ve written a lot of these things before too. (To be honest, I know I’ve said this a lot of times before, but I’ll say it again: I’d edit and/or completely rewrite most of my stories if I had the time.) That’s just me. I can’t speak for all the other writers. However, it’s important that the fanfiction community know why certain things in fanfiction are problematic and/or wrong.

1. Inaccurate descriptions of sex. Most people don’t orgasm so easily and for most women it takes more than just really quick and hard penetration to orgasm. You don’t always bleed your first time if you are turned on enough and your partner is being gently and caring enough. And most people don’t cry out like porn stars and cuss every single time they have sex! Don’t rely on porn for sex tips, most of the time they’re overreacting and staged sex isn’t the same as real intimate sex. (I might do a separate mini sex education blog later.) Please learn a little about anatomy and how sex really works…

2. Way too much sex. People have a limit you know. And generally the older you get and the more sex you have, the less easily turned on you are.

3. Where’s the plot? I mean, I see the violence and the smut, but where’s the actual story? (Personal tip: reading real novels is always a good way to get plot inspiration, and it will increase your grammar and vocabulary too!)

4. Violent and rape everywhere. Not everyone is a psychotic stalker. And gangs and mob bosses don’t always have to be the main characters. Most importantly, violence and rape as main plot devices could sometimes be okay-ish if it’s done properly with lots of explanations of why people are the way they are and a full out realistic recovery process for the victim. But unless you’ve been in the situation yourself or have done A LOT of research, writing something so horrible like that won’t be realistic and could leave people with a bad taste in their mouth and wrong impressions of many things.

Violence and cruelty are not normal behaviors. The bottom line is rape should never be justified. There is no excuse. Once a rapist, always a rapist. Sadistic behaviors are generally abnormal and once a rapist gets away with their actions, it becomes a repeated trigger for them (for example, dogs have to be put down after they bite a human because they’ll keep doing it). Please don’t let your characters stay with abusive partners. Don’t let people think it’s okay or that everyone will change for someone they supposedly ‘love’.

As for emotionally unstable, criminally insane, anti-social characters and characters of the like, my biggest pet peeve is that they’re not usually written with enough depth. They just simply appear as a villain with little to no back story most of the time.

5. Being queer/gay/LGBT is the most easily accepted thing everywhere. Wrong.  Maybe if you’re really lucky, every single person in your whole entire extended family would be completely okay with it and totally supportive, but what about the rest of the community? The rest of the world? For those who are struggling with their identity, they might have unrealistic expectations because of fanfics. Homophobic people are everywhere. That is the sad truth. 

But then again, there are also allies. And not everyone is completely on one side or the other. It’s a mixed bag. It’s important to portray variety. Overall, while I acknowledge that it’s okay to write about ideal situations, it bothers me that a lot of us write about the LGBT scene in South Korea without a full grasp of its complexity.

Also, the term ‘gay’ doesn’t cover the whole entire LGBTQA+ spectrum. Please look at reliable online resources for full break down of what each term means. Gender and sexuality can be both complicated and fluid. People can also change their identity, self-expression, and preferences over time as they learn more about themselves and experience new things.

6. Predictability. I shouldn’t feel like I know everything that will happen, but please also don’t use random violence and/or sex as plot devices. A story DOES NOT need sex and violence to be good! Repeat: a story DOES NOT need sex and violence to be good.  Also, why is everyone only either dirt poor or filthy rich? Where’s the freakin’ huge middle class? And please don’t play into stereotypes. There’s so much more to every single person than only one characteristic and/or emotion.

7. Where’s the continuity? Please read over your own writing or have someone edit for you so that the whole story makes sense all together and you don’t contradict yourself.

8. Where’s the character development? Do the characters, or at least just the main character, learn nothing from their experiences in the story? If they’re still exactly the same, then what was the main impact of the story?

9. Usually, the most smutty, violent, predictable, cheesy, or just horribly written stories become the most popular. I guarantee to you if you bookmark these stories and come back to them when you’re 30 years old or older with a family, a romantic or sexual partner, and some real life experience, you’ll realize that life isn’t like fanfiction and that most of the most popular stories aren’t the best stories you’ve ever read (unless you read nothing except for fanfiction?? >.<)

I’ll stop there. I might add on or edit later. Once again, these are just my views and experiences as a queer demisexual, liberal, feminist, twenty-year-old university student.

Chasing The Sun (Cover)
Selma the sad chicken
Chasing The Sun (Cover)

Okay so I found out that @lumiereswig is a Sara Bareilles fan and I SQUEALED because so am I!!!! And yeah I made this for you, @lumiereswig, because you were feeling a bit down and idk, I just thought of you and grabbed my ukulele and improvised and voilà!

(please forgive the poor quality, the dogs barking in the distance and the door slamming at some point)

EDIT: oh and also give it a few seconds, i know it sounds shaky at first but it gets better lmao

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Hey LeslieLu, do you have any advice about making OCs? I have trouble creating them because I can't decide whether to plan out how they look, their personality, or their background. :'3

Oh what a cute icon you have!! <3

I’m not super sure on what you’re trying to ask specifically so I’ll just spew out all the random information I have about creating original characters. OKAY OKAY SO….

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from Invincible Iron Man #3 (2016)

“I might not actually have a lot of friends.”
     -You do.
“I know a lot of people but… People don’t want to hear me talk about any of my problems because- - Well…”
     -You’re rich.
“I can see their eyes glaze over. I can hear the ‘Aw, Poor Baby.’ Like my problems aren’t problems.”