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Get Out - Taeyong (M)

Requested: Hello! Can you pls do a smut where you wanna change TY into a monster in bed so you teamed up with Jaehyun and asked him to help you make TY jealous? Pleeaase! It’s been in my head for years, I just can’t put it into words. Thank you!! 😄

A/N: Damn, “years”… I hope I did well~ I could think of a lot of different ways to do it, but I liked this rendition best for the request^^


Word Count: 1,488

“Jaehyun” you hastily whispered, getting the brunette’s attention.

“It’ll be fine, he’ll definitely give in” Jaehyun assured, referring to the plan he had helped you come up with.

His eyes darted to Taeyong, quickly assessing. A large and warm hand came down on your thigh. Jaehyun leaned to your ear, whispering words of assurance. Your cheeks heated up at his proximity and you nodded slowly. You watched Taeyong, laughing with Mark on the couch. He turned around, feeling someone’s gaze on him and caught your eyes. He lost the smile on his face, his features morphing into a solemn, unreadable expression. His intense eyes glanced at Jaehyun’s hand, a dark expression coming over his features when he saw your flustered expression. Jaehyun whispered in your ear again, leaning closer, a small smirk playing on his lips. Your gaze hastily raked over the objects on the glass table before you, anything but Taeyong’s harsh eyes.

“Jae” you called softly.

Jaehyun cocked his head to the side, ignoring Taeyong’s obvious glare. His hand moved from your thigh to your face, brushing the hair out of the way before placing the back of his hand against your forehead.

“You’re burning up-” he teased, a wide grin stretching across his lips.

“Get up” a voice commanded.

The room became still and silent, the only sound the TV quietly humming. Mark awkwardly looked around, confused. Jaehyun smiled to himself before removing his hand from you.

“What?” he asked, an innocent tone to his voice.

“I said get up.”

Slowly Jaehyun stood up from his chair, his eyes meeting Mark’s. Mark got up slowly, unsure what to do with himself.

“Now wh-” Mark began.

He was quickly silenced by Taeyong’s icy tone.

“Now get out.”

Your eyes widened as you watched Mark and Jaehyun head toward the door, slowly finding their shoes. You gulped when you looked back to Taeyong. He had a fierce aura, it made you scared, but you also found yourself strangely enjoying it. It was exciting, enthralling. Jaehyun gave you a wink as he opened the door and headed out with Mark. You bit your lip as you watched the heavy door close, the sound of it clicking echoing through the arid room.

“Tae-” you began, unsure where to start first.

“Shut up.”

He made his way toward you, his intimidating stature leaning over your chair menacingly.

“Get up” he ordered.

You got up slowly, your eyes darting around. Was this really a good idea? He surprised you by backing you against the table. He pushed you onto the table roughly, his hands eagerly pushing your skirt up and gently rubbing your covered core. You felt anxious yet turned on at the same time, waiting for his next move. He easily brushed the fabric to the side, getting closer to you so he could whisper to you.

“You wish it was Jaehyun doing this?” he asked venomously.

You frantically shook your head, your arms wrapping around his neck automatically as his smooth fingers slid over your folds. He slipped a digit in, your arms tensing and your head falling onto his shoulder. He pulled himself from your grip, pushing you to lie down on the table. He hovered over you, one hand on the table, one touching you. He added another finger, giving generous pumps. His expression remained unfazed as he watched you squirm below him. Your lips let out a chorus of sinful cries and whines. He didn’t wait long before easily inserted a third, your mouth falling open when he continually thrust in, knuckle-deep.

“Say his name.”


“Say his name!” he yelled, his fingers mercilessly driving into you.

Your breath got caught in your throat.

“J-Jaehyu- AH~”

You were cut off, a look of irritation taking over his beautiful features as he withdrew his fingers, hastily sliding them over your slick folds. He leant to your neck, sloppily placing open-mouthed kisses as his hand between your thighs sped up, his rough finger pads electrifying you as he harshly rubbed your clit. You fisted his t-shirt, feeling yourself coming close.

“More” you whined quietly, your breathing heavy.

He gave you more, and you came, calling out his name with hot eyes. Your hand automatically grabbed his wrist, trying to still him. But he continued, making you convulse with every movement. Words you never thought you would hear from him poured from his mouth, slut shaming you. His hand finally left you and he stood straight. You closed your eyes, bringing your legs up to the table, closing your thighs as you tried to regain your breathing.

“Don’t move” and with that he vanished.

You took off your thin jacket, your phone sliding out of the pocket and onto the hardwood table. You tossed the jacket to the ground, the room feeling too hot. You couldn’t take it and lazily managed to take off your t-shirt. You smiled to yourself, basking in the aftermath. You heard him coming back and hid your smile.

It seemed he had taken off his shirt while he was gone. He speedily undid his jeans, letting them pool at his feet as he pushed them down.

“That was-” you began, your smile coming back.

“I don’t want to fucking hear it” he snapped, his underwear quickly joining his jeans. He ripped open the small, metallic packet. That’s what he went to get-

Your propped up legs were pulled from the table, making you let out a surprised cry. His hands guided them to wrap around his waist as he lined up with your opening. He began his journey in, your slick heat letting him slide in easily. You expected him to start how he always did, slow and careful, building up his pace. However, once he was buried in you he slowly pulled back, barely still in before slamming back in. The table creaked and he seized your hips, repeating his process. You winced, a whine leaving you at the feeling too uncomfortable for your liking. He half smirked to himself before ending his torment. Taeyong wasted no time thrusting into you rapidly, pulling your hips to meet his thrusts. You gasped and moaned, your hands searching for something to grip onto as he fucked you. You praised him relentlessly, overwhelmed by him and his new wild side. He leaned over the table, his arms caging you in as he pestered the delicate skin of your neck again. He nosed at your warm skin, his hard pants hitting your skin. Suddenly your phone rang, the screen lighting up. He pulled back, slowing his thrusts some. He nearly growled when he saw the name on the screen before a smirk found its way onto his face. You tried to reach out for it, planning to shut it up, but he grabbed the phone before you could, answering it. He set it back on the table carelessly, his hand gripping your chin to bring your attention back to him.

“Are you guys-”

Taeyong’s hold went back to your hips, resuming his previous rough pace. You let out a choked out moan, wanting him to come back down to you. Your hand went over your mouth as you couldn’t keep yourself quiet. You were sure they had heard you, heard the breathy moans and groans that filled the room and sound of skin slapping.

“I-I!” Jaehyun couldn’t even finish his sentence, hanging up quickly.

“I’m almost- there-”

You felt yourself clenching around him, your release creeping up. Your messy lips let out an incoherent string of curses and moans.

It snapped, your release taking your breath away before you called out to him, your hand reaching out to him. He finished not long after, stilling in you as he grunted, his breath hitching at the end. He gave one last shallow rock before leaning over the table, his fiery skin finally coming in contact with yours. He nuzzled into the crook of your neck, planting gentle and soft kisses on the skin. He became greedier, rougher as he planted his arms on the sides of your head. His teeth nipped at the skin and he quietly sucked on it, making sure to decorate your neck in a beautiful array of designs and colors. Your fingers wove into his thick hair as you closed your eyes, basking. A few discreet moans left you as he worked on your neck.

When he pulled away your eyes fluttered open and you reached for him again. He obeyed, coming back down to you. You cupped his jaw, bringing his lips to meet yours. His usual, gentle lips met yours, giving you a passionate kiss. He pecked your lips numerous times after, making you giggle.

“I’m sorry…” he began, a look of embarrassment and sympathy coming over him, “I was too rough” he finished, his thumbs drawing circles into your arm as he slid his hands down from your shoulders.

You shook your head before lightly chuckling.

“I have something to tell you~”

A/N: tbh idk if he would feel a little hurt after you told him or not… omg poor Jae bby, I’m sorry TT TT