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When Brigid first found out about Frank's death, she thought it was a JOKE. Raids had become commonplace, and she knew Fontaine had enough back doors and escape plans that the idea of Ryan having backed him into a corner was... unimaginable. But it was TRUE. Frank Fontaine was dead; it was printed in every newspaper, screamed over every public service announcement. For the sake of her JOB, Brigid put on a good face. [1/2]

[2/2] She had begged to perform the autopsy, or at least be present, but had been refused. Some nonsense excuse about a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. In the following weeks, her work became sloppy. Her lack of sleep more evident. The Sisters began to worry, and asked their mother constantly what was WRONG. Brigid mourned Frank— which only made his eventual RETURN all the more hurtful.

In which Benton and Yates understand shit and the Brig hasn't the foggiest.
  • Cho-Je: It is good that we have come to the west. You whip your poor horse too much. He gallops so that he is exhausted and yet, you know, he never leaves his stable.
  • Sarah Jane: Now what's that supposed to mean?
  • Mike Yates: I think he's saying that, er, time is an illusion.
  • --
  • Hyde: But we've done it. We shoved that vase through and brought it back, in there.
  • Brigadier: But shoved it through where, for goodness sake?
  • Sergeant Benton: Sort of through the crack between now and now, sir.
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • Brigadier: ...Scientific mumbo-jumbo...