poor curtis


Darry-“Well Soda, screaming like a little bitch ain’t gonna get you shit”

Sodapop, shrugging-“thought I’d give it a try, it always works for Two-Bit”

Two-Bit, looking up from his beer that he screamed at Darry for 20 minutes to get for him-“im offended”

Lines that I think would hurt Darry's feelings if he read Ponyboy's theme:

“Soda tries to understand, at least, which is more than Darry does.”

“I love Soda more than I’ve ever loved anyone, even Mom and Dad.”

“Darry isn’t ever sorry for anything he does.”

“Darry doesn’t love anyone or anything, except maybe Soda.”

“Soda’s enough, and I’d have him until I got out of school. I don’t care about Darry.”

“He’s hard as a rock and about as human.”

“I hated to worry Sodapop, and would have liked to let him know I had gotten this far okay, but I didn’t care if Darry worried himself gray-headed.”

“I knew Darry as well as he knew me, and that isn’t saying a whole lot.”

muslimsmoak  asked:

Arrow Headcanon: On his first day of office, Mayor Queen showed up with baskets of homemade muffins, banana nut, chocolate chip, blueberry and more for his first meeting. He was nervous, it's his first real job, one's he making an effort at, to be more Oliver Queen. And when he's nervous, he stress bakes. (He also helps out and bakes for all the local bake sales.)

Yes! I love this headcanon.

Just imagine the day he has so many left over baked goods he has to take them to the bunker to share with the team. Diggle and Felicity don’t even question it and just shove delicious pastries in their face while Rory is slightly hesitant, Rene makes a snarky comment about the Green Arrow baking, and poor Curtis wants to stay fit, but those carbs are calling his name. 

  • Darry: Ponyboy where the hell have you been- who tf is that?
  • Ponyboy: Oh uh, this is my girlfriend.
  • Steve: how much did you pay her?
  • Ponyboy: Jesus why are ya'll so weird? We need to study we'll be in my roo-
  • Steve: Kid couldn't do that, he ain't got the balls.
  • Dally: Why tf are ya'll shouting?
  • Darry: The door better stay open when she's up there ya hear?
  • Ponyboy: omfg y'all need to chill.

Here’s one thing that’s really been bothering me… I know I posted about this before but it needs to be said again but with more detail.

I hate it when people write fanfics and make Darry abusive. If you think he’s anything like that then you have a very poor understanding of his character. In fact, you understand him even less than Ponyboy does. If you do know that he’s not like that but you write him like that anyway, you should say that Darry is OOC in this story. He’s a total sweetheart. Just because he accidentally hit Pony one time and is too hard on him sometimes, it doesn’t mean that he would ever intentionally beat on his brothers. Darry gave up so much to take care of his little brothers, which no one made him do. He works really hard every day.

I can’t stand it when people write these stories and the reviews are all like ‘I hope someone finds out about Darry’s abuse and he goes to jail’ and all that. These kind of stories make people hate him. Ugh! Some people have this crazy thought like ‘what if Soda went to war and Darry started drinking and abusing Ponyboy?’ And it’s like no. He wouldn’t. I’m fairly sure it would just make him soften up and he would try to be closer to Pony because he’s afraid of losing him too.

Darry may be big, strong, tough, strict at times and he might seem cold, but he would NEVER abuse his brothers. He’s actually really caring and sweet at heart. He would give his life for Pony and Soda.