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Poor Sam Special Edition

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We all know that in Destiel fics Sam’s luck is sometimes very… Well, let’s say that there are times when I wouldn’t want to be in Sam’s pants. Oh, wait. Yes I would. 




Sorry, I got distracted. Not gonna happen again. Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my favorite fics that gives me the ultimate “poor Sam” feeling. Hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do! - Admin J

Title: Sam Accidentally Sees the Whole Picture

Author: almaasi

Rating: Explicit

Words: 10,405 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Hahaha, what can I say? Poor Sam. Why this is something I could really, really imagine to happen in the show?

Summary: Sam’s been through a lot lately, what with tonight’s hunt rendering his skin an aching shade of purple and all. He can deal with Dean being overly concerned about Cas’ broken finger, and - God help him - he puts up with the sound of their preposterously soppy love confessions and first kisses on the adjacent bed. But he cannot be expected to remain silent and feign sleep throughout the entire duration of their first-ever lovemaking session. He just can’t. Especially not, because it seems apparent that Cas is more intent on deflowering himself than letting Dean do it.

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Title: Sam Winchester Does Not Panic (Probably)

Author: ambersagen

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 17,894 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This fic makes me laugh so hard everytime I re-read it. So much fun!

Summary: On a witch hunt the boys decide to split up, and things go down hill from there. Suffice to say, Sam is not good with children and Bobby is sick of all their shit.

Or, if you prefer; the one where Cas and Dean get caught in a crazy de-aging spell and Sam is left to cope.

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Title: victorious secret

Author: mishcollin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,319 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: My notes to this fic: Only sad part in this fic was that poor Sammy didn’t wake up. I guess that says it all.

Summary: Cas has a surprise gift for Dean, which turns out nicely for both of them, in the end. (Straight-up PWP.)

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Title: The Care and Keeping of Wings

Author: nekosmuse

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 2,956 –  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Now I’ll always feel so sorry for Sam. Too many suffering Sams in one post :’D

Summary: Castiel comes back from Purgatory a little different. Sam doesn’t want to talk about it.

Aka the one where people can see Cas’ wings, Dean discovers a kink, and Sam resolves to be a good brother. Also, dust baths are had on the side of not-so-deserted highways and #angeldustbaths trends on Twitter. Utter fluffy crack.

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The Outsiders Musical- Some Lyrics

This is sung at the Nightly Double after Dally is being an asshole. YEs, I am ACTUALLY WRITING an Outsiders musical and this is proof that I am legit~

This is subject to change. This isn’t the official lyrics because I might edit them. Just so you know. This isn’t the final. It’s a rough draft. I just repeated myself.

This is long and under the cut~

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Caleb asked Terra out to the park to hang out for a bit. They walked around until Terra asked Caleb to sit on the bench so they could talk.

“Caleb, you know I have like…this stupid crush on you, right?”

“Yeah, I’ve known for years!”

“Oh, dear god.”

Terra looked away, embarrassed that he knew even though it was so obvious.

“No, no its okay! I’ve always had this like…really strong connection to you. I can’t really explain. I just, I feel like I need to protect you. And i love spending time with you and being around you. Ever since you were little.”

“Oh dear god………….i’m so dumb….of course you don’t like me, i’m 17 and you’re like, 1700, i’m so dumb.”

“No! Its okay. I love you, maybe not romantically right now but you know, I don’t age…so it could change in the future.”

Caleb smiled and Terra put her hand to her heart in relief.

“I hope so..”

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i love your art style so much!!! it's so warm & so friendly?? it just radiates the word nice?? i really would love to give Nick Nelson (best name ever. unbeatable.) a hug!! he looks like he could use one!! excellent update (poor charlie!) and good luck editing with the Book 3 Notes!! :)

oh man thanks so much, that’s such a lovely compliment!!! i’ve really been working at trying to get my art to feel soft and natural, you know?? so that’s so cool to hear :D

nick is gonna need so many hugs throughout this chapter ;_; this is gonna be a very confusing and scary time for him!!!!

and thank you!!

from Invincible Iron Man #3 (2016)

“I might not actually have a lot of friends.”
     -You do.
“I know a lot of people but… People don’t want to hear me talk about any of my problems because- - Well…”
     -You’re rich.
“I can see their eyes glaze over. I can hear the ‘Aw, Poor Baby.’ Like my problems aren’t problems.”


Skip Beat Quote: Lory Takarada Chapter 203

What a deplorable account. My account. This is certainly a shock. Now I also understand your feelings Kuu.  For this me to have been here without being able to see it all this time… -Since when may I ask have you been in love with Ren? ‘When’ you ask if I were to say, I dont know for certain… but I’d had a premonition that I will be caught is Tsuruga-san’s wicked spell…at that time…- Dark Moon! She said it was right after Katsuki’s acting test? Since that far back… I…had thought it was 'the Heel siblings’ and Mogami-kun’s shock treatment had succeeded…despite that I wasn’t able to see until that moment because I’d thought so, but my pride then got a bit bruised… but… its no comparison to now…! when I got the phone call from Mogami-kun about Ren’s unusual behaviour, I entertained suspicions…(that was the correct interpretation!)…despite that, I was throughly deceived by that girl’s acting! With this just this much, I was deceived altogether. Indeed, it’s promising isn’t it? How I’d like to polish her…into an internationally recognised actor.

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“Well you only need the light when it’s burning low,
only miss the sun when it starts to snow,
only know you love her when you let her go.

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low,
only hate the road when you’re missing home,
only know you love her when you let her go.
And you let her go”

My idea/edit, gifs not mine 

The Wish [ Chapter Three] | Naruto

prompt: See chapter one and two.

pairing: Naruto ◊ Hinata

notes: Here we are chapter three, took me a while to write it how I wanted to. I hope you all enjoyed chapters one and two, I had fun writing them. If you like what I write and want more you just have to let me know by reblogging it and liking it! (Or send me cute messages, I like those best.) 

The feeling of her in his arms again made his knees weak and his breath  catch in his throat. She was here, even if she didn’t know him, even if this wasn’t really her, she still had that same warmth about her, and the ability to grip hold of every cell in his body without letting go even if she wasn’t aware of it. 

This moment, this infinitesimal moment, meant everything to him because there was still hope to bring her back to him. 

“Hinata..I..” Strong arms wrapped around her tighter now, making her strain against him. “I..” The words caught in his throat and would stay there now because she had moved away from him, away from the warmth he wanted to give her. He was left feeling cold and unwanted, still he reached out to her, fingers still wanting to trace that beautiful skin again. 

“No,” she shook her head rapidly, lavender eyes wide, “I don’t know you." 





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11x16 Safe House


  • I feel like showing Sam to Dean/showing Dean and Sam to Bobby is a sort of missed opportunity. Those reveals, while they have some emotional impact, don’t really add something we don’t already know about the characters. It would have been nice if those reveals (since they are in the mind) could be used to to add something we didn’t know.


  • eeee queer lady!
  • aww Bobby and Rufus are super cute!
  • EHEHEHE Riggs and Murtaugh!
  • nice editing in this episode
  • Dean is super worried about Cas the poor baby
  • lol back to back catchphrases ( “Ya idjit”–cut–“son of a bitch” )
  • aww my boys
  • “You can’t save everyone” yay we’re finally coming back to this theme from the beginning of the season
  • A+ music 
  • I like the old school case feel of this episode. This whole season has been full of callbacks, but through the lens of experience or old/middle age.
  • The nest is awesome old school SPN creepy.
  • That was a nice poignant moment between Dean and Bobby. :’)
  • The way the two timelines are intertwined is very very well done, from the writing to the directing to the editing. gj everyone.
    • And the plots even intersected too! Hooray for thing outside time and space!
  • !! The bottle! From 7x12! So much continuity in this episode!


Overall, it was a solid MoTW episode that both felt like it came from an earlier season, but couldn’t have actually been from s4 or 5. It works because Dean and Sam are older, and so much emphasis has been put on their age this season, and what happens is possible to them “after.” In previous seasons, the boys had a vague sort of idea of a “normal” life, but the prospect seemed so unattainable that those dreams never really had a solid shape to them. In an episode so much about home and family, in a season where Sam talks about going to law school after, this case doesn’t feel like just another monster hunt between fighting whatever big bad is out in the world. Sam and Dean are getting older, their family is getting smaller, and what happens after is more and more important in a concrete way. 

Dean might feel an inexplicable pull toward the darkness, but he also has a very real and very explicable concern about Cas and getting Cas back from Lucifer. The Cas mentions remind us that Cas is part of the after, part of any possible happy ending. 

This episode works because Sam and Dean are more similar to Bobby and Rufus than they realize. They go through the same steps, the same lines of thought, instead of taking a more reckless option, like they might’ve done when they were younger. Where this episode fails (and I don’t think it does much) is where it doesn’t push its theme far enough. I think there were opportunities to explore the mental space of the nest that were missed. 

But I liked this one a lot, and I think it will only improve with repeat viewings.

I Saw The Light review

Okay, so here are some more put together thoughts about the movie. Although honestly this will probably be more about the performances in the film rather than the film itself. 

If you want a tl;dr version here is my final say: the movie really isn’t the best and suffers with poor editing and pacing. Also if you don’t know a lot about Hank and his life then you will be lost. Having said that the performances, especially Tom Hiddleston, is what shines in this and is a beautiful thing to watch. Do I love this film? No. But I will love the amazing and powerful performances that the actors gave us. It’s really about them, not the movie in and of itself.

You can see my other posts for more/different spoilers here:

I think Homeboy Hiddles deserves an Academy Award nod

Newborn babies + your faves

My mini review of the film here

The garage door scene

How many songs does he sing in the film? (has High-Rise stuff in there too)

When Audrey tells Hank she’s pregnant

So first off this was the closing gala film of VIFF, so before the movie even started there were a lot of speeches and some awards handed out before the movie even started. It didn’t take too long, thankfully and before the film started they actually announced that Marc Abraham, the director of ISTL, was here and he came on stage to present it. I took a quick pic just for whatever reason:

Before that they announced they had a very special guest with them to present the film and I know that if homeboy wasn’t in London with High-Rise then I may have died of anticipation to know who it would be.

Anyway, on to the film. As I touched on the subject in my mini review post the film itself isn’t the greatest, unfortunately. It really does suffer from a lot of bad pacing and editing. I feel like this film is meant for really major Hank Williams fans who know about his life because there’s a lot they jump to though the years with no explanation whatsoever. A lot of parts I was left with ‘wait, what’s going on?’ or ‘when did he do that or get to that point’. The director explained it himself that this wasn’t about the stage or his singing career exclusively, but about Hank Williams and his life, about pulling back the curtain about who the man was.

Well they did it, but unless you knew some of it already it wouldn’t make sense. If you are a new fan to Hank Williams music or have been a casual fan and just listen to his stuff without knowing a lot about him, then I feel like this is where a lot of the problems lie. This is obviously a film where if you were a hardcore fan of his you would appreciate it a lot more.


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